Romney, Lee and the Party of Angels

Romney, Lee and the Party of Angels
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
n>Partisan ugliness has never been more apparent than in the polarity of reactions to Sen. Mitt Romney’s vote to convict President Trump of “abuse of power.” Almost everyone deplores the reaction — of the other side. Unfortunately, we do not rise above party by deploring the partisanship of those we despise. The blindest and most thorough partisans are those who reassure each other that they operate far above partisan passions: the party of the angels. Would you rather argue with someone who knows he is taking a position that must be defended, or someone who has identified his side with righteousness itself? In a democracy, the alternative to vicious partisanship is not some angelic nonpartisanship, but wise and moderate partisanship, a willingness to take a side tempered by awareness that there will always be another side that has its points and its arguments. Read Full Article »

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