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Thursday, April 24
Years of the Evangelicals - Steven Miller, Christian Century
Mormons at the Mocking of Christ - Brad Masters, Normons
Where Syria's Christians Flee - Angie Lourgos, Chicago Tribune
Mennonites Behind the Iron Curtain - Wayne Steffen, MW Review
Pope Francis Cold Call Stirs Communion Debate - David Gibson, RNS
When the Crucifix Wore a Yellow Star - Naomi Pfefferman, Jewish Jrnl
Southern Baptist Sex Summit - Eicher and Langdon, World Magazine
Why Myth Matters - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Intercollegiate Review
Capitalism Fails the Church - Morgan Guyton, Mercy Not Sacrifice
Wishy-Washy Anglicans Like Me - Allison Pearson, Telegraph
God and the Gay Christian - Fred Mann, The Wichita Eagle
How to Sell Pope Francis - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Wednesday, April 23
George Will's Road to Serfdom - Peter Lawler, First Things
The Woman Who Made John Paul II a Saint - Javier Cordoba, AP
When Disruption Comes to Church - Carter, Jones, and Jones, F&L
The Jews for Jesus Deception - Toby Tabachnick, Jewish Chronicle
Why Muslims Are the Best Evangelists - Tim Morgan, Christianity Today
That Pesky Word, 'Evangelical' - David Gushee, Assoc. Baptist Press
Was Stephen Jay Gould Right? - Gregg Caruso, RealClearReligion
Clemson vs. the Secularists - Thomas Kidd, The Anxious Bench
Do Baptists Control Kentucky? - Scott Wartman, Courier-Journal
John Paul II's Unsteady Halo - Charles Reid, Huffington Post
Father Revolutionary - Nathan Lawrence, Red Egg Review
The Crucifixion of Joseph Smith - Alex Beam, Salon
Tuesday, April 22
Jimmy Carter's #FirstWorldProblems - Hannah Anderson, Gospel Co.
When Episcopalian Enemies Become Friends - Michael Paulson, NYT
Blame Mormons for the Pay Gap? - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
Aimee Semple McPherson's Little Home in LA - Hadley Meares, Curbed
Where the Conservative Resurgence Began - Bob Allen, Assoc. Baptist Pr.
Rise of Black Baptist Millennials - Sharyn Jackson, Des Moines Register
More Young Britons Joining the Priesthood - Martin Marty, Sightings
If Holy Land Christians Pick Up and Leave... - Cardinal George, CNW
TULIPs for the Tolerant - Carol Howard Merritt, Christian Century
Pope Francis's Popemobile Pastoring - Adam Chandler, Wire
The Myth of Millennial Decline - Brandon Ambrosino, Vox
Humanae Vitae Isn't Going Away - Russell Shaw, Aleteia
Monday, April 21
The Vatican II Popes - Francis Rocca, Wall Street Journal
America's Original Megachurch - David Yamane, OUP Blog
The World's Most Christian Nation - Tom Phillips, Telegraph
Our Age of Pontius Pilate Politics - Josh DuBois, The Daily Beast
How Dante Saved My Life - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Methodists & Presbyterians Worship Together - Megan Bachman, YSN
Meet Marc Chagall's Granddaughter - Paul Berger, Jewish Forward
Jesus Had a Wife, and I've Met Her - Fr. Stephen Grunow, NRO
Has Father Barron Actually Read My Book? - Bart Ehrman, CIA
Elder Oaks's DePaul Prediction - Tad Walch, Deseret News
Stop Dressing So Tacky for Church - John Blake, CNN
The All-or-Nothing Bible - Craig Evans, On Faith
Saturday, April 19
What Easter Really Means - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
Christians Who Doubt the Resurrection - Kim Winston, Religion News
Watered-Down Resurrection Doesn't Work - Fr. James Martin, WSJ
Mormons Don't Care About Easter - Holly Welker, Religion Dispatches
What Is Christianity All About? - Peter Berger, American Interest
When Jesus Went to Hell - Don Burrows, Unfundamentalist Christians
Scared of the Cross - Darcey Steinke, The Christian Century
Archbishop Welby's Deadly Dilemma - Cole Moreton, The Telegraph
Did Christians Steal Easter? - Candida Moss, CNN Belief
Jews and Protestants Are Talking, Again - Nathan Guttman, JDF
Good Friday's Lesson From Judas - Mark Kellner, Deseret
Atheism's Crisis of Faith - Theo Hobson, Spectator
Friday, April 18
The Saddest Story Ever Told - Jeremy Lott, American Spectator
Jews Ordered to 'Register' in Ukraine - Paul Berger, Jewish Fwd
Andy Stanley's Very Bad Sermon - Alex Griswold, Juicy Ecumenism
Don Draper's Confessions - Steven Harmon, Associated Baptist Press
Washington Needs to Be More Like the Dalai Lama - Arthur Brooks, NYT
Father Popieluszko's Martyrdom - Lindsay Lloyd, Freedom Square
Southern Baptists Hope to Reverse Decline - Jessica Martinez, CP
Atheists and Mormons Hash It Out - Jim Dalrymple, SL Tribune
Did the Exodus Happen? - Dennis Prager, Jewish Journal
What's Left for Theology to Do? - Roger Olson, Patheos
What the Beachy Amish Believe - Tim Huber, MWR
Pope in the Attic - Paul Elie, The Atlantic
Thursday, April 17
The Middle East War on Christians - Ron Prosor, Wall St. Journal
Feet Washing for Everyone - Maria Hasenstab, News-Democrat
The Myth of Matthew 16:18 - Bill Tammeus, National Catholic Rep.
