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Wednesday, April 23
The Politics of Saint-Making - Paul Vallely, New York Times
David Cameron's Paradox of Faith - John Lloyd, Reuters
48 Years of 'Is God Dead?' - Philip Goldberg, Huffington Post
Vatican II's Bookends - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Whither Evangelicalism? - Mark Silk, Religion News Service
In Persona Pelosi - Paul Kengor, American Spectator
Tijuana to Tefilah - Jared Sichel, Jewish Journal
Tuesday, April 22
John Paul II, Soul First - George Weigel, Wall Street Journal
Between Atheists and Aliens - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune
Are Canonizations Infallible? - Pat Archbold, National Catholic Reg.
The Moral Majority Is No More - Owen Strachan, Canon & Culture
If Millennials Leave... - Peter Levine, Religion News Service
Bad Religion's Alternative - Scot McKnight, Jesus Creed
Selfie Spirituality - Danielle Berrin, Jewish Journal
Monday, April 21
Battle of the Bible Films - Peter Chattaway, Christianity Today
Canonization to Draw Millions to Rome - Pedro Oliveira, NY Post
Silence of the Archbishop of Canterbury - Damian Thompson, Tele.
When Christians & Atheists Come Together - Giles Fraser, Guardian
How Mormons Know Things - Mark Paredes, Jewish Journal
Sabbath Unplugged - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
Heaven Is Scary! - Drew Dyck, CNN Belief
Thursday, April 17
This Is Holy Week Music - Mary Beth McCauley, Religion News Service
Crosses Spark Constitutional Fight - Jacob Gershman, Wall St. Journal
Mormons Launch Holy Week Campaign - Peggy Stack, SL Tribune
Bishop Morlino vs. Pope Francis - Doug Erickson, State-Journal
The Fountainhead of Satanism - Joe Carter, Acton Institute
Why We Don't Need to Follow Paul - Peter Enns, Patheos
Who Wrote the Haggadah? - Elon Gilad, Haaretz
Wednesday, April 16
Richard Dawkins, Evangelist - Judy Babarsky, Dead Philosophers Soc.
Why I Don't Write About the Vatican - Randall Smith, Catholic Thing
Do We Really Need More Churches? - Greg Stier, Christian Post
Those Fearsome Mormon Fathers - Ryan Tobler, Peculiar People
Forgotten Days of Holy Week - Laura Fanucci, Mothering Spirit
Clemson for Christ? - Mandrallius Robinson, Greenville News
Bart Ehrman in the Majority - Greg Carey, Christian Century
Tuesday, April 15
Blood Moon Apocalypse - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Religion News
Bubba's Gospel and Golf - Joe Carter, Gospel Coalition
From Demon Weed to God's Plant - Matt Mellema, Slate
Islam Didn't Kill Science - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Church-Sponsored Blasphemy - James Carroll, Boston Globe
'You're so Mormon' - McCartney Martin, Daily Nebraskan
The Missing Third Jew - Shmuel Rosner, Jewish Journal
Monday, April 14
What Obama Catholics Wrought - Paul Kengor, Catholic Thing
Give Me Those Old-Time Hymns - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Israel to Turn Into a Theocracy? - Yair Rosenberg, Tablet Magazine
Evangelicals, Step Away From the Passover Plate - Rebecca Murphy, RD
Mormons Fight Mormon Match Site - Heather Alexander, Chronicle
Pentecostal Churches Face Crackdown - Andres Caballero, NPR
Misinterpreting Moses and Paul - Adam Hamilton, Salon

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