'Spiritual but Not Religious' Are Driving Society's Civic Decline

'Spiritual but Not Religious' Are Driving Society's Civic Decline
Nick Buckley/Battle Creek Enquirer via AP

New polling in the U.S. reveals an all-time high of those who identify as religious "nones," individuals who claim no allegiance to any faith.

Many of the "nones" are part of a growing group of Americans who declare they are "spiritual but not religious." And many in this group fall into the millennial age group or younger and claim to have had negative experiences with "organized religion" in the past and wrote off church because of it.

According to Barna research, that group makes up 11% of the population, and of those, even the ones who claim a faith of some kind, 93% do not attend religious services.

The rise is contributing to a concerning pattern. It's concerning not only because people are losing faith, but because of what faith represents as a component of civil society and how it contributes to our lives as a whole.

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