Welcome to RealClearReligion's New Site

Welcome to RealClearReligion's New Site
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We have redesigned RealClearReligion to make it more attractive and easier to use. Our goal is to continue providing a one-stop shop for noteworthy writing on religion.

RCR aims to explore events that occur at the intersection of religion and public life. This includes the wide variety of religious traditions in America and the broad spectrum of ideologies that exist within each of those faiths. Since religion informs all aspects of human life, RCR will also cover its influence not just in the political realm but in other areas such as popular culture, law, art and architecture, and science.

In addition to our daily roundup of the best stories from around the web, we will continue to feature original work by academics, religion journalists, religious leaders, and laypeople all seeking to unpack the complexities of religion in a way that is illuminating and accessible.

Please sign up for our newsletter and provide us with your feedback and article submissions at editors@realclearreligion.org.

Jeremy Füzy is the assistant editor of RealClearReligion

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