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Thursday, October 27
Christ's Burial Place Exposed - Kristin Romey, National Geographic
Nonbiblical Papyrus Mentions Judean Kingdom - Michele Chabin, RNS
The Painful Liberation of Iraq's Christian Heartland - Florian Neuhof, DB
Pope Francis the Shrewd Manager - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Marriage and Religiously Mixed Households - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
After "Books and Culture" - Matthew Loftus, Christ and Pop Culture
God's Love and Marilynne Robinson - Scott Korb, LA Review of Books
How Christian Theology Affects Body Image - David Briggs, CT
7 Reasons to Study Theology - Scott Redd, Sunergoi
Liberty University Students Are Tired of Politics - Emma Green, Atlantic
Trump Faces Vocal Backlash From Evangelical Women - Ian Lovett, WSJ
Mormon America Found Another Candidate - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, WaPo
Wednesday, October 26
The Meaning of the 2016 American Values Survey - Thomas Reese, NCR
Vatican to Catholics: Don't Scatter Ashes! - Josephine McKenna, RNS
People Don't Want to Die Alone - Sarah Parvini, Los Angeles Times
I pray every day. It's changed my life. - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, The Week
Faith Group Calls for Transparent Drug Pricing - Peter Loftus, WSJ
The New "Mormon and Gay" Website - Peggy Stack & Jennifer Dobner, SLT
Let's Kiss Dating Hello - Nicole Sheets, Christianity Today
The Religious Right: A Eulogy - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
How to Vote Like a Christian - Ken Chitwood, LCEF
Trump Is the Antithesis of Christian Values - Liberty Univ. Students, WaPo
What Does "Om" Have to Do With Trump? - Finnian Gerety, RCReligion
The Smithsonian's New Qur'an Exhibit - Vanessa Larson, The Guardian
Tuesday, October 25
Faith and Fitness: A New Reason to Go to Church - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Many Men Think Church Is for Women (II) - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
A Paulist Priest's Wonderful Life - William Doino Jr., First Things
Children on Christian or Secular Swings? - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Meshugas About Chickens - Marc DeGirolami, Library of Law & Liberty
Died: Tract Cartoonist Jack Chick - Kate Shellnutt, Christianity Today
The New Christian Zionism - Thomas S. Kidd, The Gospel Coalition
Why a Study of History Is Essential for Democracy - John Fea, RNS
Religious Leaders Backing Trump Don't Speak for Me - Alan Noble, Vox
Why Trump Personifies What Mormons Don't Believe In - The Economist
Clinton's Careful Courtship of Muslim Voters - David Graham, The Atlantic
For Iraqi Christians, Mix of Hope and Horror Is a Daily Affair - Crux
Monday, October 24
Pontius Pilate and the "Trolley Problem" - Steve Fuller, ABC R&E
N.C. Disaster Relief Breaks Down Stereotypes - Abigail Hauslohner, WaPo
Sea Level Rise Is a Religious Issue - Jeffrey Salkin, Religion News Service
Listen: The History of the Zombie Genre - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
Waking Up From Spiritual Sleepwalking - William E. Simon Jr., WSJ
KC Christians Rally in Support of Muslims - Ali Younes, Al Jazeera
Behind the Politician Immorality Survey - Michael Schulson, RD
Can Trump Help Us Bridge the "God Gulf"? - Nicholas Kristof, NYT
Evangelicals Aren't Who You Think - Jim Wallis, USA Today
Video: Election 2016's Catholic Voters - Kim Lawton, R&E NewsWeekly
Trump's Mormon Problem Could Cost Him - Mark Z. Barabak, LA Times
What Has Jesus Got to Do With ISIS? A Lot - Tahir Nasser, Salt Lake Trib
Saturday, October 22
A Culture of Life in the Walking Dead - Abigail Rine Favale, First Things
The Chicago Cubs' Religious Context - Andrew Beaton & Kevin Helliker, WSJ
New Trend: Baptisms on the Football Field - Julie Zauzmer, WaPo
The Guilt-Free Gospel of Donald Trump - Daniel Burke, CNN
Thomism Is Ready for Its Close-Up - Aquinas Guilbeau, RealClearReligion
