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Tuesday, June 30
End of Religious Lawmaking - Schwartzman, Schragger & Tebbe, R&P
Chris Christie's Cradle Catholicism - Kimberly Winston, Religion News
Evangelicals Aren't That Upset About Gay Marriage - Dan Silliman, WP
Rand Paul: Get Government Out of Marriage - Andrew Desiderio, RCP
Mormon Tabernacle Choir Goes to Woodstock - Scott Lloyd, Deseret
Mayberry Is Now Officially Dead - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
The Other Pope's Divorce Dilemma - John Allen, Crux
Monday, June 29
Lee Zeldin's Jewish Patriotism - Anna Dembowski, RealClearReligion
Why We Need the Billy Graham Rule - Marvin Olasky, World Magazine
Evangelicals Address New Reality - Michael Paulson, New York Times
Time to End Tax Exemptions for Religion - Mark Oppenheimer, Time
Memo to the New Episcopal Presiding Bishop - Alberto Cutie, HuffPo
Former Mormons - Deborah Potter, Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Joel Osteen Heckeled, Six Arrested - Josh Chapin, KHOU
Friday, June 26
Pope Francis vs. the Internet - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Do Mormons Believe in Magic? - Mette Harrison, Huffington Post
Leaving the Koran for the Gospels - Madeleine Davies, Church Times
Right & Wrong Kind of Post-Charleston Sermon - Derryck Green, JE
Public Eulogies for Private Lives - Laura Turner, Religion News Service
How the Talmud Came to South Korea - Ross Arbes, New Yorker
Fear Not, Faithful Catholics - Paul Kengor, Crisis Magazine
Thursday, June 25
Meet Charleston's Interim Pastor - Jesse Holland, Associated Press
The Dwindling Men of the Cloth - Frances Zajac, Herald-Standard
Religion in a Plain Brown Envelope - Peter Berger, American Interest
The Divided Church in Joseph Smith's City - Jordan Hylden, Covenant
Taxonomy of the Jewish Casket - Martyna Starosta, Jewish Forward
Blue Environmentalism - Michael Novak, Coming Down to Earth
Microwave Bible? - Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Christianity Today
Wednesday, June 24
The Re-Definition of Marriage - Mark McCall, Anglican Communion
Black Church Triples By Focusing on Men - David Murrow, Patheos
Oldest Synagogue Wrestles Wit Its Own Decline - Paul Berger, JDF
Ordain Women, After Mormon Excommunication - Peggy Stack, SLT
The Limits of Papal Infallibility - Fr. George Rutler, Catholic Education
Rick Perry Tempers 'War on Religion' Views - Rebecca Berg, RCP
ISIS Crucifies Two Children - Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post
Tuesday, June 23
Victory at the Supreme Court? - Hadley Arkes, Library of Law & Liberty
Is White Supremacy Inherent to Mormonism? - Mette Harrison, HP
Southern Baptists Plan Outpost in Middle East - Onize Ohikere, World
Pope Turns Attacks on Gun Makers - Marc Livecche, Juicy Ecumenism
New Tests for China's Catholics - Benjamin Carlson, Commonweal
How Evangelicals Define Church - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
Burning the Talmud in London - Rabbi Jonny Roodyn,
Monday, June 22
Jeb Sells Catholicism to Evangelicals - Betsy Woodruff, Daily Beast
10 Things Everyone Should Know About Hell - Jerry Walls, On Faith
My Daughter, the Catholic Rabbi - Cindy Skrzycki, Jewish Daily Forward
How Climate Skeptics Lost a Papal Fight - Faiola & Mooney, Wash Post
What Dante Can Teach Us About Salvation - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
Charleston Church Reopens in Triumph - Robert MacPherson, AFP
A Mormon Bishop's Greatest Sermon - Aaron Shill, Deseret News

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