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Tuesday, September 2
Ed Young's Gospel of Drones - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Why Catholicism Matters - John Allen, The Boston Globe
When a Missionary Comes Home Early - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Trib
Religious Politics Revealed in One Graph - Antonia Blumberg, HuffPo
The Tao of Dante - A.G. Gancarski, The American Conservative
Judaism for the Indians - Larry Yudelson, The Jewish Standard
How (Not) to Be Secular - Caleb Nelson, World Magazine
Friday, August 29
Americans Keep Reinventing God - Brandon Ambrosino, Vox
Middle East Christians: We Don't Want Your Visas - Bob Allen, ABP
The Seminary Showdown That Never Happened - Ed Rossmann, AC
Richard Dawkins Fails Philosophy 101 - Elizabeth Picciuto, Daily Beast
Don't Blame Muscular Christianity for Driscoll - Jessica Johnson, RD
Differences Between LDS and 'Fundamentalists' - Jim Davis, GR
Battle of the Nuns - Raymond Schroth, America Magazine
Thursday, August 28
The Year the Culture Broke - Armond White, National Review
Hobby Lobby Without God - James Bruce, Library of Law & Liberty
Episcopalian Silence on the Persecuted Church - Ryan Hunter, JE
I Still Don't Know What Christianity Is For - Rod Dreher, TAC
When a Catholic Marries a Jew - Richard Ostling, Patheos
How Black Was Jesus? - Harry Jackson, Christian Post
The Mormon Inquisition - Jane Little, BBC News
Wednesday, August 27
Could Scientology Save Flint? - Ron Fonger,
Mormon Feminists Seek a Middle Way - Peggy Stack, SL Tribune
Things You Should Know About Rabbinic Judaism - Joe Carter, GC
How Not to Empower Methodists - John Lomperis, Juicy Ecumenism
No, Maciel Was Not Like Magdalene - Mollie O'Reilly, Commonweal
Happy Birthday, Mother Teresa - Jessica Durando, USA Today
Faith Matters in Ferguson - Christopher Hale, Time
Tuesday, August 26
Huckabee's American Heresy - Derek Rishmawy, Christ & Pop Culture
If Maimonides Met Warby Parker - Elissa Strauss, Jewish Forward
Book of Mormon, Another Testament? - Michael Haycock, Patheos
Fired for Seeing Too Much Jesus - Kevin Emmert, Christianity Today
Megachurch Puts Pastor on Leave - Tim Funk, Charlotte Observer
Basilica Stages Interfaith Service for Peace in Iraq - Joe Burris, BS
Hezekiah Walker's Megachurch Tour - Lindsay Lowe, Parade
Monday, August 25
Obama Caves to Catholic Demands - Pat Miller, Religion Dispatches
How Theologians Have Failed Asians - Richard Mouw, Christianity Tdy
When the West Had an ISIS - Michael Brendan Dougherty, The Week
Why Mormons Can't Be Anti-Israel - Mark Paredes, Jewish Journal
When the Church Was the Center - Anthony Bradley, Acton Inst.
Mark Driscoll's Fall From Grace - Brandon Ambrosino, Vox
North Korea's Christians - Doug Wallack, Huffington Post

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