ACLU Manufactures Perfect Case to Attack Religious Liberty

ACLU Manufactures Perfect Case to Attack Religious Liberty
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

A few months ago, Michigan reversed its law stating that faith-based agencies would not be forced to allow same-sex couples to adopt children if it was against the agency's religious beliefs. This was due to Buck v. Gordon, a case where the ACLU successfully argued a faith-based agency discriminated against a gay couple wanting to adopt. However, new evidence shows the ACLU of Michigan didn't just happen to find a same-sex couple who wanted to adopt and couldn't. The ACLU worked for two years to recruit just the right same-sex couple to challenge the law and force the faith-based agencies to violate their religious consciences.

This documented, purposeful targeting demonstrates just how bigoted the ACLU really has proven itself to be: The ACLU was willing to conjure up a scandal where there wasn't one, resulting in an enormous waste of resources and time on behalf of the religious agencies, and an infringement of their religious liberties.

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