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Friday, May 29
What Happened to Mary's Boobs? - Whitney Bauck, Washington Post
The Problem With Mail-Order Ordination - Rabbi John Rosove, JJ
In Search of an Honest Atheist - Sam Storms, The Gospel Coalition
Let the Episcopal-Mormon Dialogue Begin! - Doug LeBlanc, Covenant
Catholics as Earth Warriors? - Maureen Mullarkey, The Federalist
This Is the Real St. Francis - Roger Owens, Christian Century
When Priests Bless Soviets - Hannah Gais, First Things
Thursday, May 28
The Catch-22 of Modern Christianity - Damon Linker, The Week
Decline and Schism in Religion - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Rabbi Hirsch's Tough Road to Conversion - Amy Sara Clark, JWeek
Should Churches Dim the Lights for Worship? - Ruth Moon, CToday
Don't Blame Adam & Eve for Earthquakes - Chris Mulherin, AnglicanInk
Jimmy Carter's Theology of Limits - David Swartz, Anxious Bench
Drink a Coffee, Save Your Mormon Soul - Mette Harrison, RNS
Wednesday, May 27
The Wire in the Sky for Manhattan's Jews - Vincent & Klein, NY Post
A Day of Reckoning for Catholic Squatters - Philip Marcelo, AP
It's a Good Time to Be a Christian Woman - Courtney Reissig, CToday
Bull-Riding Leads to 300 Baptisms - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News Global
Mormons to Build Flagship Church in Jersey - Alexander Santora, JJ
Girls With Plans for the Motherhouse - Jay Tokasz, Buffalo News
What Pastors' Wives Really Need - Erin Roach, Baptist Press
Tuesday, May 26
Countdown to the Pope in Philly - Ivey DeJesus,
On the Edge of the Muslim Empire - Christopher Howse, Telegraph
Ex-Jehovah's Witness: Religion That 'Destroys Lives' - Ben Tufft, Ind.
Why Isn't There Humor in Scripture? - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune
Mormons and Smartphones at Cemeteries - Kelsey Schwab, Deseret
The Nakedness of the Bible - Jay Michaelson, Jewish Daily Forward
How to Talk to Kids About Religion - Lisa Miller, Salon
Friday, May 22
Christianity in Crisis? Blame Elvis - Gary Laderman, Huffington Post
What's So Funny About Jim Gaffigan? - Michelle Boorstein, Wash Post
Assemblies of God: This Is Why Youth Leave - Leo Blair, Christian Post
Why Do People Hate Jews? - Rabbi Benjamin Blech, Religion News Service
Judges Can't Define Marriage - Kevin Nestor, Mansfield News Journal
From Mormonism to Amish to the Holy Land - Ahuva Balofsky, BIN
Why Shakespeare Was Catholic - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos
Thursday, May 21
What's in a President's Faith? - Gary Scott Smith, Christian Century
Country's Conflicted Relationship With Religion - Jewly Hight, RS
The Catholic Church's German Crisis - George Weigel, DC Register
Bobby Jindal Signs Religious Liberty Order - Meredith Hamilton, CSM
Mormons for Hillary? - Ethan Winkleman, The Digital Universe
Tinkering With the Hebrew Bible - Avi Steinberg, New Yorker
Theology of a Biker Gang - Adam Ericksen, Patheos
Wednesday, May 20
What Did the Pope Really Say to Abbas? - Gerard O'Connell, America
A Mormon in the Entertainment Industry - Amanda Lauren, Ravishly
5 Ways Churches Hurt Themselves - Tom Ehrich, Religion News Service
Why Religion Will Dominate the 21st Century - Pascal Gobry, The Week
Actors Help Future Priests Amp Up Sermons - Pat Montemurri, DFP
Evangelicals Win When People Change Faiths - Leah Libresco, 538
Pay to Pray? - Craig Taubman, Jewish Journal
Tuesday, May 19
Don Draper's Nirvana - Fr. James Martin, America Magazine
Pope Francis Nails Jews to the Cross - Dror Eydar, Israel Hayom
There Is Actually a Future for Evangelicalism - Peter Enns, Patheos
Nauvoo, After the Mormons Left - Hamblin & Peterson, Deseret News
Theology Feud Splits Arizona Protestants - Bob Smietana, CToday
Jewish Tourism to Cuba Explodes - Michal Strutin, Tablet Magazine
Hereditary Martyrs - Juliana Taimoorazy, New York Post

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