RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Monday, March 26
The Godless 'Hunger Games' - Jeffrey Weiss, RealClearReligion
Blessed Are Those With a Persecution Complex - Paula Kirby, Wash Post
Fluke vs. Limbaugh, Methodist vs. Methodist - Kathy Gilbert, UMNS
Benedict to Cuba as John Paul to Poland? - Matthew Hoffman, CWR
Santorum's New Wave of Evangelical Catholics - Sam Freedman, NYT
The Folly of Religious Left Budget Prophets - Mark Tooley, Front Page
Those Heavy Hitters Who Decided the Bible - Alice Camille, U.S. Catholic
Baptists Focused on 'Start-a-Church Sunday' - Eryn Sun, Christian Post
Is the Synagogue Becoming Extinct? - Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, JDF
Meet Mitt's Ex-Mormon Cousin - John Sweeney, BBC News
Islam Is in the American Cornfields - Kristin Rudolph, IRD
Farewell, Tim Tebow - Patton Dodd, CNN Belief
Tuesday, March 27
Do Catholics Want a Mormon Pope? - Nicholas Hahn, Crisis Magazine
Evangelicals, to the West Bank You Go! - Nathan Jeffay, Jewish Forward
A Cuban Cardinal's Dirty Dissident Deal - Myriam Marquez, Miami Herald
Tricia Erickson's Weird Mormon Obsession - Jana Riess, Rel. News Serv.
I Petition the Vatican for Relief - George Neumayr, American Spectator
Obama's Armies of Contraception - Edward Lee Pitts, World Mag
Katniss Everdeen, Biblical Babe - Danielle Berrin, Jewish Journal
Archaeological Evidence Says Jesus Existed - Craig Evans, Huff Post
Christianity Never had an Emperor Cult - D.G. Hart, Am. Conservative
From Russia, With Silliness and Love - George Conger, Get Religion
The Ridiculous Anglican Communion - Andrew Brown, Guardian
God, the Polygamist - Doug Gibson, Standard-Examiner
Wednesday, March 28
All Christians Are Non-Denominational - Dan Delzell, Christian Post
The Differences the Pill has Made - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
How to Re-Read the Book of Revelation - Wil Gafney, Religion Dispatches
Women Cannot and Will Not Be Priests - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos
Ulysses Grant, a Good Anti-Semite - Lawrence Grossman, Jewish Forward
The 'Hunger Games' Prophecy - Fr. Robert Barron, National Review
Cancel the Mormon Theocracy Watch - Walter Russell Mead, Am. Interest
Saving Constantine from the Anabaptists - Bart Gingerich, Inst. on R&D
Crushing Religion on a Sunflower Campus - Abigail Wilson, College Fix
There Is No Right to Water - Kishore Jayabalan, Acton Institute
George Neumayr Is Writing Angry - Edward Peters, CanonLaw
Watch What You Tweet in Kuwait - Sylvia Westall, Reuters
Thursday, March 29
Richard Dawkins Wants You to Mock Christians! - LaShawn Barber, World
Mitt the Moonwalking Mormon Bishop - Peggy Fletcher Stack, RN Service
The Atheist Who Bought a Nativity Star - Sharayah Colter, Baptist Press
Benedict Jokes with Castro in Havana - Donadio & Archibold, NY Times
Mormons Don't Let Mormons Vote Romney - McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed
The Church Is at Its Own La Caridad - Michelle Maldonado, Rel. Dispatches
George Neumayr, Nouveau Jansenist - Michael Sean Winters, NC Reporter
Whatever Vanderbilt Wants, Vandy Gets - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
The Only White Pastor for Trayvon Martin - Jeff Brumley, AB Press
Are Calvinists a Bunch of Jerks? - Kevin DeYoung, Christian Post
Don't Muddy the Water Rights - George McGraw, Acton Institute
Back to Nuns With Rulers - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Crisis
Friday, March 30
It's Hard to Be Catholic in Public Life - Rick Santorum, RealClearReligion
I'm Fighting for the Freedom to Worship as We Want - Ron Paul, RCR
When Mitt Romney Worked to Convert France - Vivienne Walt, TIME
The Ecumenism of Big Government - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
What a Religious Freedom Rally Looks Like - Mollie Hemingway, Get Relig
People of Faith vs. ObamaCare at the Supreme Court - Tobin Grant, CT
No Original Sin for T.D. Jakes? - Brittany Smith, Christian Post
Dalai Lama Wins $1.7M Templeton Prize - Ron Scherer, CS Monitor
Pope Makes Life Easier for Cuban Evangelicals - Jeff Brumley, AB Press
Jews for Vouchers (Day Schools Are Expensive!) - Peter Beinart, WSJ
Religion, a Slave Owner's Best Friend - John Blake, CNN Belief
The Rise of the Gay Mosques - Jaweed Kaleem, Huff Post
Saturday, March 31
Of Course God Cares About Sports! - Timothy Dalrymple, Patheos
Is Football Treyf?--The Rabbis Rule - Micah Stein, Jewish Ideas Daily
Why Is Bo Duke Making Pro-Life Movies? - Paul Bond, Hollywood Rptr
Hemings and Jefferson's Mormon Marriage - Max Perry Mueller, Slate
Christian Science Could End ObamaCare - Ron Meyer, RealClearReligion
Church Giving Is on the Rebound - Annalisa Musarra, Baptist Standard
Methodists Volunteer at Easter Egg Sweetshop - Charlotte Smith, CDM
Jewish Woman Fined for Doorpost Prayer - Buffa & Hernandez, HC
An Everlasting Fire for the Almighty - Josh Fleet, Huffington Post
Is a Holy Water Tax Constitutional? - Kat Wolcott,
Recession and Revival - Brittany Smith, Christian Post
The Drama of Palm Sunday - Fr. Robert Barron, RCR