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Friday, November 21
Evangelicals a Mixed Bag on Immigration - Adelle Banks, RNS
10 Things Evangelicals Can Be Thankful For - Chelsen Vicari, JE
Dalai Lama Coming Back to Utah - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Religion at the National Book Awards - Amy Julia Becker, Thin Places
Dietrich von Hildebrand vs. Catholic Nazis - George Weigel, DCR
Methodists Get Faith Tattoos - Marian Rizzo, Ocala Star-Banner
The Truth About Evil - John Gray, Religion & Ethics
Thursday, November 20
The Strange Religious Future - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Why We Want to Believe Jesus Was Married - David Gibson, RNS
Baptist Pastors, Agents of the State? - Ken Camp, Baptist Standard
Paul and the Palestine Problem - Stephen Taylor, Biblical Seminary
Tao of the Traditional Family - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Mormons and Domestic Change - Benjamin Park, Christian Century
One Day After Attack, Jews Return to Pray - Jeffrey Heller, Reuters
Wednesday, November 19
The Invention of the Jewish Nose - Sara Lipton, NY Review of Books
Stunningly Static White Evangelical Vote - Nathan Gonzales, Roll Call
Puerto Rican Pews Are Now Empty - David Gonzalez, New York Times
Vatican II & the Berlin Wall - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Vatican: End of Communism Not All Good - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
The Mormon Cover-Up, and Fess-Up - Martin Marty, Sightings
Ben Franklin's Calvinist Sister - Thomas Kidd, Patheos
Tuesday, November 18
The Real Billy Graham - Collin Hansen, The Gospel Coalition
The Heresy of Inconsequentialism - Kevin O'Brien, Waiting for Godot
Confession of a Mormon Bishop - Tom Obenchain, Meridian Magazine
Evangelicals Scam NYT Bestseller List - Warren Throckmorton, DBeast
Archbishop Cupich Is Perfect for Chicago - Matt Sewell, Mtn Catholic
How an Atheist Becomes a Theologian - Guillaume Bignon, CToday
Why Is 'Mikveh Suicide' a Thing? - Nora Gold, Haaretz
Monday, November 17
G.K. Chesterton in the Age of the iPhone - James Mumford, AmCon
Jewish Peddlers in 19th Century America - Anthony Gill, R on R
Female Clerics Coached for Bishop Selection - John Bingham, Telegraph
10 Things to Know About the Black Church - Nicole Symmonds, On Faith
The Politics of School Holidays - Hussein Rashid, Religion News Service
Church of England Actually Holding Up Well - Giles Fraser, Guardian
Mormons Thriving in Africa - Heather Hemingway, Chronicle
Friday, November 14
Latin America's Catholic Decline - Alan Gomez, USA Today
God Tore Down the Berlin Wall - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
A Teachable Moment for Mormons - Rob Phillips, The Baptist Press
Church of England Attendance Still Going Down - Tim Wyatt, CTimes
Muslim NBA Player Skips National Anthem - Mark Kellner, Deseret
Libertarians in the Mainline - Steve Thorngate, Christian Century
Jewishness Per Square Inch, Medieval Edition - Sara Lipton, RD
Thursday, November 13
Jesus Christ, Baby Daddy? - Candida Moss, The Daily Beast
Holy Grail Conspiracy Theories - Rupert Hawksley, The Telegraph
Prosperity Gospel in Black & White - Dennis Sanders, Christian Century
What the Economy Has Done to the Family - Ben Steverman, Bloomberg
The LDS Church's Bigger Problem - Joanna Brooks, Religion Dispatches
5.8 Billion People Now Have Access to Bible - Michael Gryboski, CP
Is the End of Satellite Churches? - John Dyer, On Faith
Wednesday, November 12
The Downfall of Driscoll - Mark Tooley, The American Spectator
Brittany Maynard's Tragic Death - Rabbi Benjamin Blech,
Mother Cabrini, Saint of the Green Card - Mike Luongo, Daily Beast
Tone-Deaf in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Jason Wright, Deseret
Losing Faith During War - Chris Henrichsen, Approaching Justice
Why Are Pentecostals Growing? - Ed Stetzer, The Exchange
The Fifth Gospel? - Christopher Howse, The Telegraph
Tuesday, November 11
Stephen Colbert's Southern Catholic Charism - Drew Denton, FT
Mennonite Pastor Defrocked After Gay Wedding - Jeff Hawkes, LO
National Cathedral to Host Muslim Prayers - Michelle Boorstein, WP
Orthodox-Evangelical Alliance? - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Jewish Roots of Christian Worship - Bradford Winters, Patheos
Church: Joseph Smith Had 40 Wives - Daniel Burke, CNN
God on the National Mall - Brantly Millegan, ChurchPOP

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