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Saturday, May 23
A Victory for Pope Francis - Paul Vallely, New York Times
Not Everyone Is Celebrating Romero's Beatification - John Allen, Crux
Meet America's Only Gay Imam - Dean Obeidallah, Daily Beast
Solving the Amish Riddle - Brian Pipkin, Mennonite World Review
The Avengers: Age of Nones - Mike D'Virgilio, Engage the Culture
Are Methodists Boycotting a Holocaust Museum? - Mark Tooley, AS
Evangelicals & the Duggars: It's Complicated - Boorstein & Bailey, WaPo
Is the Evangelical a Mormon's Brother? - Daniel Peterson, Interpreter
What Would John Wesley Do About Methodist Drift? - Jill Nolin, MO
Meet the Rapping Rabbi - Naomi Tomky, Jewish Daily Forward
Internet Atheists? Nah - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Patheos
Real Estate vs. Doctrine - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Friday, May 22
The Pope Francis Challenge in 2016 - Christopher Hale, Time
Much Ado About Episcopal Marriage Task Force - Zach Guiliano, TLC
Baptists Climb the Seven Storey Mountain - McGuffin & Brumley, BNG
Leaving the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish World - Talia Lavin, Huffington Post
The Science-Religion Warfare Myth - Barr & Mullan, Wall Street Journal
Mixing Christianity With Native Spirituality - Gian-Paolo Mendoza, AJ
Facebook Is Catholic, Twitter Is Protestant - Fr. Alex Lucie-Smith, CH
Tattooed Jesus in Schools - Charles Haynes, Montgomery Advertiser
A Bulletproof Cross Rises in Karachi - Tim Craig, Washington Post
Did Mormons Ever See the Golden Plates? - Daniel Peterson, DN
Who Would Buddha Bomb? - Dan Fisher, Religion Dispatches
Evangelical Oats - John Turner, The Anxious Bench
Thursday, May 21
The Real Reason Christianity Is in Decline - Christian Piatt, Patheos
Who Are You Calling a None? - David Briggs, Ahead of the Trend
A Quintessentially Jewish Holiday - Jay Michaelson, Jewish Forward
The Withering of the Episcopal Church - James Fitzpatrick, Wanderer
Episcopal Church Is Christianity Lite? Please - Janine Schenone, Blog
Mormon, Muslim & a Hindu on a Plane - Tiffany Lewis, Deseret News
Franklin Graham Prays for Ruth Bader Ginsburg - Abby Ohlheiser, WP
Churches Haven't Done Enough for Poor - Robert Christian, Millennial
A Sign of Catholic Decline in Ireland - Trevor Grundy, Religion News
Where Ferocious Christian Women Really Are - Chelsen Vicari, JE
Funerals as Evangelistic Events - Deidre Williams, Buffalo News
Nelson Rockefeller's Social Gospel - Mark Tooley, First Things
Wednesday, May 20
The Ann Coulter Critique of Christianity - Ross Douthat, NY Times
Liberation Theology 30 Years Later - Alejandro Bermudez, CNA
Why Are More Women Becoming Nuns? - Caroline Wyatt, BBC News
Methodist Megachurch's $90 Million Sanctuary - Amy Hawley, KSHB
Is it Heresy for Baptists to Baptize a Baby? - Heidi Hall, Religion News
Much Left to Discover About the Book of Mormon - Dan Peterson, DN
Christian Terrorist Plot to Massacre Muslims - Dean Obeidallah, DB
Marco Rubio, Ronald Reagan, and Pope Pius XII - Paul Kengor, TAS
Why Weren't Baptists Better Patriots? - Kidd & Hankins, Patheos
The New Testament in an Anglican Way - Wesley Hill, Covenant
Forgotten Former Seminarians - Bryan Cribb, Baptist Press
New Covenant of Judaism - Peter Leithart, First Things
Tuesday, May 19
Why Is Pope Francis Smiling? - Timothy Egan, New York Times
Presbyterian Churches Slip Below 10,000 - Michael Gryboski, CPost
Birthright Isn't Just for Jews - Nathan Guttman, Jewish Daily Forward
The Pill and the Next Synod - Peter Steinfels, Commonweal Magazine
The New Normal for Churches - Scott Dickison, Baptist News Global
In Defense of the $70,000 Minimum Wage - Tim Weinhold, CToday
One Rule for Hindus, Another for Muslims? - Giles Fraser, Guardian
Mormons Should Talk Race at the Dinner Table - Mark Paredes, JJ
The Plight of Middle East Christians - Walter Russell Mead, WSJ
Changing Face of Religion in Canada - Chris Brown, CBC News
Jeb Bush's Spiritual Awakening - David Brody, The Brody File
Interfaith vs. Anti-Semitism - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
Monday, May 18
How a Nun's Tomato Split the Church - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
Mark Driscoll Returns - Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Mormons on Mount Scopus - Yair Rosenberg, Tablet Magazine
The Best Book Ever Written on Higher Education - Ed Short, TWS
When Martin Luther Translated the Bible - James Reston, Behemoth
The 'Least of These' Are Not the Poor - Denny Burk,
The Rotting Corpse of Post-Christianity - Rick Marschall, Music Ministry
Church of England Looks to Church of Scotland - John Bingham, Tele.
