Don't Mourn for Reform Judaism Just Yet

It is both shocking and predictable that in such a turbulent week, one of the most depressing, cynical, Holocaust-referencing articles of the week was written by a rabbi about the state of progressive Judaism. In his article “Paying the Price for Abandoning Jewish Peoplehood,” Rabbi Clifford Librach gleefully skewers Reform Judaism with one hand while mournfully writing its eulogy with the other. Librach does touch upon certain truths, such as that Reform Judaism does not maintain a central, binding ideology (it was not created to do so) and that most progressive Jews do not practice Jewish law with intensity. But as two HUC-JIR rabbinical students, we see great opportunity for Reform and progressive Judaism in the changing landscape of 21st century communication and connection. Instead of weeping and closing up shop — as per Librach's suggestion — we, along with classmates, peers, and mentors are taking creative and practical measures to usher progressive Judaism into the next era.

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