The Year in Mormons: Top 7 of 2012

Congratulations, readers. We’ve all survived the Mormon moment. Let’s take stock of seven top stories on Mormonism before we kiss 2012 goodbye:

1. Mitt Romney becomes first Mormon to secure major party nomination for U.S. President. As in 2008, the Romney campaign carefully avoided discussion of religion—excepting a few hand-picked character testimonials at the August GOP Convention—and campaign-season mainstream media coverage of the faith was neutral to positive. Still, Romney’s reticence to present his Mormonism-steeped human side may have allowed the Obama campaign to define him as a wealthy mogul detached from the everyday worries of everyday Americans. After a post-debate early October surge, Romney loses the November election, 53%–47%. (For RD’s take on how Romney might have addressed religion, see here and here.)

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