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Friday, December 19
Mary, Teach Us to Be Courageous - Kendra Weddle Irons
Bible Verses to Ease the Mind - Crystal McDowell
Christmas Is Undefeatable - Mark Tooley
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Thursday, December 18
Bad Reasons for Choosing a Church - Aaron Loy
'Worship Is Our Protest' - Bobby Ross
Apology for Advent - Dan Childs
Wednesday, December 17
Why People Are Not Leaving Your Church - George Bullard
3 Reasons to Take Your Son Hunting - John Cuddeback
Christmas Eve Visions - Stephanie Paulsell
Tuesday, December 16
Bethlehem, the Rest of the Story - Heather Hemingway
Finding Meaning in Life - William Lane Craig
Some Catholics - Br. Joe Hoover
Monday, December 15
Why Personal Devotions Aren't Enough - Wesley Hill
Moral Alchemy - Rick Marschall
That's Not Funny! - Willis Vida
Friday, December 12
Awesome Facts About Our Lady of Guadalupe - Matt Sewell
Perseverance of the Saints? - Michael Williams
J.R.R. Tolkien and Hope - Stanley Ward
Thursday, December 11
The Most Misunderstood Bible Verse - Roderick Cyr
If We Lose the Traditional Jesus - Elizabeth Evans
10 Ways to Battle Gossip - Fr. Longenecker
Wednesday, December 10
Letter From a Grieving Father - William Lane Craig
Eve's Daddy Issues, and Ours - Jasmine Holmes
Beauty Pageant Christianity - Ryan Jenkins
Tuesday, December 9
Is the Second Coming Still Coming? - Randall Smith
The Parable of Ferguson - Gerardo James de Jesus
How to Write a Public Prayer - Dave Barnhart

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