Will Woke Progressives Allow Celebrities to Be Christian?

Will Woke Progressives Allow Celebrities to Be Christian?
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You may have missed this news, but Chris Pratt, one of the most likable celebrities in modern American life, is now problematic to some people. But he's not alone. Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez are under scrutiny now also. Their crime? They've attended Evangelical churches — such as Hillsong and Zoe — that don't make it crystal-clear that they adhere to the new progressive sexual orthodoxy.

That's the thrust of one of the more intolerant Washington Post op-eds I've ever read, an essay by Post digital producer Drew Goins condemning Pratt for attending a church that doesn't say that it "affirms" gay marriage and gay sex. You see, it's not enough to be "welcoming" — loving each person who walks through the doors and inviting them to join in worship and seeking a saving relationship with Christ — these churches must be "affirming." They must depart from Christian orthodoxy, or their celebrity members will pay a steep public price.

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