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Saturday, April 25
What Is the Francis Miracle? - Paul Vallely, Boston Globe
Just How Big Are Megachurches? - Leada Gore, Alabama Live
Hillary Clinton: Religion Must Be Changed - Kerry Picket, Daily Caller
Baptist Pastor in Ohio Baptizes Baby Boy - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News
Are Southern Baptists in Their Golden Era? - Jason Allen, Baptist Press
3 Church Trends in the Next 10 Years - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
What's Missing From Jewish Conservatism? - Meir Soloveichik, Mosaic
Want to Get a Read on Joseph Smith? - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
These Christian Zionists Aren't Apocalyptic - Napp Nazworth, CPost
Liberal Protestants vs. Ecumenical Consensus - Mark Tooley, JE
Pope Francis and the Original Genocide - Philip Jenkins, Aleteia
How Dante Healed this Ex-Catholic's Heart - Rod Dreher, CNN
Friday, April 24
Confessions of a Synagogue-Hopper - Lou Weiss, Wall Street Journal
When Bootleggers and Baptists Converge - George Will, Wash Post
Millions Have Barely Begun to Fight - David French, National Review
It's Not 'Open Season' on Christians - Hollis Phelps, Huffington Post
Worship Wars Are Hurting the Church - Tyler Edwards, Relevant Mag
How Christianity Invented Children - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Week
Conspiracy & the United Church of Christ - Mark Tooley, JEcumenism
Cardinal George, Man in the Red Dress - Cathleen Falsani, RDispatches
The Last Presbymergent on Facebook - David Williams, Beloved Spear
How I Tried to Turnaround Mars Hill Church - Sutton Turner, Invest
Warfare and the Book of Mormon - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
Chuck Colson's 'Final Word' - Stoyan Zaimov, Christian Post
Thursday, April 23
Creflo Dollar: You Can't Stop Me - Leonardo Blair, Christian Post
No Marriage Is an Island - Eve Tushnet, The American Conservative
Mormonism of the Future - Jennifer Napier-Pearce, Salt Lake Tribune
Vladimir Putin vs. the Antichrist? - Matthew Sutton, Washington Post
How Bill Moyers Changed Baptist Journalism - Bob Allen, Baptist News
Progressive Evangelicals, Where Are They Now? - Roger Olson, Patheos
Christian Books Bankruptcy Faces Scrutiny - Nathan Bomey, FreePress
What the Decline of White Evangelicals Wrought - Chris Kromm, ISS
A San Francisco Priest Who Defied Tyrants - Terence Jeffrey, CNS
The Fall of Fertility - Schumm & Carroll, The Public Discourse
A Great Rabbi Passes - Filip Mazurczak, Catholic Thing
The Children of ISIS - Janet Reitman, Rolling Stone
Wednesday, April 22
The Apocalyptic Dante - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Episcopal Seminary's Wounds on Fresh Display - Jeffrey Walton, JE
Christians Driven From the Ruins of Nineveh - Chris Howse, Telegraph
Where's an Envoy for Religious Minorities? - Tom Strode, Baptist Press
The Holocaust's War on Judaism - Debra Rubin, New Jersey Jewish News
Big Tobacco Tries to Get Muslims to Smoke - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
What Would Lord Acton Think of Superman? - Joe Carter, Acton Inst.
Wolf Hall, Anti-Catholic - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Are Mormons Playing the Race Card? - Seth Smith, Huffington Post
Pope Francis and the Church of St. Green - William McGurn, WSJ
Top 100 Christian Leaders in America - L.D. Breen, Newsmax
God Goes to Harvard - Chelsen Vicari, Christian Post
Tuesday, April 21
Cardinal George, Simply Catholic - Fr. Bob Barron, RealClearReligion
The Man Who Reshaped U.S. Catholicism - George Weigel, NRO
The Church Is Dying, Right? - Bonnie Kristian, Relevant Magazine
How a U.S. Senator Became a Mormon - Aaron Shill, Deseret News
The Spirit of Jewish Particularism - Yedidia Stern, Mosaic Magazine
Corporate America Invented Christian America - Kevin Kruse, Politico
When Evangelicals Meet Anabaptists - Kelli Yoder, Mennonite Review
Christians Shouldn't Be Free From Ridicule - Russell Moore, MTTP
It's the Theology, Stupid - Alister McGrath, The Church Times
An Atheist Who Gets It - Mike D'Virgilio, Engage the Culture
Traditional Worship Is the Future - Marianne Zahn, REVZ
Leaving Canterbury - Gavin Ashenden, Anglican Ink
Monday, April 20
Marco Rubio's DIY Christianity - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Daily Beast
Can Elites Still Deny Persecution of Christians? - Terry Mattingly, GR
Flannery O'Connor's Violent Grace - Rachel Watson, Gospel Coalition
Inside a Dying Church, a Synagogue Rises - Sumi Somaskanda, RNS
Ancient Shroud, Eternal Debate - Francis Rocca, Wall Street Journal
Can Robots Make Good Christians? - Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune
The Mormon Church's Goldilocks Dilemma - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
When Critics Forget Music's God Thing - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
What Are Jewish Conservatives Trying to Do? - Yoram Hazony, Mosaic
Catholics Prepare for Pope's Encyclical - Marianne Lavelle, DClimate
Presbyterians' Evangelical Cleansing - Ivey DeJesus, PennLive
Faith vs. Facts - T.M. Luhrmann, The New York Times
Saturday, April 18
Cardinal George, the American Ratzinger Dies - John Allen, Crux
An Icon of a Conservatism Out of Favor - David Gibson, RNS
Evangelicals Who Believe in Purgatory - Scot McKnight, Patheos
Bishops Back Church of England Breakaways - John Bingham, Tele.
