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Friday, July 25
Wanted: Converts to Judaism - Arnold Eisen, Wall Street Journal
Tensions on the Faith and Family Left - Terry Mattingly, Patheos
Why They Love Women Bishops - Drake and Wyatt, Church Times
Iran Condemns Political Prisoner to Death - Amir Fakhravar, RCR
Let the Italian Evangelicals Speak - Leonardo De Chirico, Gospel Co.
Sorry 666, Churches Fear 990 More - Ken Walker, Christianity Today
Mormons Celebrate Own Independence Day - David Mason, OnFaith
Joel Osteen's Puzzling Night in Iowa - Adam Gromotka, Daily Iowan
The Danger of Taking Federal Money - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Bishop of Baghdad: Why Is the World Silent? - Emer McCarthy, VR
Methodists Slouching Toward Schism - Sarah Stankorb, Slate
Church Membership Is Drooping, But... - Bill Tammeus, NCR
Thursday, July 24
Our Duty to Iraqi Christians - Michael Dougherty, The Week
What Is Traditional Christianity? - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Jenny McCarthy Will Never Shut Up - Elizabeth Yale, Rel. & Politics
The First Kosher Comic Book - Marjorie Ingall, Tablet Magazine
Charles Spurgeon's Lost Sermons - Bob Smietana, Baptist Press
Hindu Gods Get Muscular Makeovers - Shefali Anand, Wall St. Jrnl
Things You Don't Know About Mormon Pioneers - Peggy Stack, SLT
How to Talk About Church Decline - Bart Gingerich, Canon & Culture
Can You Go to Hell for Your Vote? - Howard Kainz, Catholic Thing
What Is Methodism's Future? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
The Archbishop Smiled - Peter Berger, American Interest
The Last Christians in Iraq - Lela Gilbert, FOX News
Wednesday, July 23
When Justin Welby Met Jesus - J. John, God & Politics in the UK
Bishops vs. Obama, Worse Than Expected - Michael Winters, NCR
What Obama's Order Means for Catholics - John Paul Shimek, CWR
The Sympathetic Doomsday Cult Leader - Alissa Wilkinson, CToday
When Billy Graham Dies... - Steve Rabey, Colorado Springs Gazette
Pope's Friend Dies in Motorcycle Crash - Sarah Bailey, Religion News
The End of Lay Homilies - David Andreatta, Democrat & Chronicle
Was Bonhoeffer Gay? Who Cares? - Trevin Wax, Gospel Coalition
7 Surprises in the Mormon Pioneer Diet - Kathy Stephenson, SLT
Bart Ehrman's Lord and God - Larry Hurtado, Christian Century
Lord Carey's Suicide Bill - Alistair Macdonald-Radcliff, Aleteia
Smiling for Auschwitz Selfies - Craig Detweiler, CNN Belief
Tuesday, July 22
This Time, Obama Won't Exempt Churches - Mike Gryboski, CP
Who's Driving the Train Under Pope Francis? - John Allen, BGlobe
What Do They Think of the Mainline? - Steve Thorngate, CCentury
What Would John Wesley Do? - Don Haynes, United Methodist Rep.
Mormons Treat Them Like Grownups - Jana Riess, Religion News
Gordon College Is Just the Beginning - Joy Pullmann, Federalist
The War on Women's Dirty 100 - Fr. Joseph Shimek, Milwaukee
Did the Rebbe Say He Was the Messiah? - David Berger, Tablet
Learn How to Be Lutheran - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SL Tribune
How Should We Define Atheism? - Richard Ostling, Patheos
The Problem With Bill Gates - R.J. Snell, Crisis Magazine
Baptists to the Border - Tom Strode, The Baptist Press
Monday, July 21
Give Us a Bishop in High Heels - Jane Gardam, New York Times
Silicon Valley Catholics - Fr. C.J. McCloskey, Catholic Thing
How Christians Misunderstand Grace - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
Mormon Pioneers Didn't Have It That Bad - Tad Walch, Deseret
The Dirtiest Word in Jesuit Higher Education - Brendan Busse, TJP
Old-Fashioned Jew Hatred Is Back - Alex VanNess, RealClearReligion
How to Watch the Most Political Film of 2014 - Joe Carter, Acton
Assisted Suicide Is an Abandonment - Giles Fraser, Guardian
Presbyterians Hard at Work - Jill Fandrich, Auburn Citizen
When Climate Change Goes Biblical - Mark Tooley, Aleteia
Divorce & Remarriage - Robert Spaemann, First Things
Jesus Christ, Refugee - David Dunn, Huffington Post
Saturday, July 19
'Convert, Pay Tax, or Die' - Evans and al-Rube'i, Reuters
Evangelical Love for Jews - Michael Schulson, Religion News
Dying Church Re-Launches After Closing - Tobin Perry, BPress
Can Traditional Religion Survive a Wired World? - Rod Dreher, TAC
Chicago's Anti-Gun Rallies Won't Stop the Violence - Nick Hahn, Rare
Past, Present, and Future of the Vatican Bank - Fr. Tom Reese, NCR
The Struggle to Reach 'Emerging Adults' - Terry Mattingly, Patheos
Religious Freedom vs. Gay Rights? - John Inazu, Christianity Today
A Day in the Life of Mormon Missionaries - Jason Wright, Deseret
The Problem for Opponents of Divorce - Benjamin Dueholm, RD
Why Has America Soured on Evangelicals? - Morgan Lee, CP
Faith-Based Fanatics - Timothy Egan, New York Times
Friday, July 18
The Next Religious Liberty Case - David Skeel, Wall Street Journal
More Mormon Excommunications Coming? - Peggy Stack, SLT
What the 'Pope Cup' Says About Pope Francis - John Shimek, DC
Episcopalians Make Way for Evangelicals - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecu.
