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Wednesday, September 2
Clerk: 'It Is a Heaven or Hell Decision' - Abby Ohlheiser, Wash Post
Behind the Marriage Divide - Rachel Sheffield, The Public Discourse
How to Do School Choice in the City - Brian Fraga, Legatus Magazine
School Probes Mass Baptism at Football Practice - Pearl & Wolfe, WXIA
A New Mormon Sabbath Experience - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
John Wesley's Ministry to the Poor - Muriel Truax, Juicy Ecumenism
Pope Francis's Abortion Announcement - Elizabeth Dias, Time
Tuesday, September 1
What If Eve Had Said No? - Peter Enns, The Bible for Normal People
Why Did the Pope Pick Junipero Serra? - Greg Orfalea, Commonweal
Evangelicals Trade One Uniformity for Another - Mark Wingfield, ABP
What to Expect When You're Expecting Pope - Sean Connolly, Patheos
Japanese Pilot Couldn't Bomb Mormon Temple - Mark Albright, MM
Meet Utah's Skateboarding Rabbi - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
The Dharma of Dollars - Chris Taylor, Reuters
Monday, August 31
Moving On From the Culture War - Aaron Hanbury, Relevant Magazine
The World's Most Astonished Atheist - Abigail Santamaria, CToday
Prospects and Perils for the Synod - Rick Plasterer, Juicy Ecumenism
Catholic Exceptions and Catholic Rules - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Seminary for Mormon Youth - Heather Hemingway, Houston Chronicle
Orthodoxy Is Spreading. Got a Problem? - Mordechai Lightstone, JDF
The Hiroshima Dilemma - Marc Livecche, Philos Project
Friday, August 28
A Christian's Eulogy for Palmyra - Michael Hamilton, Philos Project
$20M Mormon Temple Is on Schedule - Kevin Duggan, Coloradoan
Southern Baptists to Cut Missionary Force - Bob Allen, Baptist News
Reading the Talmud in Iran - Larry Cohler-Esses, Jewish Daily Forward
A Benedict Option for Bad Catholics - Albert Little, Cordial Catholic
The Problem With Sunday School - Bruce Robison, Covenant
Josh Duggar's Monster God - Zach Hoag,
Thursday, August 27
The Return of Protestant Pilgrims - Philip Jenkins, Christian Century
Church Chooses People Over Historic Space - Charles Honey, F&L
10 Little-Known Facts About the Book of Mormon - Reid Moon, MM
Does an Islamic Creed Deny Our Christian Faith? - Casper & Osanjo, CT
Orthodox Jews Looking More Like Evangelicals - Nate Guttman, JDF
New York Times Makes Rand Paul Blush - Charles Camosy, America
The Problem With Pews - Fr. George Rutler, Crisis Magazine
Wednesday, August 26
How Christians Survived Katrina - Bobby Ross, Christian Chronicle
Pope Francis and Former Catholics - Paul Moses, dotCommonweal
What Mormons & Jews Tell Us About Dating Crisis - Jon Birger, Time
When Evangelicals Entered the World of Islam - Stephen Schwartz, FT
Can a Muslim Be a Pro-Israel Leader? - Jeffrey Salkin, Religion News
Did Archbishop Cupich Really Say That? - Fr. Longenecker, Patheos
Islam and Ecology - Erasmus, The Economist
Tuesday, August 25
When Bad Things Happen to Good Sheep - Liel Leibovitz, Tablet
Stop Trying to Attract Millennials - Aileen Lawrimore, Baptist News
How Pope Francis Challenges the Catholic Left - Michael Winters, NCR
Our Addiction to Bad Heaven Theology - Jonathan Aigner, Patheos
How Will New Mormon Apostles Be Chosen? - Adam Blaylock, Meridian
Rebuilding Marriage Culture - Ryan Anderson, Religion & Ethics
The Narnia Church - Andrew Petiprin, The Living Church
Monday, August 24
Cardinal George's Final Gift - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
Reform Judaism Looks to Mend 'Ugly' Rift - Rebecca Stoil, Times
Can Christians Lie to End Abortion? - Ray Nothstine, Christian Post
Ted Cruz's Plan to Mobilize Churchgoers - Zezima & Hamburger, WaPo
Why We Need to Support New Churches - Carol Howard Merritt, CC
Colombia Could Use Pope Francis's Help - Kevin Clarke, America
A Mormon's Doctrinal Dilemmas - Ganesh Cherian, Patheos

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