Pride Flags Fly Everywhere. What Do They Stand For?

In graduate school at Cambridge, a group of us once played a bizarre card game one of our philosophers made up. There were a few procedural rules for taking turns, but basically everyone had their own rule for winning, that is, their own distinct purpose and objective in the game. If you decided that your purpose was to hold all the jokers, or to hold both black kings but never the red kings, or to hold only the two of spades, then upon achieving this objective, you won. In fact, you could go on for quite a while without anyone ever guessing your rule, and so you could keep winning. And your neighbor, similarly could keep winning. But if anyone guessed your objective during play, then you lost your hand, and were out of the game. The longer you played, the more you figured out the objectives of other players. So it was really a game of bluffing about your ultimate ends. But the game necessarily excluded the objectives of the many, and rewarded those who could veil their objectives long enough to dominate and have victory over all.

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