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Wednesday, February 10
Father Pavone's Pro-Life Doritos - Jeremy Lott, American Media Institute
Megachurches Have Less Involved Members - Michael Gryboski, CPost
A New Prayerbook for Conservative Judaism - Lauren Markoe, RNS
Christians Are Now a 'Minority' in Britain - John Bingham, Telegraph
A Pope, a Patriarch & Great Expectations in Cuba - Ivan Plis, NInterest
Why Don't Anglicans Spend More on Outreach? - Mark Woods, CToday
Mormon Leader: Religious Freedom for Everyone - Jason Swensen, DN
What's God Got to Do With the Election? - Gail Collins, New York Times
Nuns Who Help Needy Face Eviction - Kevin Fagan, San Fran Chronicle
Hey Hillary, John Wesley Never Said That - Mark Tooley, JEcumenism
The Difference Between Schism and Division - Christy Thomas, MM
A Seminary's Calculated Risk - David Heim, The Christian Century
Tuesday, February 9
Sorry Fox, the Devil Is in the Details - Jeremy Lott, The Federalist
Women in Combat? No! - Marc LiVecche, Providence Magazine
The '1 Percent' in Mainline Protestantism - David Briggs, ARDA
A Potent Symbol of Chinese Christianity - Philip Jenkins, CCentury
Jimmy Evans Joins Mark Driscoll's Church - Eboni Graham, Globe-News
The History of Papal Infallibility - George Wilson, Commonweal Magazine
We Will Not Negotiate Our Right to Pray - Vanessa Ochs, Religion News
The 'Passion' That Looms Over Rome-Moscow Meeting - Get Religion
Why Pope-Patriarch Meeting Is Not Unprecedented - The Economist
Why Abortionists Hate Your Baby's Doritos - Russell Moore, MTTP
Tired of 'God Bless America' - Susan Jacoby, New York Times
Mormons vs. Marijuana - Robert Gehrke, Salt Lake Tribune
Monday, February 8
Donald Trump's Catholic Problem - Patricia Miller, Religion Dispatches
Really Inside Mormonism - Larry Gierer, The Ledger-Enquirer
Does C.S. Lewis Have a Good Argument? - Justin Taylor, Gospel Co.
The Bible Doesn't Mean What Joel Osteen Says It Means - Jim Denison
Ronald Reagan, Champion of Religious Liberty - Kelly Shackelford, FOX
Why Pope Francis Is Meeting Patriarch Kirill in Cuba - John Allen, Crux
Crops, Catastrophes, and Religious Crises - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
The World's Fastest-Growing Christian Population - Danielle Preiss
Marrakesh Declaration No Guarantee of Freedom - Ayman Ibrahim
The Black Social Gospel - Paul Harvey, The Christian Century
When Liberals Were Pro-Life - Emma Green, The Atlantic
David's Secret Weapon - Ido Hevroni, Mosaic Magazine
Friday, February 5
Ted Cruz's Seven Mountains - John Fea, Religion News Service
How Maimonides's Son Brought Islam Into Judaism - Alan Brill
America's Largest Cross Begins Construction - Craig Hlavaty, Chron
Corpus Christi Cross & Religious Freedom - Nick Jimenez, Caller-Times
Does God Care Who Wins the Super Bowl? - Bob Smietana, Facts & Trends
Behind the Scenes at Vatican II - Peter Stravinskas, Catholic World Report
Can Anglicans 'Agree to Disagree' on Sex? - Ian Paul, Religion & Ethics
Religious Universities Need Religious Leaders - Dom Lynch, Federalist
How Albert Camus Sees Christianity - Graham McAllen, Law & Liberty
Are Muslim Refugees Really a Threat? - John Weirick, Relevant Mag
Obama: 'Jesus Is a Good Cure for Fear' - Superville & Hennessey, AP
Do Mormons Believe in Hell? - Mette Ivie Harrison, Huffington Post
Thursday, February 4
Evangelicals Who Hate Donald Trump - Sarah Posner, Rolling Stone
God's Forgotten Libertarian - Larry Reed, The Freeman
Mainline Death or Revival? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
The Perfect Religious President - Thomas Kidd, Anxious Bench
One Woman's Mission to Save the Jews of Syria - Rachael Kohn, ABC
The Moral Urgency of Immigration Reform - Archbishop Gomez, CNN
Obama to Muslims at Mosque: 'You Fit in Here' - Fritze & Duncan, BS
How Politics Has Poisoned Islam - Mustafa Akyol, The New York Times
Mormon Feminists Score Small Gains - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLTrib
Franklin Wants to Be the Next Billy Graham - Ruth Graham, Slate
Joel Osteen Has Daddy Issues - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Is Pope Francis Anti-Modern? - Anthony Mills, New Atlantis
Rise of the 'God Gap' - Anne Pluta, FiveThirtyEight
Wednesday, February 3
Let's Give God a Break From Politics - Russ Smith, Splice Today
Consequences of the Jesus Movement - Michelle Van Loon, Patheos
Evangelicals Have Other Rob Bells - Clifton Stringer, Ministry Matters
Book of Mormon's Tyndale Moment - Taylor Halverson, Deseret News
Anglicans Confront Challenge of Islam - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
Texas Megachurch Pays Presbyterians to Leave - Mike Gryboski, CPost
The Episcopal Church's 'E-Word' - Carrie Headington, The Living Church
For Orthodox Jewish Women, What's in a Title? - Pam Nadell, Sightings
Mark Driscoll Makes New Church Official - Nina Shapiro, Seattle Times
Pope's Opening to China Skips Over Religious Freedom - John Allen
What About Evangeliphobia? - Leroy Seat, The View From This Seat
No God, No Science? - William Carroll, The Public Discourse
Tuesday, February 2
Welcome to Holy-Wood - Eric Vanvalin, Relevant Magazine
I Changed My Mind About Gay Cakes - Peter Tatchell, Guardian
Religiously Affiliated Remain Devoted - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News
Don't Pelt the Anti-Pew Warrior With Eggs! - Chris Howse, Telegraph
We're No Esther! We Look More like Jael - McDonnell & Vicari, Patheos
Hillary Clinton, Good Little Methodist Girl - Guthrie Fitzsimmons, RNS
I Thought Mormon Missionaries Were CIA - Rousseline Buissereth
'I'm Gay and I'm a Priest' - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
What Was Cathleen Kaveny Smoking? - R.R. Reno, First Things
Can Religion Save Marriage? - Amber Lapp, Family Studies
The Fate of the Religious Right - Michelle Goldberg, Slate
Was Jesus a Socialist? - Lawrence Reed, FEE
Monday, February 1
The Indictment of David Daleiden - John Stonestreet, Break Point
The Pre-Iowa Religious Revival - Robert Sullivan, America Magazine
Donald Trump, America's Bodyguard? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Cruz's Religion Once Wasn't So Obvious - Will Weissert, Associated Press
Suicides Rise in Wake of Mormon Gay Policy - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Donald Trump Still Struggles With Religious Voters - Jeremy Lott, AMI
Pope to Pray With Migrants at the Border - Michael O'Loughlin, Crux
Israel Allows Women at the Western Wall - Dan Williams, Reuters
China Detains Megachurch Pastor Amid Crackdown - CSMonitor
Evangelicals Will Vote Trump - John Turner, Anxious Bench
Jesus, Take the Radio Dial - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News
Islam vs. Free Speech - Marc LiVecche, To the Source

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