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Tuesday, July 22
When Catholic Schools Close - Nathan Glazer, EducationNext
The Year Civilization Collapsed - Tom Fuerst, Ministry Matters
IRS to Monitor Churches for Electioneering - Kim Winston, RNS
Mormons Struggle to Heal After Killings - Allan Turner, Chronicle
Cardinal Mercier Against the Barbarians - Philip Jenkins, Aleteia
When Is Religion Terrible for Marriage? - David French, Patheos
Is There a Christian Left? - Michael Peppard, dotCommonweal
Monday, July 21
Joel Osteen Spends 3 Minutes in the Chair - Dan Winters, WHO
I Don't Think God Is a Mormon - Rebbie Groesbeck, Normons
Megachurch to Feed 800,000 - Jessica Martinez, Christian Post
Patriarch: ISIS Worse Than Genghis Khan - Evans & Salman, Reuters
Charismatic Catholics Want More - Heidi Hall, The Tennessean
10 Ideas Judaism Gave the World - Yvette Alt Miller, Aish
Obsessed With Being David - Ian Lang, On Faith
Friday, July 18
How to Prevent a War With Iran - Amir Fakhravar, RealClearReligion
Southwest's Rising Hindus - Jen Kuhney, Arizona Republic
Lutherans Left Out in the Cold - Mathew Block, First Thoughts
The Jewish-Christian Schism - Lawrence Schiffman,
Feelings About Mormons - Chris Henrichsen, Approaching Justice
Hobby Lobby Bible School on Hold - David Van Biema, RNS
Sticking Up for Jews? - Philip Jenkins, Anxious Bench
Thursday, July 17
Bring Back Our Christians - Mark Movsesian, First Thoughts
What's New About the New Testament? - Neal Wooten, Huff Post
Why I Didn't Excommunicate Anyone - Robert Rees, Religion News
Am I Going to Hell for Stretching Myself? - Helen Coffey, Telegraph
When I Wanted Clicks, I Went Evangelical - Ellen Dollar, On Faith
Surprising Facts About Judaism - Nechemia Coopersmith, Aish
The Catholic Boys of Summer - Eddie O'Neill, NC Register
Wednesday, July 16
Cardinal George: We'll Take Immigrant Kids - Michael Sneed, S-T
Early Jews Didn't Care About Christians - Adam Kirsch, Tablet
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Pretender Caliph - Asma Afsaruddin, R & E
Things You Should Know About Mormonism - Joe Carter, Gospel Co.
Why Are Christians Afraid of Hollywood? - Cole Nesmith, Relevant
What's Wrong With the Pope's New Interview? - Phil Lawler, CC
Against a Methodist Schism - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Tuesday, July 15
Hamilton's Religion, and Ours - Mark Movsesian, First Things
Media Bias and the Seal of the Confessional - Rod Dreher, TAC
Rabbis on a Loudspeaker - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
Mormon Essays Tackle Tough Topics - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Christianity According to Rowan Williams - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
In Defense of the Seamless Garment - Mark Shea, NC Register
Seeking a Methodist Patriarch Bartholomew - Mark Tooley, JE
Monday, July 14
Why Americans Love Pope Francis - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
Ex-Jehovah's Witness Visits Watchtower - Scott Cheshire, Harper's
How Much Pain Does Mormonism Cause? - Robert Kirby, SL Trib
Anglicans Approve Female Bishops - Andrew Brown, Guardian
When Protestants Loved the Hammer - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
These Long Anglican Wars - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Church of the Tea Party - Jack Schwartz, Daily Beast

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