White Nationalist Terrorism and the Gospel

White Nationalist Terrorism and the Gospel
AP Photo/John Locher

This week our country is jolted with another wave of domestic terror attacks on our country, in El Paso and in Dayton. And, once again, a document posted by one of the terrorists is a typical white nationalist manifesto, taking up all the usual tropes of an "invasion" of migrants into our country, of the "replacement" of white people by minorities. Law enforcement experts have warned for some time of the shocking rise of this sort of ideology and the violence that often comes with it, even as we are watching white nationalist movements cascading all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Obviously, any sort of murder ought to shock and alarm any person, and usually does. Few people, except the terrorists themselves, will justify in any situation the killing of innocent bystanders. But we have a responsibility to ask what is the ideology behind all of this, and why does it take such root in rage-filled violent people? 

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