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Thursday, October 30
James Foley Converted to Islam? - Bobby Ross, Get Religion
Houston Mayor Rescinds Sermon Subpoenas - Joe Carter, Acton
Archbishop Chaput's Catholic Aliens - Robert Royal, Catholic Thing
Does Purgatory Have a Prayer With Protestants? - David Gibson, RNS
Megachurches vs. Ebola - Oguntola and Moon, Christianity Today
King David and Bible Scholarship - Mark McEntire, Marginalia
Can Open-Source Religion Work? - Rick Paulas, Vice
Wednesday, October 29
The Rise of Islam - Philip Jenkins, Books & Culture
More Education, Less Religion? - Charles Kenny, BusinessWeek
Pope Francis and the Devil - Elizabeth Tenety, America Magazine
Have You Embraced a Convert Today? - Rabbi Ari Sytner,
Mormons vs. Sex-Traffickers - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Trib
The Coming Methodist Revival - John Murdock, First Things
Who Was Cain's Wife? - Richard Ostling, Religion Q & A
Tuesday, October 28
Meet Mark Driscoll's Successor - Joel Connelly, Seattle P-I
Christians Find Haven in Jordan - Rana Sweis, New York Times
The Axe That Severed the Bishop's Head - Thomas Howard, Patheos
Notre Dame's Choice on Marriage - Michael Bradley, Public Discourse
Secret Life of a Mormon Bishop's Wife - Becky Porter, MW Stand
George Whitefield at 300 - Jeff Robinson, Gospel Coalition
Richard Dawkins Is Wrong - Laura Miller, Salon
Monday, October 27
The End of Family Hour - Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post
A Torah for the Army - Jacob Kamaras, Jewish News Service
What's Behind Methodist Lobbying? - John Lomperis, JEcumenism
Inside the Only Free Jesuit High School - Chris Connell, Commonweal
Evangelicals Flexing Political Power - Jason Plautz, National Journal
Angels at the Dead Sea - Philip Jenkins, The Anxious Bench
Mormons vs. Zombies - Justin Romney, The Universe
Friday, October 24
The Pope Is Not the Problem - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Stick to the Basics, Mormons - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
Why Your Bible Was Made in China - Sarah Zylstra, Christianity Tdy
10 Things You Should Know About Calvinism - Corrie Mitchell, OnFaith
Seminary Clears President After Muslim Dust Up - Adelle Banks, RNS
What Does Grandpa's Religion Teach Us? - Chelsen Vicari, CPost
The Awesome New Jewish Study Bible - Peter Enns, Patheos
Thursday, October 23
Why Mark Driscoll Quit - Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Ugh, Christian Wedding Mills - Steve Thorngate, Christian Century
Quarantine Ebola? Read Leviticus - Rabbi Benjamin Blech,
A Benedictine on the Benedict Option - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Mormon Teens Re-Enact Handcart Disaster - Micah Schweizer, NPR
Moneyball for Religion? - Tobin Grant, Religion News Service
The Death of the Parish - David Koyzis, First Things
Wednesday, October 22
God's Oligarch - Joshua Keating, Slate
The Price of Papal Popularity - Pat Buchanan,
Crucify Mark Driscoll, or Restore Him? - Joel Miller, Two Cities
What Can Be Done to Save the Family? - Jonathan Last, Wkly Standard
An Extraordinary Synod, Indeed - George Weigel, DC Register
Black Baptists Protest Black Jesus - Bob Allen, Baptist News Global
Is Mormonism Christian? - Richard Ostling, Religion Q&A
Tuesday, October 21
Meet the Atheist's Favorite Vicar - Sally Saunders, Telegraph
Catholic Party Favors - John Carr, America Magazine
Nones Now Majority in Alabama - Carol McPhail, Alabama Live
Colonel Sanders's Mormon Friend - Kurt Prestwich, Meridian Mag
Seminary to Negotiate With Fired Faculty - Sarah Bailey, Religion News
Humanae Vitae Convinced This Evangelical - Brantly Millegan, CPOP
ISIS Crucified a 17-Year-Old Boy - Shane Raynor, Ministry Matters
Monday, October 20
Peter Enns's Contradictions - Michael Kruger, Gospel Coalition
Self Loathing at Evangelical Colleges - Stephen Dilley, First Things
Pope Francis's Unstoppable Revolution - Austen Ivereigh, Guardian
Protecting New Jews From Abuse - Rabbi Eliyahu Fink, Haaretz
Mainline Sex - Heidi Haverkamp, The Christian Century
Birth of the Pill - Henry Allen, The Wall Street Journal
The Lost Book of Mormon - John Turner, Patheos

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