BDS Proves Once Again: It’s All About the Antisemitism

BDS Proves Once Again: It’s All About the Antisemitism
(AP Photo/Tsafrir Abayov, File)

Irish novelist Sally Rooney thinks that she's an advocate for human rights, and that prejudice and hate have nothing to do with her work or her various political stands. As far as Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield -- the Ben and Jerry who founded the eponymous ice-cream brand -- are concerned, they are among the nation's foremost progressives. The pair believe that they are righteous advocates for social justice. Yet despite their well-advertised good intentions and enormous self-regard, Rooney, Cohen and Greenfield are promoting hatred against Jews. What makes it so infuriating is that none of them -- and others who also support the BDS movement that targets Israel -- are honest enough to own up to the consequences of their actions. By refusing to acknowledge that backing a movement that seeks Israel's destruction is itself inherently anti-Semitic, they are not only in denial about what they are doing but demonstrating the way contemporary intellectual fashions on the left are enabling hatred that singles out Jews.

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