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Wednesday, April 13
Donald Trump's Prosperity Gospel - Jeff Sharlet, New York Times
The Agony of Canada's Unbelief - Dane Neufeld, The Living Church
How Porn Causes Spiritual Struggles - David Briggs, Ahead of the Trend
A Rare Look Inside a Zoroastrian Temple - Carol Kuruvilla, Huff Post
Mormons Know About Religious Liberty - Tad Walch, Deseret News
How American Jews Detached From Jewish Memory - Dan Gordis
The Hubris of Pope Francis - Michael Dougherty, The Week
Tuesday, April 12
The Defense of Catholic Marriage - Ross Douthat, New York Times
A New Christian Zionism - Gerald McDermott, Providence Magazine
Are Evangelicals Becoming the Amish of the 21st Century? - Patheos
A Muslim & a Mormon Walk Into a Bar... - Caitlin McKinnon, Odyssey
I Got a Tip About a Priest's Sex Abuse. And I Sat On It. - Bruce DeSilva
Megachurch Revived, Just Weeks After Closing - Paul Walsh, Star Trib
Uruguay Fights Over Virgin Mary Statue - Leonardo Haberkorn, AP
Monday, April 11
The Civil Illiberties Union Targets a Yeshiva - Avi Schick, WSJ
Willow Creek Approved for New 193,000 Square Foot Site - CPost
'The Most Important Mormon Document in Private Hands' - DNews
The Demand for Clergy in Politics - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
How to Save Catholic Education - Fr. C.J. McCloskey, The Catholic Thing
Four More Footnotes to Francis's Family Manifesto - John Allen, Crux
Media Scramble to Cover Francis's Letter on Family - Jim Davis, GR
Friday, April 8
George Bush's Armies of Compassion - Hannah Malcolm, Theos
Francis Reveals Church's Best-Kept Secret - John Allen, Crux
Pope Francis's New Pastoral Methods - Fr. James Martin, America
Pope's Exhortation Will Make Things Worse - Bob Royal, Catholic Thing
Francis's Revolution Has Been Cancelled - Damian Thompson, Spectator
Italians Translate the Talmud - Elisabetta Povoledo, New York Times
The First Mormon Women - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
Thursday, April 7
Pope Francis's Political Mandate - John Carr, America Magazine
When Religion Makes People Worse - David Gushee, Religion News
What Jews Believe About Resurrection - Abraham Socher, Jewish Review
Black Church Embraces Hispanic Neighbors - Megan Sweas, Baptist Pr.
After Shooting, Benedictine Sisters Pray for Peace - Manya Pashman
Why Mormons Love Refugees - Ryan Jenkins,
The Challenge of Secularism - Charles Taylor, Religion & Ethics
Wednesday, April 6
After John Kerry Said the G-Word - George Weigel, Denver Catholic
Mother Angelica's Evangelical Revolution - Edward Pentin, NCR
What Getting Sober Taught Me About the Book of Mormon - Meridian
How to Revive Jewish Support for Israel - Jonathan Bronitsky, Federalist
Why Spiritual Awakening Is Becoming More Common - Huff Post
Is Religion Wrecking Our Air? - Jay Wexler, Religion Dispatches
Cheerleaders for Christ - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Tuesday, April 5
The Little Sisters vs. Notre Dame - William McGurn, Wall Street Journal
Painful Lutheran Split in Twin Cities - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Armed Clash Over Black Mosque Triggers Anger - Sarah Mervosh, DMN
I Was a Pastor to Trump Supporters - Dan Schultz, Religion Dispatches
The Catholic Enlightenment - Samuel Gregg, Library of Law & Liberty
Why the Holocaust in Europe? - Matthew Strebe, Notes on Liberty
Are Mormons Voting More Biblically Than Evangelicals? - CPost
Monday, April 4
The Dirty Old Men of Pakistan - Mohammed Hanif, New York Times
Why Americans Think They're #Blessed - Joseph Laycock, Conversation
Yemeni Jews Aren't Welcome in Israel? - Mordechai Goldman, Al-Mon
Mormon Leader on Refugees: Their Story Is Our Story - Peggy Stack
Alabama Governor Kicked Out of Church - Bob Allen, Baptist News
Church Scrambles to Save Confession - Michael O'Loughlin, Crux
Mary Magdalene's Home Town - Eric Metaxas, Break Point

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