What Can Be Done for the Chernobyl-esque Buffalo Diocese

What Can Be Done for the Chernobyl-esque Buffalo Diocese
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The Diocese of Buffalo must now be regarded as the Catholic Church's Chernobyl. By any measure, the diocese is in full-blown melt-down, and has been obviously—and avoidably—careening in that direction for over a year now.

Last October, Siobhan O'Connor, former executive assistant to Buffalo's Bishop Richard Malone, went on "60 Minutes" to reveal a long pattern of sexual abuse by priests and cover-up of the same by Malone. She was absolutely devastating, not only in her immaculate mastery of the damning documentation she released, but also in her transparently selfless and humble desire not to seek glory for herself but to root out corruption in a church she obviously loves. Still, sad to say, her efforts have not been effective as the revelations have continued to unfold over the last eleven months, each one, improbably, worse than the one before.

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