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Thursday, August 28
More Christian Than Jesus - Dave Barnhart
Yes, Families Do Matter - Mike D'Virgilio
Last Chance to Plant - John Cuddeback
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Wednesday, August 27
The Wrong Kind of Evangelical - Tish Harrison Warren
Not Every Sermon Needs Jesus - Tom Fuerst
The Lighter Side of Suicide - Rick Becker
Tuesday, August 26
What Was Herod Thinking? - William Lane Craig
How to Talk to the Dying - D.G. Myers
We Know the Trinity - George Weigel
Monday, August 25
Going to 'Holy Hour' for a Date? - John Clark
The Real Thomas More - Gunnar Gundersen
It's Never Easy Letting Go - Rick Marschall
Friday, August 22
Putting Christ Back in Christianity - Evan Garner
Ice Bucket Do-Gooders - Mark Wingfield
Trinity in the Attic - Dwight Welch
Thursday, August 21
Praying the Rosary in Tripoli - James Foley
The Crucifixion in Ferguson - D.L. Mayfield
Make More Room for Mary - Molly Marshall
Wednesday, August 20
Saved at Open Communion - Tara Edelschick
Why I Give to the Homeless - James Antle
A Father's Cry for Justice - T.D. Jakes
Tuesday, August 19
The Next American Saints - George Weigel
Seven Sleepers of Ephesus - Rod Dreher
Prayer Works, If... - Terry Goodrich
Monday, August 18
Robin Williams, None of Our Business - Rick Marschall
Things God Can't Do - Rolley Haggard
Airbrushing My Life - John Clark

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