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Friday, February 5
What Mattered to Iowa's Evangelicals - David French, National Review
A Better Way to Be Evangelical - Anthony Blair, Christianity Today
Huffington Post Losing Its Religion - Bobby Ross, Get Religion
China's Search for the Secrets of Jewish Success - James Ross, Tablet
Meet the Mormon Taylor Swift Look-Alike - Morgan Jones, Deseret News
Panthers Linebacker Has a Strong Catholic Faith - SueAnn Howell, CNS
Dogma Is the Answer, Not the Problem - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
Thursday, February 4
Why Millennials Leave - Smith, Facer & Potter, The Universe
Americans Say Politicians Talk 'Too Little' About God - CNS News
Reading Pope Francis With Mormons - Jerry Johnston, Deseret News
The Talmud Doesn't Negotiate With Terrorists - Adam Kirsch, Tablet
Is the Russell Moore Honeymoon Over? - Jonathan Merritt, RN Service
Questions of Character Haunt the Campaigns - John Carr, America
Jane Fonda, Christian With an Asterisk - Margery Eagan, Crux
Wednesday, February 3
Elections Shouldn't Be About Anger - George Weigel, DC Register
Politics as the Third Temptation - Richard Mouw, First Things
Chuck Colson's Prison Reform Legacy - Craig DeRoche, Christian Post
Where Pastoral Associate Programs Come Up Short - Anne Hendershott
The Problem With Jewish Museums - Ed Rothstein, Mosaic Magazine
Should Episcopalians Repent? - Ross Kane, The Christian Century
When Joseph Smith Married Emma Hale - Susan McCloud, DN
Tuesday, February 2
Culture War Losers - Stephen Prothero, The Washington Post
Making Sense of Evangelicals in Iowa - Bobby Ross, Get Religion
Mormon Journey to Spiritual Sanity - Betsy VanDenBerghe, Meridian
Who Are the Real Anti-Semites? - William Kilpatrick, Catholic World Rpt
MLK in Dialogue With Ancient Greeks - Tim Joseph, The Conversation
New Kotel Plan Deserves a Cautious Hallelujah - Jane Eisner, JDF
David Bowie's Search for God - William Doino, First Things
Monday, February 1
Mormons Mourn Suicidal Gays - Tad Walch & Lois Collins, Deseret News
Archbishop Cupich: Gun Violence a Pro-Life Issue - America Magazine
It's Never Too Late for a Bar Mitzvah - Olivia Gordon, Tablet Magazine
Is This the Oldest Image of the Virgin Mary? - Michael Peppard, NYT
Kirk Franklin Wants You to Lose Your Religion - Michel Martin, NPR
Evangelicals, Time for a Gut Check on Trump - Jacob Lupfer, RNS
Pope Francis Is No Ecumenical Revolutionary - John Allen, Crux
Friday, January 29
You Don't Have to Like the Pope - Randall Smith, The Catholic Thing
Americans Want More God Talk From Politicians - Christian Post
Family Battles Megachurch Over Pastor's Estate - The Detroit News
What We're Really Debating This Campaign Season - Harold Bush, CT
Rabbi Eckstein Begins to Court Black Churches - Lauren Markoe, RNS
Why Rappers Are Daring to Be Religious - Adrian Lee, Macleans
Why Protestants Can't Write - Peter Leithart, First Things
Thursday, January 28
Into the Dark With Dante - Richard Lischer, Christian Century
We Don't Need Muslim Reform. We Need a Revival - Connor Wood
Donald Trump Attacks Evangelical Leader - Jenna Johnson, Wash Post
Remembering Gordon Hinckley - Mark Stoddard, Meridian Magazine
Addicted to Spiritual Highs? Try Calming the Soul - Jeff Brumley, BNG
How Berkeley Made the Old Testament New - Robert Alter, Boom
Marco Rubio's Faith Could Lure Jews - Bethany Mandel, JDF
Wednesday, January 27
Donald Trump Would Enrage Early Christians - Judd Birdsall, WaPo
The Greatest Field of Christian Mission - George Weigel, DC Register
Mormons Getting Right With God - Mette Ivie Harrison, Huffington Post
Hillary Clinton Gets Personal on Christ - Amy Chozick, New York Times
Culture War in the Church of Francis - Massimo Faggioli, Commonweal
The Faith of Syrian Christians - Ron Byler, Mennonite World Review
The Gentiles Who Act Like Jews - Ilana Strauss, Tablet Magazine
Tuesday, January 26
When Falwell Met Trump - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
The Bond Between the Vatican and Iran - John Allen, Crux
Book of Mormon Story Time - JaNae Francis, Standard-Examiner
The Amazon Effect on Churches - David Briggs, Ahead of the Trend
Ted Cruz's Convert-or-Die Pastor - John Oswald, Jewish Daily Forward
Latin American Catholics Take a Huge Dive - Jeff Brumley, Baptist NG
Orthodox Summit Forced to Meet in Crete - Tom Heneghan, RNS

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