The Myth of Evangelical Trump Voters

There has been much handwringing in the evangelical world over the seemingly high levels of support for Donald Trump among self-proclaimed evangelical voters in Republican primaries. Likewise this phenomenon has drawn much attention from the mainstream media, who seem eager to point out the apparent discord that religious believers would flock to such a controversial figure, one who flaunts his past moral failings, publicly uses indecent language, and “isn’t sure” if he’s ever asked God for forgiveness. For example, Charles Krauthammer muses on why evangelicals prefer Trump and in the debate last night Megyn Kelly referenced a close association between Trump and evangelical voters. While it is true that Trump has won pluralities of evangelicals in some key states it is simply inaccurate to say that evangelicals solidly support Trump. Indeed the notion that anything close to a majority of evangelical voters support Trump is simply a media myth.

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