Martin O'Malley Wants to Be Andrew Cuomo

Illustrating the Latin proverb that the corruption of the best is the worst, many Catholic politicians continue to lead the charge against the natural moral law. Having already defined themselves as champions of “abortion rights,” they now turn aggressively to the culmination of gay ones.

The Catholic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, has been enjoying a victory lap after pushing gay marriage through his state’s legislature. Political pundits, citing Cuomo’s success on this issue, now frequently talk about him as a future presidential candidate. Envious of his glory, other Catholic politicians seek to follow in his footsteps. The Catholic governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley, wants to be “the next Andrew Cuomo,” says the press. O’Malley has announced that passage of gay marriage will henceforth be one of his chief legislative priorities.

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