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Monday, September 22
Why Jesus Was Crucified - Douglas Main, Newsweek
What's Wrong With Mormon Dress Code? - Jana Riess, RNS
How to Start a Biblical Revolution - Steve Strang, Charisma Mag
Christians Pray Outside Black Mass - Graham Brewer, Oklahoman
Making the Rabbi Sweat - Lenore Skenazy, Jewish Daily Forward
Bishop Cupich Into the Unknown - Josh McElwee, NC Reporter
Florida Baptists Lift Ban on Booze? - Bob Allen, AB Press
Friday, September 19
Campus Crusade Against the Constitution - Harvey Silverglate, WSJ
The Invisibility of Holy Land Christians - Andrew Damick, FT
Jewish Praise for Chick-fil-A - Daniel Goodman, Public Discourse
Do Christian Schools Make Good Citizens? - Ray Pennings, CToday
Cracker Barrel's Unbroken Circle - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
My Mormon Family May Not Be Forever - Mette Harrison, RNS
Jesus Said Knock You Out - Bryan Storkel, Daily Beast
Thursday, September 18
Rise of the Tongues - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Presbyterians & Whiskey - Ken Chitwood, Houston Chronicle
Mormons at the Carmelite Fair - Whitney Evans, Deseret News
What Happened to Rosh Hashanah? - Nathan Laufer, Mosaic Mag
Impossibilities of Willardian Theology - Chris Green, Other Journal
Justin Welby Doubts Existence of God - John Bingham, Telegraph
Lecrae's Prophetic Voice - Anthony Bradley, Acton Institute
Wednesday, September 17
Steve Green's Big Bible Museum - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
Christians in China Scramble to Save Cross - McKenzie & Jiang, CNN
Bishops: Proof ObamaCare Covers Abortions - Vinnie Rotondaro, NCR
Let's Rethink the Reaction to Ted Cruz - Mollie Hemingway, Federalist
Mormons With Gay Children - Samuel Freedman, New York Times
Ray Rice's Video, and Ours - Rabbi Benjamin Blech,
Brian McLaren's Aha! Moment - Peter Enns, Patheos
Tuesday, September 16
Rick Warren's Troubling Africa Mission - Jay Michaelson, Daily Beast
The Truth About Solzhenitsyn - Daniel Mahoney, Law & Liberty
Mormons Rise in Pittsburgh - Peter Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
The Poverty Problem Is a Marriage Problem - Joe Carter, Acton
Europe After Secularization - Tomas Halik, Religion & Ethics
Pastor Goes to Jail for Noisy Church - Steven Dial, WLTX
Christianity Is Not Going Away - Mark Tooley, OnFaith
Monday, September 15
Another Megachurch Implodes - Warren Throckmorton, Daily Beast
Let's 'Derecognize' Anti-Christian Colleges - Joe Carter, Acton
Churches Offer Sanctuary to Immigrants - Miriam Jordan, WSJ
The Crisis That Created C.S. Lewis's Classic - Brandon Smith, TGC
Gladys Knight's Favorite Mormon Hymn - Trent Toone, Deseret News
Lousy Time to Be a British Muslim - Damian Thompson, Spectator
Denominational Restructuring Won't Work - Tom Ehrich, RNS
Friday, September 12
God Winks, We Adopt - Wendi Rogers, Christian Chronicle
Pope Francis's Evangelical Synod - John Wilkins, Commonweal
Jesus in a Baseball Cap - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service
Why Mideast Christians Booed Ted Cruz - Mark Tooley, JEcumenism
Texas Textbooks Tout Christian Heritage - Stephanie Simon, Politico
Restoration of the Mormon Temple - Dan Peterson, Deseret News
Are Biblical Epics Epically Racist? - Jake Flanagin, NY Times

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