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Tuesday, July 29
Did Michelangelo Hate Jews? - Benjamin Ivry, Jewish Daily Forward
Pope Sorry for Persecution of Pentecostals - Ines San Martin, Globe
Religious Freedom and Banjo Pickin' - Anthony Gill, Research on Rel.
Admit It, Tea Partiers. You Love Subsidiarity - David Carlin, Aleteia
Countdown to Mennonite Reunion - Phyllis Good, MW Review
John Kerry's Nasty Nine - Brian Pellot, Religion News Service
Evangelicals Against Sex Abuse - Martin Marty, Sightings
Monday, July 28
N for Nazareth - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Just War, Just Terrorism? - Giles Fraser, The Guardian
The End of Annulments - Ross Douthat, New York Times
James Garner's Secret to Marriage - Dom Preziosi, Commonweal
Kurdistan, Safe Haven for Christians - Andrew Boyd, Anglican Ink
World's First Woman Rabbi Gets Her Due - James Rudin, RNS
Why Mormons Support Israel - Mark Paredes, Jewish Jrnl
Friday, July 25
Paul Ryan's Anti-Poverty Plan - Joe Carter, Acton Institute
Kate Kelly Fights Excommunication - Nate Carlisle, Salt Lake Trib
New Bible Blows Up on Kickstarter - Yasmine Hafiz, Huffington Post
Sudan Bans New Churches - Fredrick Nzwili, Religion News Service
Temple in Brazil Appeals to Evangelicals - Simon Romero, NYT
As Gaza Burns, Jews Protest and Pray - Sam Kestenbaum, RD
We Need Freaks - Dale Coulter, First Thoughts
Thursday, July 24
Why Do People Hate Israel? - Dennis Prager, Jewish Journal
Did Joseph Smith Pull a Fast One? - John Turner, Anxious Bench
Righteous Minds and Religious Liberty - David Zahl, Mockingbird
Nursing Home Evangelism - Adelle Banks, Religion News Service
Michael Novak vs. Liberation Theology - Carroll Rios, Acton Inst.
When They Set Fire to Our Monasteries - Philip Jenkins, Aleteia
George Whitefield at 300 - Thomas Kidd, Credo Magazine
Wednesday, July 23
The Campaign to Expel a Religion - Jason Motlagh, BusinessWeek
Is the Book of Esther a Holy Book? - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
Evangelicals Rethink the Bible - Jim Hinch, Orange County Register
Forgotten Black Mormons - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Minnesota Catholics Hurt By Sex Abuse Scandals - Bob Shaw, PP
Study: Religious Kids Are Easier to Fool - Luke Malone, Vocativ
Presbyterians on the Hill - Chris Woodward, OneNewsNow
Tuesday, July 22
When Catholic Schools Close - Nathan Glazer, EducationNext
The Year Civilization Collapsed - Tom Fuerst, Ministry Matters
IRS to Monitor Churches for Electioneering - Kim Winston, RNS
Mormons Struggle to Heal After Killings - Allan Turner, Chronicle
Cardinal Mercier Against the Barbarians - Philip Jenkins, Aleteia
When Is Religion Terrible for Marriage? - David French, Patheos
Is There a Christian Left? - Michael Peppard, dotCommonweal
Monday, July 21
Joel Osteen Spends 3 Minutes in the Chair - Dan Winters, WHO
I Don't Think God Is a Mormon - Rebbie Groesbeck, Normons
Megachurch to Feed 800,000 - Jessica Martinez, Christian Post
Patriarch: ISIS Worse Than Genghis Khan - Evans & Salman, Reuters
Charismatic Catholics Want More - Heidi Hall, The Tennessean
10 Ideas Judaism Gave the World - Yvette Alt Miller, Aish
Obsessed With Being David - Ian Lang, On Faith

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