New York City's Churches Stay Put for Easter - Emily Belz, World
Europe's Bible Generation - Erik Tryggestad, Christian Chronicle
Atheists Go to Salt Lake for Easter - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
Does Handel's Messiah Hate Jews? - Michael Marissen, HuffPost
The Catholic Latin American Drop - Alexandra Ulmer, Reuters
Revival of American Calvinism - Stephane Bussard, Le Temps
Our Confident Christianity - David Cameron, Church Times
Brigham Young, Racist - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
How I Wrote Mary's Story - Colm Toibin, The Telegraph
Wednesday, April 16
Bart Ehrman's Nonsense - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
Should the Methodists Split? - Shane Raynor, Ministry Matters
Keeping Church Weird - Carol Howard Merritt, Christian Century
Jehovah's Witnesses Were Wrong - David Roach, The Baptist Press
Are Christian Seders Always Bad? - Mollie O'Reilly, dotCommonweal
The Countercultural Flannery O'Connor - George Weigel, DC Register
Meet the Preacher Behind Moral Mondays - Lisa Rab, Mother Jones
It's the Religion, Stupid - Metropolitan Jonah, Juicy Ecumenism
Pastor's Suicide Stuns Church - Jimmy Tomlin, High Point
Beware of the Combox Orthodox - Ivan Plis, First Things
Mormon in the Oval Office - Tad Walch, Deseret News
Why We Need Monks - David Nolan, Fare Forward
Tuesday, April 15
We Could've Stopped the Boston Bombings - Robert Spencer, RCR
Where Atheists Meet to Evangelize - Dave Shiflett, Wall Street Journal
Hollywood Tries to Win Over Christians - Chris Lee, Los Angeles Times
Who Cares if Jesus Had a Wife? - Miguel De La Torre, Assoc. Baptist Press
Will Internet Kill Mormonism Too? - Holly Welker, Religion Dispatches
Catholic Social Teaching Can Ruin Your Life - Adam DeVille, CWR
Frazier Glenn Cross's Racist Religion - Daniel Burke, CNN Belief
That's So Dys-Evangelical - Thomas Albert Howard, Patheos
Pope Francis's Catechism Lesson - Martin Marty, Sightings
Going Gethsemane - Fr. James Martin, America Magazine
Plight on Passover - Rabbi Abraham Cooper, FOX News
Even Jesus Had a Tax Man - Chuck Bentley, USA Today
Monday, April 14
Diversity and Dishonesty - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Portrait of the American Catholic Convert - Mark Gray, 1964
Confessions of a Christian Critic - Ann Hornaday, Washington Post
Shootings at Jewish Centers Leave 3 Dead - Rick Jervis, USA Today
To Believe, or Not to Believe - Retta Blaney, National Catholic Reporter
Tony Blair's Muslim Brotherhood Ties - Verkaik & Mendick, Telegraph
Don't Call It Atheist Church - Kellie Moore, Religion News Service
Evangelicals Inflated the Orphan Crisis? - Trevin Wax, Gospel Co.
Vatican's Manuscripts Go Online - Liam Moloney, Wall St. Journal
Jesus Film Returns - Kimberly Mauck, The Christian Chronicle
The Myth of the Dark Ages - Rodney Stark, World Magazine
What Mormon Women Want - Natalie Dicou, The Atlantic

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