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Thursday, February 26
Jeb Bush, Convenient Catholic? - Bill Maher, Real Time With Bill Maher
Jeb Bush's Moral Architecture - Beth Reinhard, Wall Street Journal
Rise of Religious Exemptions From Vaccines - Kelly Baker, CCentury
Muslims Predict Jesus Will Defeat ISIS - David Liepert, Huffington Post
How Churches Can Protect Against Payday Lending - Joe Carter, Acton
Senior Mormon Missionaries Growing - Sarah Petersen, Deseret News
Supremes to Hear Religious Freedom Case - Ariane de Vogue, CNN
What Realists Get Wrong About Niebuhr - Paul Miller, Am. Interest
New York City Changes Policy on Circumcision - Paul Berger, JDF
I'm Gay, and I'm (Still) an Evangelical - Brandan Robertson, RNS
How ISIS Plans to Sack Rome - Bridget Johnson, Pajamas Media
The Novel as Protestant Art - Joseph Bottum, Books & Culture
Wednesday, February 25
Billy Graham's Runny Nose - Richard Becker, God-Haunted Lunatic
Shut Up and Learn - Carol Howard Merritt, Christian Century
Bob Hope, WASP Without a Sting - Terry Teachout, Commentary
What Richard Dawkins Gets Wrong - Michael Dougherty, The Week
'Surfer Angel' Is Up for Sainthood - John Lyons, Wall Street Journal
The Plan to Revive Boston's Vilna Shul - Anna Goldenberg, Jewish Fwd
More Presbyterians Debate Striking Out - Allan Turner, Houston Chron
Christianity By the Numbers - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Jonathan Edwards in Oklahoma - Dan Silliman,
Is Pope Francis Yogaphobic? - Andrea Jain, Religion Dispatches
Mormons in the White House - Trent Toone, Deseret News
Evangelicals in Penthouse - Richard Mouw, First Things
Tuesday, February 24
Stephen Fry's Job Moment - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
Church of England's Living Wage Row - Tim Wyatt, Church Times
Why Are You Confused About Obama's Religion? - Byron York, WEx
Wesleyan's LGBTTQQFAGPBDSM House - Carl Trueman, First Things
Atlanta's Former Fire Chief Sues the City - Abby Ohlheiser, Wash Post
The Business of Spiritual Man - Hunter Baker, Touchstone Magazine
Methodists Push Focus on Community Health - Jan Swoope, Dispatch
Benjamin Netanyahu's Ode to Queen Esther - Rabbi Ben Blech, Aish
Millennial Evangelicals Push for Gay Inclusion - Harry Bruinius, CSM
Book of Mormon, Book of Revelation - Joe Spencer, Peculiar People
Catholicism's Anti-Adam Smith - Anthony Annett, Commonweal
Church Schism Is Never the Answer - Harvey Yoder, Harvspot
Monday, February 23
Ukraine's Paschal Story - Bishop Borys Gudziak, RealClearReligion
How Should We Pray for ISIS? - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Coptic Christian Bishop: I Forgive ISIS - Daniel Burke, CNN
Alabama Presbyterians OK Gay Marriage - Kay Campbell,
Scott Walker: 'I Don't Know' if Obama Is Christian - Balz & Costa, WP
How Anti-Catholicism Still Affects Religious Freedom - Joe Carter, AI
What Would a Free-Market Bible Look Like? - Mike Deacon, Telegraph
Rob Bell Ignites Christian Blogosphere, Again - Garret Ellison, MLive
Women Are Losing Their Religion - Cathy Grossman, Religion News
The Case for the Book of Mormon - Dan Peterson, Deseret News
Evangelicals Must Resist Mainline Trajectory - Mark Tooley, JE
Ditching My Kippah - Amram Altzman, Jewish Daily Forward
Saturday, February 21
Rand Paul, Religious Skeptic? - Sarah Posner, Religion Dispatches
Why Family History Is Exploding - Maurine Proctor, Meridian Mag
Is Judaism Ready for Interfaith Rabbis? - Adam Peck, New Republic
Why Evangelical Movies Are Painfully Bad - Brandon Ambrosino, Vox
Seminary President Fears Liberal Drift in Churches - Bob Allen, BNG
What Seth Rogen Can Teach Methodists - John Lomperis, JEcumenism
Millennials, Media & the Church - Kathy Bolano, Niagara Foundation
40 Christians in Prison to Pray for During Lent - Luke Moon, Philos
Charismatics vs. Academics in Orthodoxy - John Panagiotou, AOI
Married to the Lost Battalion - Wesley Ely, Wall Street Journal
What They Get Wrong About ISIS - Rob Schwarzwalder, RCR
Should Fasting Be Kept Secret? - Richard Ostling, Patheos
Friday, February 20
