The Necessity Of Beauty In The Age Of Ugly

The Necessity Of Beauty In The Age Of Ugly
AP Photo/Thibault Camus

What is it, exactly, that bothers us so about the April 15 burning of Notre Dame Cathedral? That vague feeling of something unsettling, almost approximating dread, was not simply in reaction to the partial but devastating physical destruction of one of the most magnificent structures ever dreamt by the human imagination. Nor was it merely revulsion at the asinine and arrogant statements to have been wearily anticipated from the usual suspects who "don't give a damn about French history" as the Muslim head of a French student union put it, or, in the words of the smug Harvard professor, were relieved to see the cathedral "liberated from the burden of meaning"–whatever that might mean. It was not even the symbolic power of the West "going to ashes" as many so-called 'conservatives' passively bemoaned and scores of subversives actively cheered on. This crowd, as well as the just-a-pile-of-wood crowd, the Macron-globalist 'we'll-restore-it-as-a temple-to-humanity' crowd; the who-cares-about-destroyed-churches fakestream media crowd…All this kind of thing was to be expected and therefore hardly emotionally evocative.

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