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Monday, November 30
Mister Rogers for Sainthood - Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic
The 'Pope of the Peripheries' at His Boldest - Ines San Martin, Crux
Pope Calls for End to Violence at African Mosque - Francis Rocca, WSJ
Episcopal Bishop Takes Over for Drunk Bishop - Michelle Boorstein, WP
The Christian Century No One Predicted - Justin Taylor, Gospel Co.
Michele Bachmann's Push to Convert Jews - James Rudin, RNS
Mollywood, the Mormon Film Industry - Mike Vago, AV Club
Wednesday, November 25
Pope Francis Goes to Africa - Andrea Tornielli, Vatican Insider
Restoring Religion to Star Wars - Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington Post
A Consensus on Jewish Evangelism? - Benjamin Hawkins, Baptist Press
How to Protest the New Mormon Policy on Gays - Mette Harrison, HP
Can 'Abrahamic' Replace 'Judeo-Christian'? - Ulrich Rosenhagen, CC
Justin Bieber's Pastor Talks Preaching, Starbucks - Jeannie Law, CP
C.S. Lewis on Stage - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Tuesday, November 24
Islam's Trouble With Blasphemy - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
Why So Few Syrian Christian Refugees? - Jonathan Witt, The Stream
A Mormon, a Jew & a Catholic Against Xenophobia - Adelle Nazarian
Compassion Minus Prudence Equals Disaster - William Kilpatrick, NCR
My Life as a Muslim in the 'Gray Zone' - Laila Lalami, New York Times
Can Bad Catholic Music Be Stopped? - Damian Thompson, CHerald
Julia Roberts and the Real World - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Monday, November 23
Flannery O'Connor's Messiness - Ted Rosean, U.S. Catholic
How Christians Should Think About Refugees - Russell Moore, WaPo
New Testament Papyrus Discovered on eBay - Jennifer Schuessler, NYT
Seattle's $28.5M Presbyterian Real-Estate Fight - Nina Shapiro, Times
Hillsong Failed to Report Sex Abuse - Helen Davidson, Guardian
Will Jews Return to Iraq? - Mustafa Saadoun, Al-Monitor
Rifts in the Mormon Family - Grant Hardy, Sightings
Friday, November 20
Does the NFL Fumble When It Comes to Ethics? - Lawrence Wenner
What Better Place to Dance Than Church? - Neal Rubin, Detroit News
The Town That Rescued 5,000 Mormon Refugees - Jamie Armstrong
What Does Marilynne Robinson Mean By 'Calvinist'? - Barton Swaim
Getting to the Root of TULIP - Celia Hastings, Petoskey News
The Man Who Left Hasidism to Become a Tranny - NY Post
Behind the Scenes With Joel Osteen - KTRK

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