Science Will Never Make Philosophy or Religion Obsolete

Science Will Never Make Philosophy or Religion Obsolete
AP Photo/Seth Wenig

For hundreds of thousands of years — nearly all of human history — we had no definitive answers to some of the biggest existential questions we could formulate. How did humans come into existence on planet Earth? What are we made of, at a fundamental level? How big is the Universe, and what is its origin? For countless generations, these were questions for theologians, philosophers, and poets.

But over the past few hundred years, humanity has discovered the most compelling and convincing answers we've ever had to those questions and many others. Through the process of performing experiments and making observations, we have increased our definitive, scientific knowledge tremendously, enabling us to draw conclusions rather than merely to engage in unprovable speculations. Yet even with as far as we've come from a scientific perspective, philosophy and religion will never become obsolete.

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