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Tuesday, January 27
The Problem With Hipster Pastors - Katelyn Beaty, Religion News
Slouching Towards Shabbat - Abigail Pogrebin, 1WonderingJew
How Thomas Merton Changed the World - Fr. James Martin, OnFaith
From the Virgin Mary to a Housewife in Queens - Joseph Laycock, RD
Anglicans Can't Survive Without Evangelicals - Cristina Odone, Tele.
'Francis Effect' Nonsense on 60 Minutes - George Weigel, DCR
A Mormon Jew for Jesus? - Mark Paredes, Jewish Journal
Monday, January 26
American Sniper, Hollywood Heresy - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
My Daughter Quit Mormonism - Mette Harrison, Religion News Service
Womenpriests March on in the Headlines - Terry Mattingly, GetReligion
Is the Episcopal Church Driving Drunk? - Terry Todd, Rel. Dispatches
Winston Churchill's Favorite Hymns - Mark Tooley, JuicyEcumenism
Time for the Jewish Megachurch - Jay Michaelson, Jewish Forward
Pope Francis's Phase Two - Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine
Friday, January 23
Teaching Capitalism to Catholics - Tim Busch, Wall Street Journal
What Will Notre Dame's Curriculum Look Like? - Charlotte Hays, NCR
How Mormons Share the Kirtland Temple - John Turner, Anxious Bench
Inspect Tanning Salons, But Not Abortion Clinics? - Bob Gilligan, RRS
The Orthodox Sex Guru - Daniel Bergner, New York Times
The Most Godless Cities in America - Sam Frizell, Time
Morality Matters - RiShawn Biddle, Dropout Nation
Thursday, January 22
Ready for the Rapture - D.G. Hart, The Wall Street Journal
Baptists Find Niche in Shower Ministry - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News
How Do Excommunications Help the LDS Church? - Jana Riess, RNS
Church Can't Rebrand Jesus as a 'Tough Guy' - Helen Coffey, Telegraph
Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, Sinner - Alan Noble, First Things
To Some Indians, Fr. Serra Is Far From a Saint - Carol Pogash, NYT
Becoming Un-Orthodox - Peter Berger, The American Interest
Wednesday, January 21
A Year Without God? Impossible - Corey Fields, Baptist News Global
The Coming Crackdown on Mormon Liberals - Kathryn Joyce, DBeast
Baptists to Megachurch: You're Not One of Us - Ron Barnett, Greenville
Supremes Allow Muslim Inmate to Keep His Beard - Tobin Grant, RNS
Islam and Europe's Deep History - Thomas Albert Howard, Patheos
Pope Francis for Dummies - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
How to Kill Vocations - Anthony Esolen, Crisis Mag
Tuesday, January 20
Pope Francis's Immense Political Power - Tim Stanley, Telegraph
Methodists Withhold Apportionments - Walter Fenton, Good News
Kamikaze Pilot Turned Bishop Speaks to Marines - George Conger, AI
Atheist's Letter From Birmingham Jail - Derek Rishmawy, Gospel Co.
Cardinal Marx: Think Beyond Capitalism - Luke Hansen, America
Mormon Toward Mecca - Robert Kirby, The Salt Lake Tribune
My Slow Jewish Renewal - F. Barish-Stern,
Monday, January 19
Church of England's New Reformation - Paul Handley, Church Times
The Haredi Conundrum - Michael Karpin, Jewish Daily Forward
Why Was Suspicion of 'Heaven' Story Ignored? - Rachel Wagner, RD
What Keeps Donny Osmond Grounded - Nancy Redd, Huffington Post
Why I Am Grateful for Atheists - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos
Pope: Man Must Stop Ravaging Nature - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Duke's Cave to Islamophobia - Michael Schulson, Daily Beast

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