Barack Obama, a Muslim's Useful Idiot

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"The most beautiful sound in the world," according to Barack Obama, is the Islamic call to prayer. So it is no surprise that one of the ancillary events at the Democratic Party's convention in Charlotte will feature two hours of "Jumah" (Friday) prayers.

The Blaze reports that the Democratic National Committee has teamed up with radical Muslims to promote the event. The event's promotional video is less than reassuring, promising to call out "anti-Shariah" views.

Politics makes strange bedfellows, but a DNC that touts Sandra Fluke and Jumah organizers in the same breath strains that maxim to its breaking point. Were Sandra Fluke living in Saudi Arabia instead of Georgetown, she would be stoned to death.

So how does one explain this exceedingly odd and unholy alliance? The answer apparently lies in another old political maxim: the enemy of one's enemy is one's friend.

Sandra Fluke and Islam, in other words, share the same foe -- conservative Christians and Jews. It is safe to say that Muslims are not supporting Obama for his position on gay marriage and free contraceptives. But they do appreciate his hostility to Israel and America's Christian traditions. This stance gives Muslims confidence that in the socialist and secularist state to come under Obama a safe refuge will be carved out for them.

Islam is the one religion for which Obama feels real enthusiasm. His own nominal religion leaves him cold and critical. Does he believe in the tenets of Christianity or even understand them? "That's hard to tell," said the longtime pastor of his soul, Jeremiah Wright, to author Ed Klein in the book The Amateur.

Wright said that the Obamas chose his church for political, not religious, reasons, and that "church is not their thing." He also noted that Obama's religious knowledge upon meeting him consisted entirely of bits and pieces he had picked up from Islam. Perhaps this explains Obama's baffling comment in April of this year about Jesus Christ not as the Son of God but as "a" Son of God. Who are the other sons? Obama didn't say. The remark indicated that he has a very foggy notion of the Trinity, bordering on the biological conception of it pushed by Muslims.

While Obama reveres the Koran -- he wouldn't dare subject it to politically correct revision -- he feels free to mock the Bible as offensive and retrograde. For example, he doesn't care for St. Paul's Letter to the Romans, once dismissing it as "obscure." (Obama evidently finds St. Paul homophobic.) Nor does he like the Book of Leviticus. And he says in The Audacity of Hope that he would have called the police on Abraham.

Infanticide in Illinois didn't bother Obama enough to vote against it, but the thought of Abraham wielding a knife like a Planned Parenthood abortionist troubled him greatly. Were Obama living in Israel at the time, he would have made sure that Isaac spent the rest of his childhood as a ward of the state. "Even if we saw him lower the knife at the last minute, we would expect the Department of Children and Family Services to take Isaac away and charge Abraham with child abuse," wrote Obama.

What must Obama think of God the Father for letting "a" son be crucified?

Needless to say, Obama would never write so crassly about an event in Islam's history, and if he did CAIR would probably sue him. Notice also that Obama absurdly accuses Christians of waging a "war on women" while he averts his gaze from radical Islam's real one. He ignores female mutilations and stonings in Islamic countries while bemoaning Christian ones that block "reproductive rights."

As Obama opens up new fronts in his culture war with traditional Christians -- branding them extremists at every turn and declaring them unfit for public life -- he gushes about Islam as "a religion of peace" with which America will "never" be at war. His enemy is not radical Muslims abroad but Christians at home. This is no doubt why nine out of ten Muslims voted for him in 2008. He is, in spite of his libertinism, their useful idiot.

Meanwhile, Obama's allies at atheistic outfits like the ACLU make sure to keep their mouthes shut. A cross on a remote hill will trigger a lawsuit from secularists, but a Ramadan dinner in the White House goes unmentioned by them.

One could usually expect an angry press release from the Barry Lynns at the news that a political party had partnered with religious extremists to hold an event at which prayers were to be recited. But no such press release followed the announcement of the DNC's "Jumah," a call to prayer, and more importantly voters, which is music to Obama's ears.

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