Dear Wormwood, We Are Winning

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My dear Wormwood,

It is good to speak with you again after so many years. Much has happened since 1941. We are winning. The battle for Europe has been won but America remains the prize. "Belief" is in decline. I note with satisfaction that now twenty percent of the American people are now non-believers or have no religious affiliation. The population is in favor of normalizing gay marriage, but abortion is a more difficult task.

We are capturing the language, which as I have told you before is His weakness. The people live busy lives and will use short cuts in thinking about issues. Despite His best efforts encouraging thoughtfulness and contemplation, we have an advantage here.

The "We Shouldn't Judge" campaign began years ago in the academic world has delivered major victories. Gay marriage is trending our way. Couching it as an equal rights issue with analogies to the civil rights movement is working. Some have even called gay marriage the "civil rights issue of our time."

The other side is pushing back, suggesting that abortion is the real civil rights issue of our time. Fortunately this has not taken hold in the media. Amazingly, the "rare" was taken out of the Democratic party's "safe, legal and rare" 2012 election platform on abortion and few noticed or cared. Our friends at Planned Parenthood have been hard at work, and have spent their dollars well.

Pro-abortion was never good for us. Pro-choice is much better. Some in the mainstream media are beginning to refer to pro-lifers as "anti-abortion rights" while pro-choice is becoming "abortion rights supporters." This is a major victory in describing the other side as "anti-rights." You see how important it is to capture the language? Our Father Below is no fool.

The most important thing, above all else, is no pictures. That is our weakness. If people see that the fetus is not a "bean," but a helpless living being they will recoil. I am afraid that this will be a long fight as ultrasound technology shows abortion for what it is. And anyone can logon to the internet to see for themselves. This light will be our downfall. We need darkness; otherwise our deeds will be exposed.

There is much more to talk about but that is for another letter.

Your affectionate uncle,


Jeff Pantages writes from Anchorage, Alaska.

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