Bishops Don't Lobby as Much as Pew Thinks

Last week when I wrote about the contretemps between the Pew Forum and Catholic Relief Services and U.S.C.C.B. over the precise $ figures for the advocacy work undertaken by the two Catholic entities, I relied on previous Pew statements in my possession to cobble together the forum's response. This week the forum's Erin O'Connell reminded me that I could have gone right to the source for a more detailed response (mea culpa) and this week she provided one via e-mail. (Allen Hertzke, the primary researcher of the study, for his part responded to a withering blogpost from Sister Mary Ann Walsh at the Huffington Post.)

I said last week that Pew was standing by its figures, but O'Connell tells me, well, perhaps not: "We are currently working with both organizations in an effort to arrive at better figures." That effort will include divorcing the costs of U.S.C.C.B./CRS activities that do not pertain to even broad understanding of advocacy that Pew used in its study. Its resea

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