Measuring Ramadan - Campante & Yanagizawa-Drott, NY Times
Uncle Sam's Confessional Eavesdropping - Aaron Taylor, First Things
A New Kind of Religious Novel? - Dominic Preziosi, Commonweal
The Most 'Christian' Film I've Ever Seen - Alissa Wilkinson, CT
Orthodox in Name Only - Avi Shafran, Jewish Daily Forward
Oh God, Please Let My Team Win - Joseph Price, Sightings
Apocalyptic Sex - Bill Leonard, Associated Baptist Press
NASA's Holy Grail - Jeremy Lott, Aleteia
Thursday, July 17
The Future of the Anglican Church - Fr. James Hanvey, America
The Prison that Dared to Pray - Ralph Hallow, Washington Times
Sam Hose's Christian America - Daniel Silliman,
Is the Hagia Sophia Next? - Victor Gaetan, National Catholic Register
Why Reformed Christianity Is the Best - Carl Trueman, First Things
Women's Ordination? Don't Mention It - Ken Briggs, NC Reporter
Did Moses Read Hieroglyphs? - Dominic Selwood, The Telegraph
When Running and Religion Collide - Jon Marcus, Runner's World
Lord Carey's Richard Nixon Moment - Andrew Brown, Guardian
Our Manufactured Border Crisis - Elise Hilton, Acton Institute
What Americans Think of Your Religion - Jessica Sparks, WSJ
Dear Evangelical Establishment... - Frank Schaeffer, Patheos
Wednesday, July 16
The Culture Warrior in Winter - Tiffany Stanley, National Journal
Pope Urges U.S. to 'Protect' Immigrants - Ines San Martin, Globe
Supreme Court Gives Atheists a Prayer - Joe Palazzolo, Wall St. Jrnl
What Makes a Company Christian? - Ruth Moon, Christianity Today
Rise of the Duck Dynasty Churches - Caleb Yarbrough, Baptist Press
The Criminalization of Parenthood - Radley Balko, Washington Post
Who Represents Evangelicals in Latin America? - Alex Murashko, CP
The End of the Mormon Moment - Cadence Woodland, NY Times
Was Luther a Calvinist? - Douglas Sweeney, The Gospel Coalition
Tale of Two Circumcisions - Elissa Strauss, Jewish Daily Forward
Guns vs. Bibles in Alabama - Mark Silk, Religion News Service
Cardinal Sodano's Distortion of History - George Weigel, DCR
Tuesday, July 15
Dear Rob Bell, Go to Church - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Patheos
How to Bring Religious Freedom to China - Ed Trancik, Acton
Andy Stanley Thinks You're Biblically Illiterate - Kevin Emmert, CT
The Big Lie in Louisiana Confession Case - Jason Hines, RDispatches
Pope Francis's Radical Environmentalism - Tara Burton, The Atlantic
The Crisis at Christian Colleges - Kelly James Clark, Huffington Post
'Devil' in Baptism Service Debated - Davies & Waytt, Church Times
Faithful Flock to See Immigrant Saint - Esmeralda Bermudez, LAT
Can We Still Believe the Bible? - Michael Kruger, Gospel Coalition
How Mormons Deal With Dissent - Rachel Lu, Crisis Magazine
Do Episcopalians Have a Planting Problem? - Jeff Walton, JE
Is a Digital Bible Less Holy? - Hillary Vaughn, FOX News

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