Environmental Activists Should Follow Pope's Example

Environmental Activists Should Follow Pope's Example
AP Photo/Andrew Medichini

Watching the worldwide climate protests organized by the group Extinction Rebellion over the last month has been a sobering experience. Earnest and impassioned, the demonstrators are clearly motivated by a deep appreciation of the splendors of our common home and they rightly reject irresponsible lifestyles that lack respect for creation and damage the natural world. Sadly, they are also terrified of impending "extinction," and filled with an unbecoming accusatory anger that fuels their disruptive protests.

Anger and fear are prominent features of the modern environmental movement and it seems both are only increasing. This is a great shame. A movement characterized by optimism, joy, and solidarity is more likely to spark a much-needed global ecological conversion than one that intimidates, berates, and divides.

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