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Monday, September 22
George Will's Losers - Nicholas Hahn, RealClearReligion
What Went Wrong at Mars Hill - Becky Garrison, On Faith
Stop Behaving Like Richard Dawkins! - Steve Neumann, Salon
Leo Tolstoy's View of Mormons - Susan McCloud, Deseret News
Is This the American Pope Francis in Chicago? - John Allen, Crux
New Chicago Bishop Leaves Behind Legal Mess - John Stucke, S-R
The Francis Revolution Comes to Chicago - Michael Sean Winters, NCR
Barbara Ehrenreich's Theophany - Bishop Jefferts Schori, Living Church
Yom Kippur Baseball Dilemma - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
Joel Osteen Confuses Old Testament History? - Nicola Menzie, CP
Left Behind Should Be Left Behind - Randall Hardman, MMatters
4 Parables Everybody Gets Wrong - Amy-Jill Levine, CNN Belief
Saturday, September 20
The Mormon Fix for Failing Catholic Marriages - Nick Hahn, SLT
Ebola Kills, Jesus Saves - Erik Tryggestad, Christian Chronicle
Where Are the Women? - Katelyn Beaty, Christianity Today
The Church of U2 - Joshua Rothman, The New Yorker
Is U2 Secretly Christian? - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
Are Evangelicals Turning on Israel? - Mark Tooley, Wkly Stndrd
The Life and Death of Roger Ebert - Nick Olszyk, Catholic Report
Does the Bible Endorse Free Markets? - David Kotter, Center for G&C
Welcome to the Doctrinal Wars - Francis Rocca, Catholic News Serv.
Listen to Jews on Middle East Christians - Yair Rosenberg, Tablet
Christians, Learn From the Dalai Lama - Christian Piatt, Patheos
Christians and Communists - Philip Jenkins, Anxious Bench
Friday, September 19
10 Things I Learned From the Jesuits - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
Mars Hill Plans to Open New Church - Shawn Vestal, S-Review
Time to Remove the Flag From Church? - Ben Corey, Patheos
Strange Legacy of Wolfhart Pannenberg - Fred Sanders, CToday
Response to the Post-Christian West - Rick Plasterer, JEcumenism
The Sad, Nazi Chapter in Baptist History - David Roach, Baptist Press
Ultra-Orthodox Don't Like Shots - Josh Nathan-Kazis, Jewish Forward
A Wake-Up Call to Couch-Potato Christians - Chelsen Vicari, CPost
Mormon 'Ordain Women' Goes Local - Peggy Stack, SL Tribune
Lutherans in the Weeds - Steven Reed, Lansing State Journal
Rebuilding Hitler's Church - Stephen Evans, BBC News
Let Sikhs Fight! - Simran Jeet Singh, On Faith
Thursday, September 18
When Religion Mattered to Europe - Kate Maltby, Telegraph
Ephren Taylor's Megachurch Ponzi Scheme - Grace Wyler, Vice
Pitfalls of Righteous Rhetoric - Emily Johnson, Religion & Politics
Why Christianity Is Not a Religion - Jessica Martinez, Christian Post
How Do You Design a Bible Museum? - Michelle Boorstein, Wash Post
Why Church Choirs Are Dying - Cathy Lynn Grossman, Religion News
Journalists, Check Facts on the Mass - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
New York City's Old Time Religion - Tim Keller, Gospel Coalition
Mormonism in an Expanding World - James Faulconer, Patheos
Cardinal McCarrick Embraces Islam? - Neil Munro, Daily Caller
Beyonce's Theology of the Body - Mark Judge, Acculturated
Theocracy, No - Yair Rosenberg, Tablet Magazine
Wednesday, September 17
Pope Benedict XVI Vindicated - George Weigel, DC Register
Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Joel Gregory - Marv Knox, ABPress
Jim Wallis Thinks This Created ISIS - Alex Griswold, JEcumenism
How to Keep Millennials in Church - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
John Kerry: Put Real Islam Out There - Jeryl Bier, Wkly Standard
C.S. Lewis Goes Broadway - Louis Markos, Gospel Coalition
Catholic Annulment Reform Is a Smart Bet - John Allen, Crux
When Is a Mormon Prophet Speaking as One? - Jana Riess, RNS
Stop 'Terrorizing' Joel Osteen! - Nicola Menzie, Christian Po.
