Save Catholic Schools

Save Catholic Schools
(AP Photo/David Goldman)
n class="drop">Perhaps you listened to the Supreme Court oral arguments in the Catholic-school case on C-SPAN? Even with it happening by phone and our listening in live, it added a whiff of that longed-for “normalcy” to the week and a little nostalgia, too, for the days when we had First Amendment debates independent of pandemics. And aside from the important religious-liberty questions involved, it’s hard to get too far from how different things are and will be. Some of the questions asked during arguments made clear a skepticism that a Catholic-school teacher would ever be more than a mere functionary reading from a textbook. Is that how secular we have become, that Supreme Court justices could not fathom that a religion teacher could ever serve any kind of ministerial elements? To what extent is that the result of Christians behaving badly, leaving the impression we’re not truly believers? Read Full Article »

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