The Coming Evangelical Gender Showdown

In recent decades, parts of American religion have been transformed by feminism, from women serving as rabbis to Catholic girls becoming altar servers. Now the heart of U.S. evangelicalism may be heading for a gender showdown.

Mark Driscoll, a Seattle mega-pastor and author known for his raw, macho take — “Sixty percent of Christians are chicks, and the 40 percent that are dudes are still sort of chicks,” is among his well-known quotes — said on Aug. 24 that he would step down temporarily from his multi-state 14,000-member ministry amid charges of abusive behavior toward subordinates and inappropriate use of money, among other things. And last week, conservative Christian figure Mike Farris wrote that it is time to push back on an “un-Biblical view” of gender roles. “Subservience,” wrote the Virginia-based leader of the national home-school movement, “can never be justified by Scripture.”

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