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Thursday, February 26
God in the Machine - Emily Baxter and Aseem Mehta, Religion & Politics
Who's Watching Joel Osteen? - Cathy Lynn Grossman, Religion News
Episcopal Church Denied Breakaway's Property - Mike Gryboski, CP
Woodrow Wilson's Life as a Religious Epic - Raymond Schroth, NCR
When Baptists Defended Religious Freedom - Bill Leonard, BNG
Mormons Troll Book of Mormon - Greg Garrison, Alabama Live
The Genesis of Jewish Genius - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Slate
Wednesday, February 25
The ISIS War Against 'People of the Cross' - Jamie Dean, World
The Next Religious Revival May Be Islamic - Michael Dougherty, Week
Supreme Court's Next Religious Freedom Case - Michael Paulsen, NRO
One Man's Martyr, Another's Terrorist? - Kim Winston, Religion News
In Salt Lake, a Mormon Opens a Jewish Deli - Anthony Weiss, JTA
Head of Hindu Group Attacks Mother Teresa - Nida Najar, NYT
The Koran Isn't the Problem - Murray Watson, Salon
Tuesday, February 24
Religion's Role in the History of Ideas - Michael Roth, Wall St. Journal
Changing My Mind on Gay Marriage - Rabbi Philip Scheim, Jewish Fwd
Things Episcopalians Say: 'Not Literally'? - Garwood Anderson, Covenant
What You Should Know About the Great Commission - Jeff Kranz, OF
Southern Baptists Try to Diversify Churches - Heidi Hall, RNS
Mormon Missionaries Held Captive - Matt Howerton, KOAT
We Must Offend Religion More - Jeffrey Tayler, Salon
Monday, February 23
Judgment Day for San Francisco Catholics - William Saletan, Slate
What Happened to Joseph Smith's Brothers? - Susan McCloud, DN
De Blasio in Talks With Jews Over Circumcision - Verena Dobnik, AP
Episcopalians Move On After Split - Deeanna Wilkerson, Bluffton Today
Presbyterians Restore Stained Glass - Marie Nesmith, Daily Tribune
What If James Foley Converted to Islam? - Jim Yardley, NY Times
Puritans Were Like ISIS? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Friday, February 20
When Mormons Loved Hitler - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
What Pope Francis Wants You to Give Up for Lent - Chris Hale, Time
Cameron Diaz's Jewish Wedding - Elissa Strauss, Jewish Daily Forward
Cardinal Bertone's Terrace of Scandals - Andrea Purgatori, Huff Post
Why They Won't Call it Islamic Terrorism - Scott Shane, NY Times
Highest and Lowest Church Attendance - Frank Newport, Gallup
The Islamic State's Big Secret Target in Iraq - The Economist
Thursday, February 19
Who Is a Christian? - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Why Louisiana Can't Break the Seal - Ulrich Lehner, First Things
Archbishop Cordileone, Catholic Mensch - Mark Paredes, Jewish Jrnl
Embargoed Presbyterian Pensions - John Buchanan, CCentury
Does Religion Create Evil? - Jeffrey Salkin, Martini Judaism
In Defense of Islam - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Soft Atheism - Matthew Engelke, Public Books
Wednesday, February 18
Taking Ashes for the First Time - Lily Burana, Religion News Service
Why Evangelicals Need Lent - Tim Suttle, Paperback Theology
Rob Bell: Church Will Accept Gay Marriage - Leonardo Blair, CPost
Chinese New Year Bumps Ash Wednesday - Antonio Gonsalves, CNA
Judaism Out of the Synagogue - Rabbi Josh Gerstein, Arutz Sheva
Why Mormons Clean Their Own Churches - Dana Rimington, S-E
Piety in the #Ashtag Era - Peter Chin, Christianity Today
Tuesday, February 17
Michael Jackson and My Yarmulke - Rabbi Mayer Fuchs,
When Oscar Romero Was Shot - Fr. Robert Sirico, Detroit News
John Calvin Was No One-Trick Pony - Derek Rishmawy, Gospel Co.
Can Islam Really Be Reformed? - Fr. Jim Schall, Catholic World Report
Which Presidents Were the Most Religious? - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
The Church That Brigham Young Built - David Mason, Patheos
Sikhs Silent No More - Hardeep Singh, The Telegraph
Monday, February 16
How Tim Tebow Will Live Forever - Dan Olson, The Gospel Coalition
The Relentless Shrinking of the Jewish Diaspora - Joel Kotkin, OCR
Mormons Lead the Way Out of Racism - Margaret Blair Young, RNS
Why Baptism Needs the Devil - Giles Fraser, The Guardian
Porn Goes Mainstream - Bishop Paul Loverde, First Things
The Alternative to Fifty Shades - Kimberly Mauck, CCentury
Dean Smith's Amazing Grace - Jim Wallis, Sojourners

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