The World Won't Be Saved by Tweets

The new tweeter came out on the digital continent to tweet. Some inhabitants on the continent said: “What is this intruder doing here? In this field we are the only ones who know what it is and how to tweet!”. And they made fun of him and turned their backs. Other inhabitants said: “Interesting and fun! Let’s see if he will have more followers than other VIPs, actors or footballers! And they made their considerations on the numbers, but they didn’t think of what the tweets were saying and after a while they lost interest. Others said: “Ok. There’s someone out there who wants to tell us things that they consider important for every one of us. We will all be watching to see and hear, and we will be happy to tweet back, to our friends who are searching like us”. And the tweets bore fruit and multiplied, by thirty, by sixty, percent… Those who have ears, may they hear.

140 characters – the number contained in a tweet – are quite a few. Most of the verses of the Gospel have less; the beatitudes are much shorter. A little concision isn’t bad. For centuries we have known that listening to the word of Jesus in the morning and bearing it in mind and heart supports the journey of a day… or of a life.

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