How to Rid Your Church of Young People

Young people are, by and large, missing from the church. This realization came one day when I opened my eyes and saw pews full of heads that were, with few exceptions, bald, gray, or slightly wrinkled. You may suggest, of course, that a percentage of those bald, wrinkled heads belonged to newborns, but you’d be mistaken. Very few babies attended church that day, and the yells and cries of those that did suggested that they were as surprised by the lack of young people as I was. 

As a Christian young person myself, this revelation baffled me, and I felt it was my duty to communicate this oversight to the rest of my denomination. After several sincere attempts, I was told that churches were already aware of the declining population of churchgoing young people. Church leaders had also observed the gray heads and had produced reports that detailed the phenomenon’s evolution. Many expressed desires that young people attend church, and some even suggested that action should be taken. Thinking that perhaps these congregations simply did not know how to seek out and engage young people, I suggested that they do research and discover effective ways to fellowship with youth and young adults.

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