There Won't Be Another Mormon Like Mitt

Mitt Romney’s concession speech was gracious, generous and conciliatory. It even impressed MSNBC talker Chris Matthews, who has spent the better part of a year accusing the Republican presidential candidate of being a racist. I urge Romney supporters to watch the concession speech. It shows a decent, good, honest man handling defeat with class and wishing his opponent, after a hard-fought battle, the best of luck during his second term.

There’s no doubt that a huge majority of of active Mormons were invested heavily in seeing Mitt Romney become president of the United States. And the fact that he would have been the first LDS president was no doubt a huge factor. Instead, Mitt Romney has become the Mormon version of Al Smith, the first Catholic to be nominated for president by a major party. Smith, in 1928, lost badly to Herbert Hoover.

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