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Thursday, March 5
Jimmy Fallon, Ernie Banks & Pope Francis - Doyle Sager
Picture-Books in Winter - John Cuddeback
Why I'm Not an Atheist - Henry Rollins
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Wednesday, March 4
Why We Cover Crosses During Lent - Christopher Yoder
Why I Hate A Severe Mercy - Mark Judge
My Job Moment - George Weigel
Tuesday, March 3
Why I'm Coming Out as a Christian - Ana Marie Cox
Church, Culture, and Decline - Roderick Cyr
Mystics and Musicians - Brendan Busse
Monday, March 2
Bad Things and Hard Times - Rick Marschall
We Need Confession - Jen Pollock Michel
Is Confession Dead? - Terence O'Leary
Friday, February 27
Afterlife of a Church - Katherine Willis Pershey
The Bells of Ordinary Time - Tessa Carman
Sound as a Means of Healing - Rod Dreher
Thursday, February 26
Learning From the Spiritual-But-Not-Religious - Rebekah Simon-Peter
How Can You Know the Bible Is True? - John Piper
Clean Eyes - John Cuddeback
Wednesday, February 25
Are We Missing Something About Prayer? - Todd Billings
Why Men Hate Going to Church - Brandon Clements
You're Not Too Holy for Lent - Robert Christian
Tuesday, February 24
When Children Goof Off at Church - Robert Kirby
Do We Deserve Heaven? - Sinclair Ferguson
Christianity & Evolution - Robert Driskell
Monday, February 23
How to Preach Sermons That Don't Suck - Jonathan Mitchican
The Most Ignored Commandment - Nancy Sleeth
It's a God Thing - Rick Marschall

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