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Friday, April 24
What Catholic England Would Look Like - Dominic Selwood, Herald
Congressmen Debate... Scripture? - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
100 Years of Mormon Family Home Evening - Danielle Tumminio, HP
World Bank Goes Interfaith - Heather Adams, Religion News Service
Is Anyone Religious Enough to Be President? - Ruth Graham, Slate
Hyper-Calvinism Is Consistent Calvinism - Roger Olson, Patheos
Where Messianic Judaism Flourishes - Lincoln Brunner, CToday
Thursday, April 23
Christians Thrown Overboard by Obama - Kirsten Powers, USA Today
The Future of Political Islam - Khaled Abou El Fadl, Religion & Ethics
Why Is a Catholic Campus Hosting a Tranny? - Dominic Lynch, Fed.
7 Big Purchases of Black Megachurch Pastors - Nick Chiles, Black Star
Why This Evangelical Is Grateful for the Mainline - Amy Becker, CT
How Intellectual Rabbis Saved Judaism - Vladimir Minkov, J Post
Questions About Joseph Smith? Join the Club - Jana Riess, RNS
Wednesday, April 22
Pope Francis Sacks Bishop Robert Finn - Judy Thomas, KC Star
Bishop Finn Had to Go - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Can Mormons Grow Beards? - Lisa Larson, St. George Spectrum
Gardner Taylor, Royal of the Pulpit - Timothy George, First Things
How a Biblical Edict Became a Boon for Farmers - Naomi Zeveloff, JDF
The Limits of Religious Freedom - Cathleen Kaveny, Commonweal
Indiana's Bad RFRA 'Fix' - Dennis Saffran, The Federalist
Tuesday, April 21
Can Christians Be Notaries? - Ben Domenech, The Federalist
The Delay of the Second Coming - Peter Enns, Patheos
Conservative Anglicans Will Stay, for Now - Fredrick Nzwili, RNS
You Don't Know the Angel Moroni Statue - Sarah Petersen, Deseret
Will Pope Francis Break the Church? - Ross Douthat, The Atlantic
Big Jews on Campus - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Mother Angelica at 92 - Greg Garrison, Alabama Living
Monday, April 20
Mystery of the Missing Evangelicals - Dante Chinni, Wall St. Journal
Are Catholics Just as Divided as Anglicans? - Fr. Longenecker, Patheos
Would Islam Kill Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? - Bethe Dufresne, Commonweal
These Presbyterians Are Staying, for Now - Alva James-Johnson, L-E
What Catholics Can Learn From Mormons - Fr. Thomas Reese, NCR
Jewish Honor for Anti-Gay Pastor - Jay Michaelson, Jewish Forward
Maine Senator Pulls Religious Freedom Bill - Mario Moretto, BDN
Friday, April 17
Michelle Obama Loves Gospel Music - Maria Puente, USA Today
What Happened to Joseph Smith's Sisters? - Susan McCloud, Deseret
Catholics Call on Pope to Oust Archbishop - Ross & Matier, SF Chron
The Mess in San Francisco - Michael Sean Winters, NC Reporter
A New Church Is Coming - Molly Marshall, Baptist News Global
The Mormon Bonhoeffer - John Turner, The Anxious Bench
Ted Cruz Woos Orthodox Jews - Katie Glueck, Politico
Thursday, April 16
C.S. Lewis's Wit - Michael Ward, School of Christian Thought
When LDS Faith Gets Physical - Jerry Earl Johnston, Deseret News
Good Catholic, Good American? - James Kalb, Catholic World Report
What Anticipated the Holocaust - Michael Weingrad, Mosaic Magazine
The New Episcopal Church? - Seitz & McCall, Anglican Communion Inst.
10 Things You Should Know About Marriage - Fr. Dwight, Patheos
What Has Tennessee Done? - Joel Hoffman, Huffington Post
Wednesday, April 15
The Moral Bucket List - David Brooks, The New York Times
Dark Wood of David Brooks - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
The Case for Jewish Anti-Utopianism - Yuval Levin, Mosaic Magazine
Anglican Conflicts Coming to a Church Near You - Jeffrey Walton, JE
What Religious Freedom Used to Mean - Corey Fields, Baptist News
Catholics and Mormons Together - Genelle Pugmire, Daily Herald
Marco Rubio's Miami Church - Bruce Wilson, Huffington Post
Tuesday, April 14
How to Frame Billy Graham - Martin Marty, Sightings
What Does It Cost to Be Jewish? - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
The Mormon Boom in Bangkok - Richard Ehrlich, Washington Times
John Hagee's Pro-American God - Michael Schulson, Religion Dispatches
The Priest Who Went Down With the Titanic - Antonia Blumberg, HP
How Will Evangelicals Affect 2016? - Richard Ostling, Get Religion
The Best Papal Bull Ever - Michael Sean Winters, NC Reporter

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