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Monday, August 3
The Fall of Religious Freedom in America - Bruce Abramson, Mosaic
How Pope Francis Could Upend 2016 - John Gehring, MSNBC
Meet the Militant Buddhists - Philip Jenkins, The Christian Century
Mormons Put Service at Your Fingertips - Heather Hemingway, Chron
A Day in the Life of a Modern-Day Monk - Melissa Binder, Oregonian
How Baseball's Royals Got Religion - David Roach, Baptist Press
What Millennials Really Crave in Church - Rachel Williams, JE
Friday, July 31
Walt Whitman's Revelation - Edward Simon, Killing the Buddha
The Mormon Plan to Build a Small City - Paul Rolly, Salt Lake Trib
Rise & Fall of the Catholic Blogosphere - Damian Thompson, CHerald
C.S. Lewis's Book for Evangelicalism's Future - Jake Meador, Patheos
What's So Bad About Paganism? - Philologos, Mosaic Magazine
Science Needs Christians - Nicole Calma, Relevant Magazine
Holy Lion - Katherine Willis Pershey, Christian Century
Thursday, July 30
Donald Trump, Theologian? - Erik Raymond, The Gospel Coalition
New Music Labels Push Christian Music Forward - Nate Rau, The TN
Babies Halt the Great Commission - Sarah Zylstra, Christianity Today
10 'Isms' That Are Destroying the Church - Fr. Longenecker, Patheos
If Mormons Leave Scouting... - Stack & Davidson, Salt Lake Tribune
When Jews Hate Jews - Abigail Pogrebin, Jewish Daily Forward
Crosses,Turbans & Maple Leaves - Erasmus, The Economist
Wednesday, July 29
Mormons, the New Abolitionists - Thomas Stackpole, Foreign Policy
Mark Driscoll to Build New Church in Arizona? - Joel Connelly, S P-I
Can Torah Scholars Escape the Draft? - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
Nadia Bolz-Weber, For Sinners and Saints - Jesse James DeConto, R&P
Pope Francis Effect Not Working on Hispanics - Neil Giardino, NBC
What Kind of Evangelical Am I? - Michelle Van Loon, Patheos
The Evolution of Modern Satanism - Lily Rothman, Time
Tuesday, July 28
This Is Your Brain on Kabbalah - Sigal Samuel, Jewish Daily Forward
How Pope Francis Became the New Al Gore - Jason Berry, Global Post
Caitlyn Jenner Is Doing the Lord's Work - Lily Burana, Religion News
Mormon Pioneers, Past & Present - Heather Hemingway, Chronicle
Why Rob Bell Doesn't Believe in Hell - Billy Hallowell, The Blaze
The New Intolerance - Dominic Lynch, RealClearReligion
Donald Trump, Sinner - Timothy George, First Things
Monday, July 27
Do Muslims Really Hate Dogs? - Mohammed Hanif, New York Times
Episcopal Priest Leaves Wife for Young Man - Kay & Vincent, NYPost
Ex-Mormons Gather Outside Headquarters - Ben Wood, Salt Lake Trib
Drive to Make Church Less Male Backfires - John Bingham, Telegraph
Trannies in the Mikvah - Lauren Markoe, Religion News Service
What Happened to Heaven? - John Turner, Anxious Bench
The Francis Feminist Hype - Kathleen Geier, Salon
Friday, July 24
Pope Francis: All Dogs Go to Heaven - Bruce Friedrich, NY Daily News
Marines Most Accommodating for Believers - Hope Seck, Marine Times
Why I'm Hosting Catholic Candidates - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Court: Pharmacists Have No Religious Freedom - Dan Levine, Reuters
The Empty Bromide of Religious Neutrality - Marc DeGirolami, L&L
What Is Mormon Pioneer Day? - Carol Kuruvilla, Huffington Post
Evangelicalism's Franciscan Moment - Tim George, Patheos

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