Religion in the Oval Office - Paul Kengor, Center for Vision & Values
Cardinal George, Hometown Boy - Jim Bowman, Chicago Sun-Times
The Best Worship Music Not on Radio - Wen Reagan, Christianity Tdy
10 Things You Should Know About Hinduism - Sheetal Shah, OnFaith
Deaf Pastor, Deaf Congregation - Roxanne Washington, Plain Dealer
More Mormon Missionaries Than Converts - Brady McCombs, AP
Searching for Happiness - Fr. Ken Sedlak, RealClearReligion
A Bestseller in Hell - Edna Friedberg, Jewish Forward
Friday, April 17
Politicking From the Pulpit on the Iran Deal - Nicholas Hahn, WSJ
How Pastors Should Act During Election Season - Rob Lee, BNG
From Scientology to Christ - Michael Svigel, The Gospel Coalition
Episcopal Fight Goes Supreme - A.S. Haley, Anglican Curmudgeon
Anglicans Meet to Plot Schism - Merrill & Dugan, The Independent
The Most Polarizing Woman in Evangelicalism - Sarah Bailey, WaPo
Rachel Held Evans Returns to Church - Kate Beaty, Christianity Tdy
What Is the Future of Evangelicals for Israel? - Mark Tooley, WashEx
Religion Without Empathy - Steve Thorngate, The Christian Century
Mormons Missing the Point of Modesty - Jana Riess, Religion News
Catholic College Rejects Student Aid - Jack Healy, New York Times
Pastor Saeed Won't Go Free Until He Denies Christ - Leo Blair, CP
Thursday, April 16
Buckle Up for Pope Francis's Third Year - Michael Sean Winters, NCR
Did Margaret Thatcher 'Do' God? - Charles Moore, The Spectator
John Wesley's Sons and Daughters - Bruce Clark, The Economist
Reading the Bible With Harvey Cox - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
My Jewish Faith Is Strengthened by Islam - Rabbi Joshua Stanton, HP
Rachel Held Evans's Searching Book - Ben Witherington, Bible & Culture
The Shifting Definition of Religious Freedom - Eric Metaxas, BreakPoint
The Exorcist Goes Beyond the Grave - Mike O'Sullivan, Washington Post
Only Jesus Can Go Fishing for a Tax Plan - Chuck Bentley, FOX News
My Gay Mormon Life Is Not 'Counterfeit' - Brian Andersen, Advocate
Hidden Heresies - Nordling & Shuster & Yong, Christianity Today
How the British Are Losing Religion - Andrew Brown, Guardian
Wednesday, April 15
Just Render Unto Caesar Already - Joe Carter, Acton Institute
The Utah Compromise - Stuart Adams, Library of Law & Liberty
Abraham Lincoln, America's Moses - Michael Kaminer, JD Forward
Christian Millennials Work to Redeem Capitalism - Elise Amyx, Fed.
The Coming Cuban Combustion - Jonathan Newman, Public Discourse
Cardinal Newman's Guide to Vatican II - George Weigel, Denver Register
Religious Conservatives Are Targets - John Glionna, Los Angeles Times
Rachel Held Evans vs. Pastors in Skinny Jeans - Emma Green, Atlantic
Was America a Christian Nation? - Matthew Maule, Juicy Ecumenism
Her Majesty's Jihadists - Mary Anne Weaver, The New York Times
10 Commandments in Today's Society - Allison Pond, OnFaith
Why Pope Francis Used the 'G' Word - Daniel Burke, CNN

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