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Monday, June 27
Pope Francis: Church Should Apologize to Gays - Elise Harris, CNS
Pope Francis & Armenia: The Politics of Memory - John L. Allen Jr., Crux
The Bad Faith of the White Working Class - J. D. Vance, New York Times
Must We Talk About Trump & Evangelicals? - Terry Mattingly, GR
Presbyterians Vote to Continue Pressure on Israel - Lauren Markoe, RNS
"Ordain Women" and Mormon Feminists - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Why Google and BuzzFeed Need the Church - Amy Simpson, CT
"Free State of Jones" Is Historical and Biblical - Kimberly Winston, RNS
Amish Growth Extends to South America Settlements - Mark Scolforo, AP
Costa Rica's Ecotourism Traces Back to Quakers - R&E NewsWeekly
Five Myths About Sharia - Asifa Quraishi-Landes, Washington Post
Watch: Religion & Democracy - CBS News
Saturday, June 25
Brexit as Theodicy and Idolatry - Luke Bretherton, ABC Religion & Ethics
Leaving Europe Can Be a Matter of Eschatology - The Economist
In Armenia Visit, Pope Aims For Reconciliation - Sylvia Poggioli, NPR
Sports-Loving Nuns Respect the Game - Amber Jamieson, The Guardian
Aggression in a Coat of Religiosity - Hamza Yusuf, Washington Post
Trump & Evangelicals: An Awkward Story - Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic
"Religious Objections to LGBT People" - Jacob Lupfer, Patheos
Presbyterian Church Apologizes for Racism - Sarah Zylstra, CT
Dalai Lama's Visit Thrills Utah Tibetans - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
"Curb Your Enthusiasm" Is Unabashedly Jewish - Jeffrey Salkin, RNS
The Age-Old Question: Who Is a Jew? - Isabel Kershner, New York Times
Philosopher Remi Brague on European Culture - Spiked Review
Friday, June 24
What Brexit Could Have Learned From the Pope - Austen Ivereigh, Crux
Catholic Leaders React to Supreme Court Tie - Kevin Clarke, America Mag
DC Archbishop: We'd Be a Mess Without Religion - Donald Wuerl, WaPo
White Evangelicals: US No Longer a Christian Nation - Emily Miller, RNS
Kim Davis Says Kentucky Law Negates Appeal - Ben Klayman, Reuters
The Complicated Nature of Christian Sports Fandom - Christianity Today
The Media Storm Over the Jesus' "Wife" Story - Julia Duin, GetReligion
On Being Spiritual But Not Religious - Bill Parsons, Sacred Matters
Why Yusuf Islam Brought Cat Stevens Back - Jeremy Lawrence, Esquire
The Tangled History of Jihad and Homosexuality - Ali Olomi, RD
Google's AlphaGo AI and Neo-Confucian Values - Heup Kim, Sightings
New Global Restrictions on Religion - Peter Henne & Katayoun Kishi, Pew
Thursday, June 23
The Da Vinci Code All Over Again - Grant Kaplan, First Things
Who's Who of Trump's Faith Advisers - Kate Shellnutt & Sarah Zylstra, CT
Trump's Strategic Decision to Target Muslims - Jenna Johnson, WaPo
NBC Report Falls Short on Gays in the Quran - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Faith-Based Colleges & Religious Freedom in CA - Patrick McGreevy, LAT
Church of Scientology Opens Film Studio - Benjamin Lee, The Guardian
It May Be Time to Rethink Papal Infallibility - Bill Tammeus, NCR
Pope to Visit Armenia After Irking Turkey - Philip Pullella, Reuters
First Islamophobia Summit to Be Held in Europe - Ariel Ben Solomon, JP
Are We Living Through World War III? - Haroon Moghul, RD
Touring Israel With 450 Christian Zionists - Tom Bissell, Harper's Mag
The Dalai Lama on the Afterlife, Science, and China - Peggy Stack, SLT
Wednesday, June 22
5 Takeaways From Trump's Faith Leader Meeting - Jacob Lupfer, Patheos
Trump's Play to Win Evangelical Voters - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Trump Appoints Evangelical Advisory Board - Nick Gass, Politico
Oprah's "Greenleaf" Tackles Religious Belief - Lara Zarum, Flavorwire
Deseret Author: Mormon Women Had Priesthood Keys - Jana Riess, RNS
"Jesus' Wife" Papyrus Likely a Fake - Denise Lavoie, Detroit Free Press
