Wokeness on Campus, Antisemitism in Lower Schools

Wokeness on Campus, Antisemitism in Lower Schools
(Cecilia Fabiano/LaPresse via AP)

Morton Schapiro, the president of Northwestern University, did something this week that passes for heroism in these cowardly times: he stood up for himself as a Jew.

The context has become depressingly familiar. A group called “NU Community Not Cops” gathered outside of Schapiro’s house in the wee hours of Sunday morning and chanted “f-ck you Morty” and “piggy Morty,” notionally outraged that he has resisted disbanding campus police.

Schapiro responded with a letter that he felt targeted as “an observant Jew,” and the protesters in turn wrote a letter claiming that calling the president a “pig” was not intended to be antisemitic — then in the very next sentence said that they look forward to a word “devoid” of Zionism.

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