Election 2016: Catholic Voters


As part of the programâ??s ongoing election coverage, correspondent Kim Lawton looks at Catholic voters in 2016. In 2012, they were almost evenly divided between candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Sharp divisions and political polarizations persist in this election cycle as well. Lawton reports on the issues Catholic voters are emphasizing and the efforts of both the Trump and Clinton campaigns to reach out to them. She talks with voters at a Catholic parish in Arlington, Virginia, and with faculty and students at the Catholic University of America. Says Professor Stephen Schneck, director of Catholic Universityâ??s Institute for Policy Research & Catholic Studies: â??A good number of us find ourselves a little bit at sea given the ugliness, really, of this presidential campaign. Whatâ??s a Catholic to do? Whatâ??s a Christian to do?â?

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