Smithsonian to Host 1st Major US Quran Exhibition - Associated Press
Unitarian Universalists Convene General Assembly - JoAnne Viviano, CD
Workers Repair Jesus' Tomb With Titanium Bolts - William Booth, WaPo
The Orthodox Church's "Vatican II Moment" - Christopher Stroop, RD
Pope Calls for World "Free of the Death Penalty" - Ines San Martin, Crux
A Gaza Christian Became a Blind Muslim's Eyes - Ali Dolah, Al-Monitor
Tuesday, June 21
"Angels" Block Westboro Protesters in Orlando - Anugrah Kumar, CP
Hate is Mobile - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Christian Witness in an Anxious Age - John Inazu & Timothy Keller, CT
Inside Trump's Private Meeting With Evangelicals - Elizabeth Dias, Time
How Can Trump Win Undecided Evangelicals? - Julie Zauzmer, WaPo
Is Same-Sex Marriage Paving the Way to Polygamy? - Peter Sprigg, RNS
What Truly Makes a Marriage "Null" in Catholic Law? - Matt Hadro, Crux
Salt Lake City Refugee Resettlement - Lucky Severson, R&E NewsWeekly
Winston Churchill Investigated Mormon Missionaries - Peggy Stack, SLT
Anti-Muslim Incidents at US Mosques Surge - Matt Rocheleau, BG
Church of England Aims to Agree to Disagree - Andrew Brown, Guardian
Adam Smith, Religious Competition, and the Simpsons - Tony Gill, RoR
Monday, June 20
Pope Francis: "Martyrdom" Not "Genocide" - Ines San Martin, Crux
Mormons and the Dalai Lama - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Religious Responses to Orlando Massacre - Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Gays and Islam After Orlando - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Faith Groups and Infidelity - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Samaritans and the 2016 Election - Ralph Benko, Forbes
California's State Religion - Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
Former Mars Hill Elder Moves to Dismiss Lawsuit - Emily Miller, RNS
Capitalism and Christianity in America - James Livingston, New York Times
An Airport Chaplain and Spiritual Warfare - Julie Zauzmer, WaPo
Scripture as Spam: Twitter and Bible Bots - Morgan Lee, Christianity Today
The Transcendental Meditation Movement - Dave Davies, NPR
Saturday, June 18
A Year Later: Charleston and Forgiveness - Bob Smietana, Washington Post
Religion's Wicked Neighbor - David Brooks, New York Times
How Can the US Counter Religious Extremism? - Matt Hadro, CNA
Here's "What's Going On" With Muslims - Uri Friedman, The Atlantic
No Coronation: Trump Will Meet With Evangelicals - Emily Miller, RNS
Lone Wolf Pastor Scores National PR Win - Terry Mattingly, GetReligion
Satanists Infiltrate Abuse Conference in Oakland - Joseph Laycock, RD
Conservatives Decry Pope's Marriage Comments - Philip Pullella, Reuters
The Pan-Orthodox Council and Ecumenism - Radu Bordeianu, Sightings
Revealing Ramadan: Islam's Holiest Month - Krista Tippett, On Being
Rabbi Competes on TV Show "Chopped" - Veronika Bondarenko, Forward
Spiritual Books for the Beach, Lake, or Backyard - Kimberly Winston, RNS
Friday, June 17
The Unbelievable Tale of Jesus' Wife - Ariel Sabar, The Atlantic
Pope Francis: Most Marriages Today Are Invalid - Catholic News Agency
Watch: Trailer for Television Show "The Young Pope" - Sojourners
Pan-Orthodox Council Will Proceed - John Chryssavgis & Paul Gavrilyuk, FT
Queers vs. Conservative Christians - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Evangelical Leader Sees Trump as the Lesser Evil - Jon Ward, Yahoo!
Is Understanding Trump My Pastoral Calling? - Brian Douglas, CT
Southern Baptists Go Beyond Conservative Politics - Travis Loller, AP
We Should Stand Up for Muslim Freedoms - Mark Woods, Christian Today
Officials: Muslims Do Report Threats - Kristina Cooke & Joseph Ax, Reuters
Why Islam Is an Exception - Ivan Plis, The National Interest
Is Nigeria on the Brink of Religious War - Matt Hadro, Crux

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