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Wednesday, July 29
How to Teach Your Kids About Religion - Laura Johnston
One Thing Will Change Your Life - Roderick Cyr
Pastor, Bless My iPhone - Adam Copeland
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Tuesday, July 28
5 Dangers of Church Growth - Ron Edmondson
Who Owns Orthodoxy? - Christy Thomas
Don't Pray? - Dominic Bouck
Monday, July 27
Is America an Evil Empire? - Fr. C.J. McCloskey
Did Jesus Know Everything? - Peter Enns
Donald Trump and God - Rick Marschall
Friday, July 24
Beyond Tweetable Bible Reading - Chandler Vannoy
Why and When Did Lucifer Fall? - Jack Wellman
Why I'm Still a Gay Christian - Dwight Welch
Thursday, July 23
One Good Household Rowing Together - John Cuddeback
What Is a Prayer of Supplication? - Michael Williams
Jesus Has Become a Pill - Tony Clavier
Wednesday, July 22
Dear Pastor, Can I Come to Your Church? - Bradley Wright
Talmud as a Jewish 'Canterbury Tales' - Adam Kirsch
Sunday Worship Killer - Jason Helopoulos
Tuesday, July 21
Dreadful Duty of Forgiveness - Trevor Thomas
I'm Queer and I'm Muslim - Lamya
Blind Faith? - William Lane Craig
Monday, July 20
No Longer a Christian Nation - Rick Marschall
The Virtue in Playing Games - Matt Sewell
Sin as Social Contagion - Joe Carter

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