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Saturday, December 20
The End of Cuba's Double Despotism - Robert Sirico, RealClearReligion
God Isn't Dead in Gotham - Kate Bachelder, The Wall Street Journal
Mennonite Conference Loses More Churches - Kelli Yoder, MWR
Praying for Common Ground at Christmas - Reza Aslan, NY Times
Episcopal Church Baptisms Dry Up - Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
The World Needs Another Christmas Truce - Bishop Magness, HuffPo
You Don't Know Joseph Smith - Scot Facer Proctor, Meridian Magazine
Did Cardinal Pell Really Find Hidden Money? - Gerard O'Connell, Am.
Methodist Church to Close After Firing Gay Man - Zach Osowski, HB
Things You Should Know About Ken Ham's Ark - Dan Arel, OnFaith
Our Lady of the Milk - Michele Chabin, Religion News Service
Exodus's Critics Are Wrong - Peter Enns, Patheos
Friday, December 19
How to Confuse Pope Francis - Anthony Mills, RealClearReligion
Obama: I'm Jewish 'In My Soul' - David Suissa, Jewish Journal
One Female Bishop Isn't Enough - Hannah Martin, The Guardian
An 'Exodus' Not Found in the Bible - Charlotte Allen, Wall St. Journal
Atheists Unveil Anti-Christmas TV Specials - Valerie Richardson, WT
How Churches Can Attract Millennials - Laura Vanderkam, USA Today
Black Churches No Longer Civil Rights Activists - Adelle Banks, RNS
Mormonism in the 21st Century - Celese Sanders, Daily Independent
St. Nick, Patron of Pawn Shops - Greer & Horst, Christianity Today
Christians Under Siege - Steve Huntley, The Chicago Sun-Times
The Best Movie Ever Made - Phil Boatwright, Baptist Press
We're All Rob Bell - Benjamin Corey, Formerly Fundie
Thursday, December 18
Stephen Hawking's God-Haunted Movie - Fr. Robert Barron, RCR
A Victory for the Vatican's Cuba Policy - John Allen, Crux
Guadalajara, the New Israel - Michael Schulson, Religion Dispatches
Meet the Anglicans' First Woman Bishop - Madeleine Davies, CTimes
Mormon Alien Stirs Controversy In Salt Lake - Carol Kuruvilla, HuffPo
Vatican Just Gave Democrats a Big Boost for 2016 - Adam Shaw, FOX
Is the Multiethnic Church the Solution? - Alex Murashko, Christian Post
End Times for Evangelical End-Timers - Matthew Sutton, Christian Cen.
The 'War on Christmas' and All That - Peter Berger, American Interest
Cuban Change Helps Churches - Gary Yerkey, The Living Church
How Christmas Lost Its Soul - Benjamin Wachs, On Faith
What Hanukkah Is All About - Jeremy Lott, Rare
Wednesday, December 17
Why Is Chicago Losing Its Catholics? - Elizabeth Fenner, Chicago Mag
Church of England's First Woman Bishop Chosen - John Bingham, T
Happy 300th Birthday, George Whitefield! - Thomas Kidd, Patheos
Did Great-Grandpa Know Joseph Smith? - Tad Walch, Deseret News
What's Teaching This Protestant to Pray to Mary - Tim Tutt, On Faith
Cardinal Dolan to Close More Churches - Sharon Otterman, NY Times
Christian Colleges vs. Hookup Culture - Kim Thornbury, Her.meneutics
Church, Immigration, and Nation - John Zmirak, Chronicles Magazine
Is Bobby Jindal's Prayer Rally a 2016 Hint? - Julia O'Donoghue, T-P
Exodus's Moral Challenge for Jews - Emma Green, The Atlantic
How to Ruin a Moses Movie - Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition
Is This the Best Christmas Song Ever? - Jeremy Lott, Rare
Tuesday, December 16
Little Drummer Boy's Poverty, and Ours - Kevin Duffy, RCR
A Mormon Mission to Mars - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune
Are Christian Podcasts Replacing Church? - Ruth Graham, Slate
The Great Food Fight of 1883 - Jenna Joselit, Jewish Daily Forward
Shaping a Shepherd of Catholics - Fr. James Martin, New York Times
Mars Hill Bellevue Gets New Pastor - Joel Connelly, Post-Intelligencer
Can Moral Reflection Survive in a Media Age? - Scott Stephens, R&E
The Real 12 Days of Christmas - Taylor Halverson, Deseret News
Holy Mary, Drenched in Symbolism - Prospero, The Economist
The Truth About Religion & Animals - Mary Eberstadt, Time
Evangelical's Guide to Advent - Chelsen Vicari, The Blaze
A Schizophrenic Moses? - Phil Boatwright, Baptist Press
Monday, December 15
Justin Welby Ponders Mission to China - John Bingham, Telegraph
