14 Religion Newsmakers of 2013

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Oxbridge's Finest

For a man dead 50 years, C.S. Lewis is surprisingly flexible. His legacy shows none of the rigor mortis that sets in for intellectuals after most of the people who knew them in life die off. C.S. Lewis was in the news this year because of the coincidence of his and John F. Kennedy's and Aldous Huxley's deaths on the same day, and for hundreds of other little reasons as well. The C.S. Lewis estate signed a new movie development deal to get the Narnia franchise back on track, two major new biographies of the man were published, and a new book of previously unseen and uncollected works was published -- adding to the hundreds of millions of copies of his books already in print. Not bad for someone who expected to be forgotten five years after his death. Though, as critic Michael Dirda joked, it does diminish one's confidence in the novelist and Christian apologist's prophetic powers.

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