RealClearReligion Sermons and Self-Help

Monday, April 2
April Fools' Day With(out) Rummy - Nicholas Hahn
We Were at the Foot of the Cross - Rick Marschall
Imagine the Surprise! - David Bone
Tuesday, April 3
When the Bishops Quit Meatless Fridays - Rob Lockwood
He Suffered Under Pontius Pilate - Dave Thomas
Ode to the Benedictines - Jim Cole
Wednesday, April 4
Held Captive to Small Group Worship - Flowers & Vannoy
When Christ Descended Into Hell - Daniel Burke
The Many Pictures of Heaven - Gary Smith
Thursday, April 5
What Calendar Do You Follow? - Joel Miller
Easter Changes Everything - George Weigel
He's Calling For Elijah! - Al Hsu
Friday, April 6
We Can't Begin to Know Heaven - Jon Meacham
Hunger Games at Golgatha - Jeff Anderson
The Good Friday Fiasco - Dan Delzell