Pro-Abortion Satanic Temple Distorts Religious Liberty

Pro-Abortion Satanic Temple Distorts Religious Liberty
The Satanic Temple via AP

The Satanic Temple’s “Religious Reproductive Rights” campaign will expand to more states this fall. But contrary to the recent speculations of some, The Satanic Temple will continue to fail in its efforts to use religious liberty to strike down state laws regulating abortion, as it failed with its initial foray in Missouri, because of the group’s poor understanding of laws protecting religious freedom.

Anti-religious confusion and misdirection abound with The Satanic Temple. The group does not worship a personal Satan. Instead, it advocates atheistic, anti-supernatural rationalism that exalts the self with its saying, “Thyself is Thy Master.” The group misleadingly uses Satanic terminology and symbols to scare and confuse others about its anti-religion agenda.

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