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Wednesday, November 25
How Mary Became the World's Most Powerful Woman - Maureen Orth
A Meandering Mess on the Virgin Mary - Julia Duin, Get Religion
The Anglican Demographic Time Bomb - Harriet Sherwood, Guardian
White Church Grows After Merging With Black Church - Christian Post
Meet the Football Coach Who Knows Her Hail Marys - Dan Kraker, NPR
Christians: Stop Calling Us Bigots! - Stephanie Wang, Indianapolis Star
Ted Cruz's Christian Voter Strategy - Katie Zezima, Washington Post
The American Family in Crisis - Ben Peterson, The Public Discourse
The Passion of Katniss - Michael Schulson, Religion Dispatches
How Jews Love God - Debra Liese, Princeton University
All Souls Matter - Bob Allen, Baptist News Global
Tuesday, November 24
Rick Warren: We're at War With God - Derek Beres, Big Think
Britain's Cohabitation Revolution - Bingham & Kirk, The Telegraph
The Bible's Sibling Rivalry - David Conway, Library of Law & Liberty
France's Catholic Revolution - Samuel Gregg, Catholic World Report
Staying Jewish After the Holocaust - Mordechai Ronen, National Post
7 Reasons to Ban the Lord's Prayer - Bishop Croft, Diocese of Sheffield
Finding Peace Within the Holy Texts - David Brooks, New York Times
Can Mormons Support Gays and Still Get Into Temple? - Peggy Stack
How Former Churches Find New Life - Diana Jones, Post-Gazette
What Real Evangelicals Believe - Samuel Smith, Christian Post
The Amish Are Online - Kevin Williams, Aeon Magazine
Why Monotheists Quarrel - Erasmus, The Economist
Monday, November 23
Welcome to Ben Carson's Church - Gideon Resnick, Daily Beast
Where Our Christian Refugees Come From - Morgan Lee, CToday
Lewis Black's Anti-Mormon Rant - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
What Polls Can't Tell Us About Faith - Jody Avirgan, FiveThirtyEight
Some Mennonites Vote to Leave - Tim Huber, Mennonite World Review
Archbishop of Canterbury's Doubts After Paris - Nick Hallett, Breitbart
How the 'Church Tax' Corrupts German Catholicism - Phil Lawler, CC
Pope Tackles Erosion of Catholicism in Germany - Ines Martin, Crux
Religious Liberties Under Strain for Muslims - Emily Badger, WaPo
Albert Einstein's True Relationship to Judaism - Paul Berger, JDF
Charles Spurgeon's Animal Spirit - Karen Swallow Prior, ERLC
Bisexual and Episcopalian - Ariane Wolfe, Episcopal Cafe
Saturday, November 21
Who Lost the Culture War? - Peter Berger, American Interest
Christians After Paris - Mark Tooley, National Review
Who Is the New Episcopalian Leader? - Richard Ostling, Patheos
Embracing Religious Pluralism - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
The Islam America Needs Now - Gideon Strauss, Providence Magazine
Tim Keller Found Jesus in the Psalms - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
Tears for Gosnell's House of Horrors - Joseph Horton, Vision & Values
What Mormon Missionaries Taught Me About Faith - Sam Hislop, RCR
Conservative Judaism Seeks to Rebrand Itself - Uriel Heilman, JTA
Evangelicals Lag Behind Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses - CToday
Catholics Boycotting Boycotts - Kevin Clark, Crisis Magazine
The Monks of St. Benedict's - Margery Eagan, Crux
Friday, November 20
Prayers, Puppies and a Political Menagerie - Nicholas Hahn, WSJ
Could America Survive Without Religion? - Robby George, Discourse
Why Don't Catholics Read the Bible? - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Crux
How the Church Wages Its Own War on Christmas - Jonathan Aigner
Gold, Frankincense, and Espresso - Bill Leonard, Baptist News Global
The Enormous Power of Women in the Church - Phil Lawler, CCulture
