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Tuesday, September 16
Strange Triumph of the Cross - Hale & Malinowski
If ISIS's God Were Real... - William Lane Craig
Paul's Military Language - Bruce Modahl
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Monday, September 15
The Most Remarkable Man I've Ever Met - Rick Marschall
Myths About Mindfulness Meditation - Jeff Wilson
Me and Richard Dawkins - Amy Julia Becker
Friday, September 12
Why God the Father and God the Son? - William Lane Craig
How to Preach a 'Good' Sermon - Perry Smith
Mormon and Childless - Katie Jennings
Thursday, September 11
The Lord's Prayer as a Spiritual Weapon - Fr. Longenecker
Is the Devil Too Distracting? - Ruth Moon
A Good Boy at Heart - John Cuddeback
Wednesday, September 10
What the Church Can Learn From AirBnb - Ruth Everhart
Confessions of a Suicidal Evangelist - Jay Lowder
Is Grace Magic? - Mark Shea
Tuesday, September 9
Who Is the Woman Clothed With the Sun? - Philip Jenkins
The End of Church Membership? - John Chandler
John Wesley's Rule of Life - Clifton Stringer
Monday, September 8
Church of Nice or Church of Nasty? - Fr. Longenecker
For the Love of God, Just Be Nice - Marv Knox
Prayer Is Stupid, Right? - Andrew W.K.

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