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Friday, October 9
Flying With Pope Francis - Anna Tinsley, Fort Worth Star-Telegram
The Most Important Living Christian Philosopher - Dan Peterson, DN
What Are We Doing When We Sit Shiva? - Rabbi Me'irah Illinsky, JJ
The Loss of Islamic Asceticism - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
A Not-so-Secret Plot to Control the Synod - Phil Lawler, CatholicCulture
Playing Mormon, Playing Indian - John Turner, Anxious Bench
Hope in a Jar - Beth Felker Jones, The Christian Century
Thursday, October 8
Frank Sinatra's Love Affair With Jews - Benjamin Ivry, Jewish Forward
ACLU Wants Catholic Hospitals to Abort Babies - Liz Szabo, USAToday
A Peace Prize for Charleston's Church? - Katie Zavadski, Daily Beast
Evangelical Change on Gays Is a Big Deal - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
Where the Boys Are - Phyllis Zagano, National Catholic Reporter
What's Missing in the Gun Debate? - John Wilsey, Your Free Air
Whither Mormonism? - Rosalynde Welch, Salt and Seed
Wednesday, October 7
Go to Church, Justin Bieber - Anna Nussbaum Keating, First Things
Mormons, Evangelicals, Hate & Love - Blair Van Dyke, Patheos
Some Mennonites Near Decision on Schism - Kelli Yoder, MWReview
10 Things You Should Know About Heaven - Scot McKnight, On Faith
What Gotham Has to Do With Jerusalem - Collin Garbarino, R21
A Pro-Life View of Dying - Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition
Don't Call It Heresy - Justin Holcomb, Christianity Today
Tuesday, October 6
John Boehner's Legacy in D.C. Catholic Schools - Rachel Weiner, WP
Christians Should Arm Themselves? - Joey Garrison, The Tennessean
Pastor Explores Lutheran-Jewish Past - Trudy Bush, Christian Century
Why Evangelicals Should Care About Animals - Mark Rodgers, OnFaith
Why the Religion Beat Challenges Reporters - Menachem Wecker, CJR
Mormons Missed Opportunity on Race - Jana Riess, Religion News
Muslims in the South - Martin Marty, U of Chicago Sightings
Monday, October 5
The Next Big Science vs. Church Battle - Mike Gryboski, Christian Post
Deep Roots of Mormon Feminism - Paul Raushenbush, Huffington Post
How a Convert to Judaism Outwitted the Mossad - Shalom Goldman, T
Mike Tyson's Mansion Becomes a Megachurch - Emily Kirkpatrick, Vice
The Fracturing of the Catholic Church - Michael Dougherty, The Week
Whatever Happened to Adult Baptism? - Rita Ferrone, Commonweal
Is This the Century of Religion? - Jean-Pierre Lehmann, Forbes
Friday, October 2
Justin Welby's Wager - Christopher Craig Brittain, Religion & Ethics
Is the Next Billy Graham Drunk Right Now? - Russell Moore, MTTP
Mormons Don't Gloss Over Polygamy in Renovated Museum - AP
Chicago Churches Cut Carbon Emissions - Susan Cosier, OnEarth
Justice-Forward Salvation Army - David Neff, Christianity Today
A Tale of Two Papal Meetings - Michael O'Loughlin, Crux
Judaism in Retreat - Eli Kavon, Jerusalem Post
Thursday, October 1
The Heart of Ben Carson's Faith - Rebecca Berg, RealClearPolitics
Why the First Papal Trip to China Won't Be Easy - Adam Taylor, WaPo
Time for Evangelicals to Speak Up for Animals - Kirsten Powers, USAT
Why Are Those Jews Eating in a Shack? - Lauren Markoe, Religion News
What It's Like to Be a Mormon Woman - Mette Ivie Harrison, Huff Post
How Greens & Skeptics Read the Creation Story - The Economist
How Pope Francis Brought Us Together - Daniel Burke, CNN
Wednesday, September 30
What It Means That the Pope Blessed Kim Davis - John Allen, Crux
Do Iranian Clerics Dream of Destroying Israel? - Ofra Bengio, Tablet
Why the Catholic Church Loves Unions - Whet Moser, Chicago Magazine
Holy Water Glasses for Holy People - Steve Thorngate, Christian Century
Taxing Churches Would Marry Church & State - DeHart & Stuart, Fed.
What to Look for in New Mormon Leaders - Jerry Johnston, Deseret
Meet the New Charismatics - Zach Hoag, On Faith
Tuesday, September 29
Dorothy Day for Conservatives - Melinda Henneberger, Bloomberg
Black (Mormon) Lives Matter - Heather Hemingway, Houston Chronicle
How Pope Francis Redefined the Golden Rule - Morgan Guyton, Patheos
Worshipping Koufax, Worshipping God - Neal Gabler, Jewish Forward
The Folly of Lifestyle Ecumenism - Michael Pakaluk, First Things
Baptists, Stronger Together - William Perkins, Baptist Press
Pascal's Wager 2.0 - Gary Gutting, New York Times

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