Why Christians Should Welcome Syrian Refugees - Robert Christian
How Can Jews Bar Syrian Refugees? - Anne Roiphe, Jewish Forward
The Existential Crisis Behind Islamic Violence - Joel Miller, AFaith
How a Daughter of Westboro Began to Question Everything - NY
Africanization of Methodism - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Real. Evangelical. Men. - Libby Anne, Love, Joy, Feminism
Thursday, November 19
The Lesson of Paris - William Kilpatrick, Catholic World Report
Why Evangelicals Are Torn About Refugees - Trevin Wax, RNS
Living Cheap Among Mormons - Jon Antelope, Indian Country
Mother Teresa to Become a Saint in 2016? - Ines San Martin, Crux
Anti-Zionists Misread the Bible - Gerald McDermott, Public Discourse
Does ISIS Really Have Nothing to Do With Islam? - Shadi Hamid, WaPo
Thinking Medieval About 'Masculine' Christianity - Beth Barr, Patheos
Save Persecuted Religious Minorities First - James Robbins, USA Today
There Already Is a Religious Test for Refugees - Kyle Shideler, Free Fire
Mennonite Farmers Prepare to Leave Mexico - Victoria Burnett, NYT
Open Debate in the Koran - Amy Frykholm, The Christian Century
Fear, Love and Refugees - Jesse Carey, Relevant Magazine
Wednesday, November 18
The End of Europe - Samuel Gregg, The Public Discourse
China's Plot to Co-Opt Christianity - Phillips & Sherwood, Guardian
Dear Professor: Is This Class Going to Challenge My Faith? - Patheos
Ben Carson, Science and Seventh-Day Adventists - Ben Spackman, R&P
The Human Right to School Choice - Gregory & Kelly, Washington Times
Presbyterians to Cancel Debt of Black Church - Michael Gryboski, CPost
The Grittiness in Catholicism - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
Evangelicals & Catholics: Don't 'Scapegoat' Refugees - Dan Burke, CNN
Why Methodists Should Ignore GOP Governors - Wes Magruder, UMR
The Man Who's Been Quietly Shaping Catholic Thought - Library L&L
Kasich's Judeo-Christian Foreign Policy - Tom Troy, Toledo Blade
Magna Carta vs. Jews - Derek Taylor, Moment Magazine
Tuesday, November 17
Pope Cracks Door to Lutheran Communion - Rod Dreher, AmCon
How Justin Bieber Turned Staples Center Into a Megachurch - LAT
Deaf Church With Vibrating Floor & LED Lights - Allan Turner, HC
Obama Denounces Religious Test for Refugees - Kim Winston, RNS
Dissent & Debate at Church? Embrace It - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News
Methodists Offer Mixed Results on Gay Debate - Michael Gryboski, CP
What Daniel Meant to Persecuted Egyptians - Chris Howse, Telegraph
Christian Groups Prioritizing Muslims Over Christians - The Stream
How a Mormon Became an Electronic Dance Music Superstar - BF
Mainliners Criticize Governors Over Refugees - Jeffrey Walton, JE
Violence Knows No Faith - Grand Mufti Shawki Allam, Reuters
Feminism Isn't Kosher - David Benkof, Jewish Journal
Monday, November 16
This Is a War for Civilization - Alan Dowd, Providence Magazine
Don't Go to War With ISIS - Mark Juergensmeyer, Religion Dispatches
German Protestants Denounce Martin Luther's Anti-Semitism - JTA
Francis Becoming the New Prisoner of the Vatican? - Ed Condon, CH
Temple Rises From Provo Tabernacle Ashes - Emma Penrod, SL Trib
Churches Need to Take Care of Business - Will Willimon, Huff Post
State Department: ISIS Victims Aren't Christians - Nina Shea, NRO
After Paris, No Bumper-Sticker Theology - Jamie Aten, Wash Post
Pope Condemns 'Blasphemy' in Paris - Martin & O'Loughlin, Crux
Why Muslims Should Not Apologize - Mohamad Abdalla, R&E
Permanent Jihad, Continued - Philip Jenkins, Anxious Bench
Islam's Civil War - Husain Haqqani, The Telegraph

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