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Wednesday, April 23
If Your Church Never Got Another Member - Derek Penwell
What's a Fella Got to Do to Be Baptized? - Jamie Blaine
The Thing About 6:30AM Daily Mass - P.G. Cuschieri
Tuesday, April 22
Virtues of the Marathon Rabbi - Rabbi Gerald Zelizer
When Jesus Walked on Water - Philip Jenkins
Church That's Hard - Rod Dreher
Monday, April 21
Resurrection in an Iranian Prison - Saeed Abedini
Good News, Breaking News? - Rick Marschall
The Might and Majesty - Mark Hendrickson
Friday, April 18
Kissing the Cold Feet of Jesus - Mary Valle
Did Jesus Die Singing? - Rick Henderson
Forgiveness Incarnate - Gary Welton
Thursday, April 17
Did Jesus Become God at Easter? - Richard Ostling
Why We Remember the Dead - Cory Willson
Envy Is the Deadliest Sin - Richard Holloway
Wednesday, April 16
Lent Isn't Just About You - Sarah Pulliam Bailey
Evangelicals, We Need You - Brantly Millegan
The Truth About Easter - Robin Schumacher
Tuesday, April 15
How to Read the Bible Like John Wesley - Andrew Dragos
Preaching to the Easter Crowds - Matt Fitzgerald
Mark Was Almost Anti-Jesus - Philip Jenkins
Monday, April 14
There Is Only One True Megachurch - Dan Delzell
'Pick Your Own Savior' Day - Rick Marschall
The Chapel in the Woods - Rod Dreher

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