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Monday, March 30
What Is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? - Joe Carter, TGC
A Church Against Religious Liberty - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
All Grown Up and In Charge of the Seder - Jennifer Weiner, NY Times
Mormon Women Defend the Family - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Indiana's Religious Freedom Bill Will Backfire - Fr. Dwight, Patheos
Southern Baptists' Race Challenge - Jacob Lupfer, Religion News
John Dominic Crossan's Bible - Collin Garbarino, First Things
Friday, March 27
Tyranny in Vestments - A.S. Haley, Anglican Curmudgeon
Evangelicals Divided by Heaven Stories - Aaron Griffith, RN Service
Mormon Feminist: No Men Allowed - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SL Tribune
When Thomas Jefferson Read the Koran - David Forte, Law & Liberty
Why So Many Empty Church Pews? - Brad Wilcox, Washington Post
Son of a Pedophile Pastor Roots Out Predators - Peter Smith, P-G
Hunting Heretics - John Turner, The Anxious Bench
Thursday, March 26
When Our Founders Looked to Moses - James Byrd, Christian Century
A Seder Shouldn't Be Flat as Matzo - Abigail Pogrebin, Jewish Forward
LDS Church History Discovery Made - Ryan Morgenegg, Deseret News
The Death of Catholic Universities - Dominic Lynch, The Federalist
Post-Christian Culture Could Happen Here - Derwin Gray, CToday
Evangelium Vitae at 20 - Bishop Conley, The Public Discourse
Baptists on Good Friday - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News Global
Wednesday, March 25
When Jews Were Like ISIS - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
You Might Be a Texas Mormon - Jefra Rees, Aggieland Mormons
Number of Nones Hits Record High - Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post
Really, Father Barron? Basketball? - Cathleen Kaveny, Commonweal
Big Bells High Over Manhattan - James Barron, New York Times
The Catholic Church's African Moment - John Allen, Crux
Is Tony Campolo a Bad Parent? - Jared Byas, Patheos
Tuesday, March 24
Why Richard Dawkins Hates God - Michael Ruse, New York Times
New Atheists' Self-Defeating Superiority - Steve Neumann, Salon
How to Speed Read the Book of Mormon - Tevya Washburn, MLH
Why Newman Should Become a Saint - Fr. C.J. McCloskey, Review
Anabaptists Apologize to Yoder's Victims - Michelle Sokol, Truth
I Won't Wear the Star of David - Angela Epstein, Telegraph
Why the Islamic State Is so Brutal - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
Monday, March 23
The Friendly Atheists Next Door - Daniel Burke, CNN
America's Youngest Community Is Jewish - Eric McAfee, New Geo
Lost Apostles of the Mormon Church - Doug Gibson, Standard-Ex
Methodists & Anglicans 'Close Enough' - Madeleine Davies, CTimes
Myth of the Evangelical Voter - Tobin Grant, Religion News Service
Oscar Romero's Grain of Wheat - Celeste Shank, Christian Century
Why Rachel Held Evans Became Episcopalian - Mark Michael, TLC
Friday, March 20
How to Save God at the Box Office - Alissa Wilkinson, The Atlantic
Sigmund Freud's Coffin Nail for Judaism - Deborah Tyler, AThinker
Can This Pastor Bridge Evangelicals & Mainliners? - Sarah Bailey, WP
How Mormons Can Move Past Racism - Bryndis Roberts, Religion News
A Litany for Flannery O'Connor - Angela O'Donnell, America Magazine
I'm a Presbyterian Who Doesn't Believe in God - John Shuck, Patheos
I'm a UCC Minister Who Believes in God - Dwight Welch, AppJustice

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