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Watching the Anthony Weiner mayoral bid is like tracking a tornado. So far the path of destruction runs mostly through the public image of the man himself; we'll soon see if it takes out the credibility of the New York City electorate.

One's party affiliation should matter little in the appraisal. It should be palpably, painfully, even traumatically obvious that Weiner is unfit for the job. More than the average politician (perhaps even more than Eliot Spitzer), the man displays a gaping hole right where some semblance of self-control, decency, and judgment ought to reside.

Yet even while his campaign disintegrates, he remains undeterred.

"We knew this would be a tough campaign," he said after his campaign boss Danny Kedem quit last week. "We have an amazing staff, but this isn't about the people working on the campaign. It's about the people we're campaigning for."

Cough. Especially all you twenty-year-old, single ladies out there.

People get the government they deserve, as the old saw cuts. If New Yorkers put Weiner behind the mayor's desk, they shouldn't feign surprise if that increasingly infamous lack of self-control, decency, and judgment starts negatively affecting their fine metropolis. It's hard to fully compartmentalize self-gratification and egotism. That stuff spreads everywhere.

So what if you can't stand the opposition? Do the American thing and don't vote. You might spend the time accomplishing something of actual worth and value for the world instead.

Or forget about it. Play Angry Birds. Most anything would be preferable to participating in the election of the careening embarrassment that is Anthony Weiner.

Tornadoes blow wherever they choose. It's best to stay out of their path.

Joel J. Miller is the author of Lifted By Angels and blogs frequently on faith and culture.

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