Did Pope Really Call Abbas an 'Angel of Peace'? - Brian, Israellycool
Evangelicals Are Retaking Boston - Katherine Stewart, Boston Rev.
How Will Nones Affect 2016? - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg View
Scott Walker's Crisis of Faith - Alex Isenstadt, Politico
Saturday, May 16
Is Christianity in America Doomed? - Damon Linker, The Week
Who the Nones Really Are - Mark Silk, Religion News Service
Is Christianity Dying From Boredom? - Matt Walsh, The Blaze
Christian America, Since 1950 - Michael Kazin, New York Times
How the Church Gave B.B. King the Blues - Dan Silliman, WashPost
Science Shows, Spirituality Is Good for Your Kid - Mike Schulson, RD
Mormons and the Heavenly Mother - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune
Denying Jews the Right to Define Judaism - Eve Gordon, Commentary
Lindsay Lohan Converting to Islam? - Helen Nianias, The Independent
Richard John Neuhaus, Warts & All - Richard Mouw, Christianity Today
The Scary Link Between Internet & Radicalism - Mike Schulson, R&P
Why Is Christianity in Decline? - Napp Nazworth, Christian Post
Friday, May 15
When the President Spins the Pope - Carl Olson, Catholic Report
The Loss of a Public Faith - Dwight Welch, Approaching Justice
Assault on Christians in Iraq - Miles Windsor, Wall Street Journal
The Misuse of Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Karen Guth, Christian Century
Baptists Drop Ban on Praying in Tongues - Bob Allen, Baptist News
How Capitalism Humanized the Family - Steve Horwitz, BHLibertarians
State Department Says No to Iraqi Christians - Faith McDonnell, Philos
When the Rapture Fails to Come as Scheduled - Garret Harkawik, Aeon
11 Mistakes in the Debate Over 'Historical Adam' - Peter Enns, Patheos
Between Archaeology & the Book of Mormon - Dan Peterson, Deseret
The Nun & the Boston Bomber - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
The Great Presbyterian Battle - Bryan Chapell, byFaith
Thursday, May 14
The Overstated Decline of American Christianity - Ross Douthat, NYT
When Madeleine L'Engle Took on Her Church - Jordan Ballor, Acton
How Evangelicals Are Fighting Big Business - MJ Lee, CNN Politics
7 Problems With Inerrancy - Kyle Roberts, Unsystematic Theology
Suffering of Kurt Cobain and Sufjan Stevens - Scott Redd, On Faith
The Difference Cardinal George Made - George Weigel, DC Register
Breaking Down Mormon Stereotypes - Jerry Johnston, Deseret News
The Truth About the Bible & Bigotry - Naomi Schaefer Riley, NY Post
Presbyterians Shrug Off Decline - Jeffrey Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
Pope Francis Will Come to Love Capitalism? - David Gibson, RNS
Marriage as a Math Problem - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
Churches That Work - Bobby Ross, The Christian Chronicle
Wednesday, May 13
Why I Left the Catholic Church - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
How Does Religious Faith Die? - Jeremy Lott, Washington Times
Mormon Families Are America's Largest - Tad Walch, Deseret News
Ben Carson Gets the Bible Wrong - Sarah Posner, Religion Dispatches
Good Riddance, Almost-Christianity - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
C.S. Lewis & J.R.R. Tolkien, the Inklings - Philip & Carol Zaleski, Chron.
American Religion Is Complicated, Not Dead - Emma Green, Atlantic
How the Church Can Reach Seculars - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Tdy
Questions for Atheists - Michael Novak, Coming Down to Earth
The Post-Christian Film of the Year - Jay Michaelson, RNS
Local-Option Methodism - Steven Harper, Oboedire
Lost Jews of China - Yvette Alt Miller,

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