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Wednesday, October 1
The Faith I Found in 'Post-Christian' Europe - Erik Tryggestad, CC
Mormonism's Music Man - Catherine Newton, Salt Lake Tribune
Thank God the Archbishop Has Doubts - Alan Jones, Huffington Post
Chuck Smith Jr Not Supporting Sister's Lawsuit - Alex Murashko, CP
Lack of Priests Continues to Close Parishes - Dennis Coday, NCR
Millennial Marriage Drop - Kristin Larson, Juicy Ecumenism
Seeking a New Don Bosco - Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Tuesday, September 30
The Bernardin Era Is Back - Sandro Magister, L'Espresso
A New Kind of Evangelical Wedding - Adelle Banks, RNS
Making Jewish Music Holy - David Goldman, Tablet Magazine
A Mormon St. Peter's in Rome - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Faith-Based Movies Go Mainstream - Reed Tucker, New York Post
Atheist Church Looks at 'Man in the Mirror' - Neeti Upadhye, D&C
On the Way to a Troubled Synod - Robert Royal, Catholic Thing
Monday, September 29
Meet al Qaeda's Top Scholar - Kevin Jackson, Jihadica
My Journey to the New Jerusalem - Sonja Sharp, Tablet Mag
Mormon Seminary Just Got Harder - Lisa Schencker, Salt Lake Trib
Pastors Flock to North Dakota to Save Souls - Maryann Eidemiller, RNS
Church of England's Secret Gay Bishops - John Bingham, Telegraph
Erosion of Marriage - Don DeMarco, National Catholic Register
What Pope Francis Sees in Opus Dei - John Allen, Crux
Friday, September 26
Christianity Will Live on in Iraq - David Skeel, USA Today
Unraveling of the Anglican Communion - A.S. Haley, Curmudgeon
Pope Francis's American Messenger - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Mormon Music After the Mormon Moment - Jeremy Grimshaw, NMB
Would Jesus Drive a Prius? - Bruce Edward Walker, Acton Institute
All Hail Satan, First Amendment Champ - Brian Pellot, RNS
Doubt as a Sign of Faith - Julia Baird, New York Times
Thursday, September 25
When Church Meets MMA - Nate Pyle,
Mormons Spread Word About Essays - Peggy Stack, SL Tribune
Rosh Hashana Starts Jewish Year 5775 - James Davis, God Online
Kentucky Churches Being Turned Into Mosques - The Independent
Calvinism and God-Ordained Suffering - Roger Olson, Patheos
Beware of Bishop Cupich - Douglas Kries, The Catholic Thing
In Defense of Cardinal George - Michael Sean Winters, NCR
Wednesday, September 24
How to Reform Catholic Higher Education - George Weigel, DCR
You Don't Know Mormon Missionaries - Craig Harline, Huff Post
Gay-Friendly Mosque Opens in South Africa - Ishaan Tharoor, WaPo
Danger in Not Recognizing Campus Christians - Karen Prior, Atlantic
Time to Take the Islamic State Seriously - Fr. Jim Schall, MercatorNet
Iowa's Fields of Jewish Dreams - Stephen Bloom, Jewish Forward
Corinthians and Communists - Philip Jenkins, Anxious Bench
Tuesday, September 23
Christianity in Iraq Is Finished - Daniel Williams, Washington Post
Does Francis Believe in the Rapture? - Damian Thompson, Spectator
Why I Want to Be Left Behind - Joshua Ryan Butler, Christian Post
Cheerleaders Cleverly Defy Prayer Ban - David Scott, CS Monitor
Stopping ISIS Isn't Just for Christians - Matt Reynolds, Christianity Tdy
Brigham Young's Favorite Hymn - John Turner, Anxious Bench
Are Jews Losing Their Story? - David Suissa, Jewish Journal
Monday, September 22
Why Jesus Was Crucified - Douglas Main, Newsweek
What's Wrong With Mormon Dress Code? - Jana Riess, RNS
How to Start a Biblical Revolution - Steve Strang, Charisma Mag
Christians Pray Outside Black Mass - Graham Brewer, Oklahoman
Making the Rabbi Sweat - Lenore Skenazy, Jewish Daily Forward
Bishop Cupich Into the Unknown - Josh McElwee, NC Reporter
Florida Baptists Lift Ban on Booze? - Bob Allen, AB Press

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