Hillsong, From a Safe Distance - Martin Marty, Sightings
The Devil in Detroit - Robert Allen, Detroit Free Press
Peter Berger's Many Altars - Scott Redd, Sunergoi
Tuesday, September 16
Paul Ryan's Holy War on Poverty - Nicholas Hahn, RealClearReligion
What Drives Mormons to the GOP - Robert Gehrke, SL Tribune
Judaism's Best-Kept Secret - Laurie Dinerstein-Kurs, NJJ News
Baptists Expel 'Third Way' Church - Terry Barone, Baptist Press
Did Calvin Believe in Free Will? - Matthew Barrett, Gospel Coalition
Megachurch Pastor Asks Forgiveness for Slander - Sarah Zylstra, CT
Pro-Israel and Pro-Christian - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Putting Scripture to Jazz - Jeff Brumley, Associated Baptist Press
Saudis Arrest Entire Christian Prayer Meeting - Matt Blake, DM
Cardinal George's Bleak Vision - Robert McClory, NCReporter
The Cruelest Amish Hate Crime Ever - Laura Miller, Salon
Why We Need Heretics - Richard Mouw, First Things
Monday, September 15
Don Draper and the Death of God - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
The Middle East's Friendless Christians - Ross Douthat, NY Times
It's Not Easy Protecting Mideast Christians - Lee Smith, Wkly Stdrd
Mormon Social Media Flood - Geoff Thatcher, Religion News Service
Liberian Churches Take on Ebola - Lenny Bernstein, Washington Post
Breakaway Megachurch to Pay $7.8 Million - Michael Gryboski, CP
The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Church - Craig Welch, Seattle Times
Walking With G.K. Chesterton - K.V. Turley, Catholic World Report
Understanding Emerging Christianity - Bradley Wright, Patheos
The Truth About Eichmann - Rabbi Benjamin Blech,
Timing the Anglican Schism - George Conger, Media Project
What the War Truly Is - Robert Royal, The Catholic Thing
Saturday, September 13
Johnny Cash in the Holy Land - Shalom Goldman, Tablet Magazine
How Megachurches Spend Their Money - Morgan Lee, C Today
Largest Gathering of Gay Mormons - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Why Is Fundamentalism So Attractive? - George Elerick, Patheos
Hooking Up, Shacking Up, and Saying 'I Do' - Rachel Sheffield, WI
Spiritual Awakening in Japan - Michael Oh & Brett Rayl, Gospel Co.
Pope Francis to Marry Couples 'Living in Sin' - Nick Squires, Telegraph
Coming Reformation of Black Churches - Thabiti Anyabwile, Porch
The Church Can Make Great Art Again - David Gutierrez, Relevant
Long Lost Jews of Afghanistan - Aaron Feigenbaum,
New U2 Album Still Offers Grace - Steven Harmon, AB Press
Billy Graham, Secret Anglican? - Amaris Cole, Anglican Ink
Friday, September 12
Portrait of a Real Priest - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
The Many Altars of Modernity - Peter Berger, American Interest
Church Is More Informal, Study Finds - Michael Paulson, NY Times
Ladies, Put Down That Pink Bible - Sharon Miller, Christianity Today
Taking the Banality Out of Evil - Gal Beckerman, Jewish Daily Forward
Divisions in the Church of England - Madeleine Davies, Church Times
The Best Evangelicals on Campus - John Turner, The Anxious Bench
Richard Rodriguez's Vision of Agape - David Michael, Paris Review
When Bishops Talk to Wayward Politicians - Phil Lawler, CCulture
Baptist Decline Is Just Math - Tobin Grant, Religion News Service
Why Your Bible Feels Like Fiction - Brandon Withrow, On Faith
The President Who Doesn't Get Religion - Jeremy Lott, Rare

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