What the Church Should Do About Gay Marriage - Russell Shaw, RCR
How Religion Matters in the Face of Death - David Briggs, ARDA
Muslim Stabber Not Charged With Hate Crime - Gus Burns, MLive
Protestants Missing a Pope Francis - Creede Hinshaw, AlbanyHerald
New England Churches Soldier On in the Snow - Lauren Markoe, RNS
Reclaiming Marriage - Evangelicals and Catholics Together, First Things
Mainline Protestant Decline and Hope - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
The Problem With Exceptionalism - Marci Auld Glass, Huffington Post
How to Wage War According to the Book of Mormon - Ryan Jenkins
What Does the Koran Say About Christianity? - Saba Ahmed, PD
Joel Osteen Sees the Big Picture - Ben Crandell, Sun-Sentinel
Becoming Moses - Matthew Fishbane, Tablet Magazine
Thursday, February 19
Shakespeare's God - Anthony Baker, The Living Church
How to Bring Men Back to Church - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
The Ash Wednesday Mormon - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
Turkey's Mosque-Building Diplomacy - Thomas Seibert, Al-Monitor
The Trouble With Homeschooling - Caitlin Townsend, Rel. & Politics
Welfare State's War on Marriage - Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation
Anglican Bishops Get Political Ahead of Election - Tim Wyatt, CTimes
Brent Walker's 25 Years in D.C. - Robert Dilday, Baptist News Global
Where Are All the Non-Orthodox Rabbis? - Josh Nathan-Kazis, JDF
No Negotiation With Putin's Clerics - George Weigel, DC Register
Putin-Loving Evangelicals - David Swartz, The Anxious Bench
Beheading Is Just the Tip - Mariz Tadros, Arc of the Universe
Wednesday, February 18
Augustine in Lent - Joseph Komonchak, dotCommonweal
Is the Pope Francis Honeymoon Finally Over? - Paul Kengor, Crisis
Methodists vs. Malaria - Suzy Wymes, Daytona Beach News-Journal
Episcopalians Offer Drive-Thru Ashes - Katie Martin, Savannah News
Where Are the John Lockes of Islam? - Mustafa Akyol, New York Times
Presbyterians Battle Over Gay Marriage - Mike Gryboski, Christian Post
The Dying Episcopal Church - Gilbert Sewall, The American Spectator
Why David Carr Believed in Sin - Daniel Silliman, Religion Dispatches
Secret Jewish History of Mardi Gras - Seth Rogovoy, Jewish Fward
Protestant and Catholic Mormons - James Faulconer, Patheos
Lessons of Chapel Hill - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics
When the Suburbs Had Soul - Mark Judge, USA Today
Tuesday, February 17
Our American Heresies - Peter Augustine Lawler, New Atlantis
What Is Teresa of Avila's Big Idea? - Christopher Howse, Telegraph
If Jenny McCarthy Were Jewish... - Rebecca Schorr, Tablet Magazine
The Death of Religion and the Rise of Faith - Will Long, Harvard Rev.
Tough Times for Mormon Orthodoxy - Shipps & Gordon, Religion News
Kayla Mueller's Encounter With a Suffering God - Jamie Manson, NCR
Portland Church Kicked Out of Denomination - Melissa Binder, OL
Adam & Eve, Back in the News - Richard Ostling, Get Religion
When Your Pastor Retires - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
The Bible's Book About Sex - David Roach, Baptist Press
ISIS at the Apocalypse - Graeme Wood, The Atlantic
21 Christians - Scott Redd, Sunergoi
Monday, February 16
David Carr's Messy Faith - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post
The Growing Crisis of Anti-Muslim Hate - Farhana Khera, CNN
Richard John Neuhaus, the Anti-Romero - Jeet Heer, Globe & Mail
The Church That Could Save Europe - Cardinal Pell, Catholic Herald
Two Megachurches That Get Singles - Michael Gryboski, Christian Post
The First Victims of the First Crusade - Susan Jacoby, New York Times
How Evangelicals Will Bring Joy to the World - Joseph Loconte, TWS
The Church of England's 'Doomsday Machine' - Tim Wyatt, CTimes
But Where Are the Golden Plates? - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
The Last of the Arab Jews - Lucette Lagnado, Wall Street Journal
Platonists & Monotheists - Philip Jenkins, The Anxious Bench
Rise of the Cyber Church - Morgan Lee, Christianity Today

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