RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Monday, March 5
In Defense of Rush Limbaugh - Jeffrey Weiss, RealClearReligion
Hey Mormons, Knock Off the Baptisms! - Peggy Stack, SL Tribune
The New York Times Catholic Wafer Madness - Terry Mattingly, GR
How Christian Colleges Can Stay Christian - Perry Glanzer, Christianity T.
Could the Presbyterians Lose Colorado? - Anugrah Kumar, Christian Po.
Bring on the 'Jesus-Eating Cult' Attacks - Harold Fickett, Catholic Exch.
Forget Mega-Churches! Try Tiny Ones - Hamil Harris, Washington Post
Is Mitt in for a Southern Bible-Belting? - Walter Kirn, GQ Magazine
Meet Hollywood's New Atheist Hero - Carolyn Briggs, Rel. Dis.
The Celebrity Aversion to Church - Cate MacDonald, World
Islamophoba Is on the Wane - Mark Silk, Spiritual Politics
Escape from Hasidism - Amy Benfer, Salon
Tuesday, March 6
A Super Tuesday for Santorum's Home-Schoolers - Daniel Burke, RNS
Don't Let Muslims Tell You About the Son of God - John Piper, World
What Dornan Willett Taught Me About Baptism - Lane Williams, Des. N.
What the Orange County Register Got Wrong - Rick Warren, Saddleback
Calling a Truce in the Catholic Wafer Wars - Mary Hunt, Rel. Dispatches
No Baptisms for Menstruating Mormons! - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SL Trib
Who Stole Laurence O'Toole's Heart? - Greene & Taggart, CNN Belief
Meet the New American Faith Party - Howard Fineman, Huff Post
Netanyahu's Purim Gift for Obama - Nathan Guttman, Jewish Fwd
What Would Mary Magdalene Say? - Susan Thistlethwaite, Wash Post
Do Catholics Worship Allah? - Robert Spencer, Crisis Magazine
What Roe has Wrought - Kelly Boggs, Baptist Press
Wednesday, March 7
The Republican Party of Jerry Falwell - Michael Sean Winters, New Repub.
Do the Cooperative Baptists Actually Cooperate? - Andrew Gardner, ABP
Inerrancy at the Evangelical Theological Society - Carlos Bovell, Patheos
The Orthodox Takeover of the Israeli Military - Dan Williams, Reuters
When Someone Says the Bible has Errors - John Dodson, Christian Po.
A Trip Down the Mormon Trail of Tears - John Dunbar, Canada FP
The Bears in Mormon History, Oh My! - Doug Gibson, Standard-Ex
The Return of the al-Azhar Mosque - Griff Witte, Washington Post
Barbara Johnson Is a Catholic Hero - Sara Ritchey, Rel. Dispatches
The Atheists' Smug New Religion - John de Gruchy, Mennonite WR
JFK's Theologically Lame Speech - David Heim, Christian Century
God Save the Queen - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Thursday, March 8
Let's Prove Al Mohler Wrong - Chuck Bugg, Associated Baptist Press
A Bishop Over Your Shoulder in the Voting Booth - Jim Dinn, U.S. Cath.
Crystal Cathedral to Schuller Family: You're Fired - Luiza Oleszczuk, CP
Lessons from the New Muslims and False Ones - Marat Shterin, Guardian
Keeper-Hood at the Heart of the American Left - Jerry Bowyer, Forbes
Black Latter-Day Saints Are Doubly Mormon - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Florida Bans Sharia and Orthodox Beth Din? - Paul Berger, Jewish Fwd
That Annoying Catholic Religious Freedom - Tony Baker, Seminary SW
An Original Evangelical Paranoia Film - Dean Anderson, Christianity T.
The World Needs Better Religion - Diana Bass, Washington Post
The Vatican Without a Website - Joseph Laycock, Rel. Dispatch.
A Mormon Mea Culpa - Samuel Brown, Rel. News Service
Friday, March 9
Best to Let Sleeping Mosques Lie - Philip Jenkins, Christian Century
Vatican Lands on U.S. Money Laundering List - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Anonymous Hackers: Religion 'Is a Sickness' - James Davis, SF S-Sen.
Rick Santorum Isn't on a Road to Damascus - Michael Crowley, TIME
No Such Thing as a Forced Hasidic Marriage - Yossi Gestetner, GU
The Book of Esther Is Essential to the Bible - Alex Ozar, First Things
Benedict and the Irrelevance of Relevance - Samuel Gregg, Crisis Mag
Extinction of the Middle East Christian - Amb. Michael Oren, Wall St. Jrnl
God Will Forgive Our Sinful Prediction - Harold Camping, Family Radio
Pat Robertson: Time to Legalize Pot! - Michael Felberbaum, Assoc. Pr.
Mitt's Mormonism Is So Yesterday - James Richardson, Guardian
Who Is Joseph Kony? - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Christianity Today
Saturday, March 10
Translating (Away) the Son of God - James McGrath, Christian Century
Mormons Block Baptism Whistle-Blower - Derek Jensen, Religion News
Were Angels Just Lucid Dreams? - Richard Schiffman, Religion Dispatches
My Newfound Respect for Harold Camping - Christian Piatt, Sojourners
Pigging Out at the Weekly Fish Fry - Christopher Orlet, Am. Spectator
Donald Miller's 'Blue Like Jazz' Film to Debut - John Blake, CNN Belief
Tragedy of the Sexless Law Student - Doug Bandow, Huffington Post
The Nonexistent Freedom of Churches - John Wilson, Daily Kos
Facing Up to Life Without God - Julian Baggini, The Guardian
Good Christian Hypocrites - Gayle Trotter, Washington Post
Anything but the Truth! - Joel Miller,
Our Golden Calf - Dennis Prager, Jewish Journal