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Friday, October 9
Why Do Good Things Happen to Bad People? - Pope Francis
What Happened to Miracles? - Josh Hayes
Discipleship for Dummies - Dan Dick
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Thursday, October 8
Living With Former Friends - John Cuddeback
A Prayer for Our Daily Murder - Brian Doyle
Trophies and Martyrs - Faith McDonnell
Wednesday, October 7
How the Church Saved My Marriage - Rachael Collins
How Churches Can Be Relevant - Joseph Yoo
Is Jesus's Return Imminent? - Roderick Cyr
Tuesday, October 6
Angels Carved on Church Beams - Christopher Howse
Does Faith Require Work? - Michael Eschelbach
Thank God for My Back Pain - Doug LeBlanc
Monday, October 5
Who Are You Calling a Deadly Sin? - Melissa Steffan
When Christianity Is Outlawed - Rick Marschall
Leisure Begins at Home - John Cuddeback
Friday, October 2
The Silent War of the Church - Peter Lee
Is My Husband Gay? - Leslie Chambers
Minivan Manliness - Chuck Fuller
Thursday, October 1
Why Can't Good Works Send Me to Heaven? - Jack Wellman
Must a Darwinian Be a Non-Christian? - William Lane Craig
Proverbs 3:4 Explained - Roderick Claybrooks
Wednesday, September 30
The Last Day of the Rest of Your Life - Rick Marschall
If Jesus Ran for President - Brent McDougal
How to Read Scripture - Clifton Stringer
Tuesday, September 29
The Question That Can Destroy Your Marriage - Gary Thomas
Pope Could Bring Next 'Great Awakening' - Jim Harnish
How to Have a Meaningful Life - Rabbi Shalom Denbo

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