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Tuesday, April 28
Why Some Churches Don't Want to Grow - Thom Rainer
Peter and the Progressives - Fr. Dwight Longenecker
The Proper Way to Do Devotions - Nancy Janisch
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Monday, April 27
What 'Dying for Our Sins' Means - William Lane Craig
Going to the Mountain-Top - Barbara Haley
Christ's Body Camera - Starlette McNeill
Friday, April 24
Cardinal George's Crosses - Archbishop Peter Sartain
Dear New Seminarian... - Matthew Hall
Are Tattoos OK? - Richard Ostling
Thursday, April 23
How Could Aristotle Say Such a Thing? - John Cuddeback
Against a Pretty-Boy Jesus - John McDougall
When Worship Worlds Collide - Sam Seefeld
Wednesday, April 22
They Didn't Teach Me That in Seminary - Dave Barnhart
Does the Bible Contradict Itself? - Preston Sprinkle
When Preaching Is Out of Control - Will Willimon
Tuesday, April 21
How Do You Imagine God? - J. David Nolan
Jesus's Radical Teachings - Roderick Cyr
When God Says 'No' - Billy Graham
Monday, April 20
Following Your Heart Is a Bad Idea - Shane Pruitt
Make Waves, Don't Ride Them - Rick Marschall
Bible Verses About Purpose - Crystal Mcdowell

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