Even More Ugly Churches
Even More Ugly Churches

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By Nicholas G. Hahn III

It turns out "The Ugliest Churches in the World" was not nearly ugly enough.

Many readers wrote-in to ask why the list didn't include this tacky church or that monstrosity of a cathedral. More often than not, it was clear that they had a hideous yet undeniable point.

And so, here are even more of the world's ugliest churches, a title that admits there may be more to come.

Some sensitive souls bristled at this blunt approach. "What about all the beautiful churches?" they asked, and even came up with their own (rather short) lists.

Good for them, but beasts often make true beauties look better. In fact, pointing out all the ways church architecture can go wrong might be a way of avoiding more disasters in the future.

Here's to hoping that's the case.

Nicholas G. Hahn III is Editor of RealClearReligion. Follow him on Twitter @NGHahn3.

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels ››

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