On France, Violence, and Religious Media

On France, Violence, and Religious Media
(AP Photo/Daniel Cole)

I've had the pleasure of working with Elayne Oliphant (Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Religious Studies at New York University) in a number of capacities over the last several years, but ever since I moved to London, what I've missed most were the days when I could read something in the news, and with questions only barely beginning to percolate, walk down the hall from the Revealer's quarters to Elayne's office to ask her what she thought. She always received these visits graciously, engaging the question and offering insights far sharper and more informed than I had been able to shape myself. It's that generous thinking and expertise I wanted to call on and share with you this month. As the churn of the news cycle threatened to consume us once and for all, I was immensely grateful that Elayne continued to make time for my queries as they landed on her (inbox) door.

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