On Love, Marianne Williamson Has a Point

On Love, Marianne Williamson Has a Point
AP Photo/John Locher

Just hours after the two second-round Democratic presidential-primary debates, I was sitting at a policy roundtable in Washington, D.C. It was the kind of conference-room event where you hear acronyms most of America has never heard of that are the bread and water of the workdays of the people around the table. If you were mischievous, you might set a drinking game to the word "supplemental" or the mention of a particular law or regulation. And yet, about three hours in, one of the self-described data-driven wonks at the table announced that her policy prescription was "love."
And that moment confirmed for me something I had been thinking during the first and second rounds of Democratic debates: Marianne Williamson could win the Democratic nomination.

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