Troubled Moses or Traumatic Bible? - David Carr, Huffington Post
Senate Affirms Ambassador for Freedom of Religion - Rob Pear, NYT
Southern Baptists Move Up Meeting on Race - Bob Allen, Baptist News
Gay Christians Choosing Celibacy - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
When Mormons Raise Torturers - Daniel Crawford, By Common Consent
Pennsylvania Teachers Can't Wear 'Religious Garb' - Mark Kellner, DN
Australians Blame Celibacy for Sex Abuse - Josephine McKenna, RNS
John Wesley's #OnlineCommunion - Drew McIntyre, UM Reporter
Why Are Millennials Pro-Life? - Melissa Barnhart, Christian Post
Hanukkah Reconsidered - Abigail Pogrebin, Jewish Forward
Bonhoeffer in Advent - Timothy George, First Things
Saturday, December 13
My Prayer on Hanukkah - Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Wall Street Journal
A Lone Arminian Voice in a Calvinist Wilderness - Jeff Brumley, BNG
'I'm a Mormon' Reconsidered - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Pope Francis: All Dogs Go to Heaven - Rick Gladstone, New York Times
All Dogs Go to Heaven? Pope Francis Never Said It - David Gibson, RNS
Pantagruel Comes for the Establishment Clause - Marc DeGirolami, L&L
Why I'm Becoming Catholic - Russ Saltzman, Lutheran Publicity Bureau
The Evangelical Revival in Wales - David Ceri Jones, Gospel Coalition
When Unchurched Meets Unmosqued - Frank Fredericks, Huff Post
'Twas the Night Before Hanukkah - Hillel Kuttler, Jewish Agency
The Continued Crucifying of Rob Bell - John Pavlovitz, Stuff
Babylonian Baptists - Philip Jenkins, The Anxious Bench
Friday, December 12
Mark Wahlberg's Redemption? - Alasdair Denvil, RealClearReligion
Pope Francis Is a Global Rockstar - Michael O'Loughlin, Crux
Christianity Heads Back to Its Roots - Kate Weatherly, Baptist Press
When Mormons Translate the Bible - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
Circumcision Is Good for You - Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz, Jewish Jrnl
Why the Culture War Continues - Russell Shaw, Catholic World Report
Religion as a CIA Weapon - Michael Peppard, Commonweal Magazine
Thugs, Illegals and the King of the Jews - Zack Hunt, American Jesus
Did They Really Bomb an Iraqi Convent? - Sam Hardy, Hyperallergic
What Exodus Must Overcome - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
Die-in? Why Not a Pray-in? - Molly Marshall, Baptist News
Barack's Bible Bobble - James Davis, Get Religion
Thursday, December 11
The CIA's Original Sin - Patrick Callahan, RealClearReligion
Religion's Fields of Blood - James Fallows, The New York Times
Breakaway Presbyterians in Court, Again - Michael Gryboski, CPost
Why Are Catholic Funerals in Decline? - Sr. Mary Ann Walsh, America
Stop Sending Cheery Christmas Cards - Kay Warren, Christianity Today
The Ebola Fighters - David von Drehle and Aryn Baker, Time Magazine
Black Mormons: Race Is Taboo Topic at Church - Peggy Stack, SL Trib
My Big Fat Greek Hanukkah - Elizabeth Savage, Jewish Daily Forward
Why Faith May Promote Better Marriages - David Briggs, The ARDA
Divorce Declines, Except for Evangelicals - Jeff Kunerth, Sentinel
Who Would Jesus Torture? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Finding God in a Seizure - Jess Hill, ABC Australia
Wednesday, December 10
The Strange Oprahfication of Rob Bell - Samuel James, Patheos
Joel Osteen Doesn't Care What You Think - Nancy McLaughlin, N&R
Can Religion Professors Save the Planet? - Ivan Strenski, RDispatches
Covenant & Conflict at Gordon College - Tim Morgan, Christianity Today
Cardinal Koch's Bad Ecumenism - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Reg.
Rick Warren & the Pope in a Hornet's Nest - Mark Andrews, Charisma
Other Religions Made Me a Better Mormon - Nate Sharp, Aggieland
Why Progressives Need God - Dwight Welch, Approaching Justice
Pastors, Stop Signing Marriage Licenses - Kyle Henderson, BNG
Archbishop Welby: Anglicans Might Split - Trevor Grundy, RNS
The Looming Report on American Nuns - John Allen, Crux
Sermons for the King - Joseph Bottum, Weekly Standard

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