Spirituality of a Self-Expression Engine

“Men are more visual than women.” It’s a refrain we’ve all heard to explain the differences between men's and women's sexuality. If you want proof of the contrary, look no further than Pinterest.

What is Pinterest? TechCrunch describes it as a “self-expression engine” along the lines of Twitter and Facebook. Users can create virtual “mood boards” or “vision boards" on which they can collect images. Users can create separate boards for any kind of interest--fashion, art, books, decor, crafts, recipes, workout ideas, inspirational quotes--and “pin” to those boards images that reflect their style and tastes. Users can share these curated collections with friends or inspired strangers. The community is a large part of the draw--users can browse and search the entire network, which now includes over 1.5 million actives users (the majority of whom are women).

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