The Tradition Conference - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Sukkot Is the Most Magical Holiday of All - Barbara Brotman, Forward
NYC's Waris Ahluwalia Day - Charles Lam & Raakhee Mirchandani, NBC
Religious Leaders Mark Centennial of S.C. Lynching - Adelle Banks, RNS
Orthodox Theologian Claims 2016 Ratzinger Prize - Elise Harris, Crux
Papal Summer Residence Opened to Public - Philip Pullella, Reuters
A Return to Religion Reporting - Tim Gallagher, Editor & Publisher
Friday, October 21
Trump Booed at Catholic Charity Dinner - Amy Sullivan, Yahoo! News
Value-Free Politics - John Carr, America Magazine
Sinfulness, Hopefulness, and the Possibility of Politics - On Being
The New White Nationalists? - Kelly J. Baker, Religion & Politics
A Church Playground and Religious Freedom - Rick Montgomery, KC Star
Chabad and the Free Exercise of Religion - Josh Blackman, LA Times
The Divide Within Muslim Communities - Meris Lutz, The Atlanta J-C
Saint Lonelyhearts - Michael J. Lichens, Sightings
Amor en Accion Turns 40 - Jim Davis, Archdiocese of Miami
On the Demise of "Books and Culture" - Christianity Today
Disenchanted Westworld - David Roark, First Things
A Wine Fountain for Religious Pilgrims - Catherine Edwards, The Local
Thursday, October 20
Religion's Place at the Campus Diversity Table - Betsy VanDenBerghe, RCR
Joint Statement: InterVarsity and SBL - John Fea, The Way of Improvement
Contemporary Philosophy's Theology Problem - John J. Conley, America
World Relief Scrambling to Settle More Refugees - Lauren Markoe, RNS
The Religious Right's Trump Schism - Sarah Posner, The New York Times
The Christian Backlash Against Trump - Lisa Wangsness, Boston Globe
Growing Acceptance of Politicians' Immorality - Sarah Pulliam Bailey, WP
The Conservative Savior Many Mormons Support - Lorena O'Neil, RNS
The Ranks of Ex-Pastors Grow as Some Join "Nones" - Jeff Brumley, BNG
Faith, Race, and Mental Health - Monica A. Coleman, Religion Dispatches
The Hate Directed Against Jewish Journalists - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Islamic Authorities and the Pretzel Dog - Zhai Yun Tan, CSM
Wednesday, October 19
How the Berenstain Bears Found Salvation - Saul Austerlitz, NYT Mag
Christian Comedian Upends Muslim Stereotypes - Samar Warsi, Deseret
Happy Birthday, Christianity Today! - Richard J. Mouw, First Things
Why Many Men Think Church Is for Women - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Jesus, Gentrification, and the Hypocrisy of "Diversity" - Kaya Oakes, RD
Eric Metaxas' Bonhoeffer Delusions - Charles Marsh, Religion & Politics
Rage in the 2016 Race Is More Political Than Spiritual - The Economist
Mormons Pushed for BYU in Big 12 - Michelle Price & Kareem Copeland, AP
Church-State Group Plays Devil's Advocate at School - Sally Morrow, RNS
Exorcism a Job "Too Scary" for Young Priests - James Reynolds, BBC
A Mcdonald's at the Vatican? - Josephine McKenna, Salt Lake Tribune
A Philosophical Reading of the Book of Job - Susan Neiman, ABC R&E
Tuesday, October 18
The Life and End Times of the Apocalypse - Dylan Lemert, CaPC
7 Must-See Oprah Interviews With Christian Influencers - Relevant
The Smithsonian's New Religion Curator - S. Brent Plate, Deseret News
InterVarsity Blues - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Pat Robertson, Christianity's Crazy Uncle - Jonathan Merritt, The Week
In Defense of the Religious Right - Ross Douthat, The New York Times
The Impact of Evangelical Women Against Trump - Emily Miller, RNS
Hispanic Mass in Ex-Baptist Megachurch - Holly Meyer, The Tennessean
Pentecostal Promotes "Walking Ecumenism" - Cindy Wooden, Crux
Being Muslim American in the Year of Donald Trump - MJ Lee, CNN
The Religion Story Behind the Released Nigerian Girls - Jim Davis, GR
A New Home and a New Religion in Germany - Laura Kasinof, The Atlantic
Monday, October 17
Serious Laughter: The Babylon Bee's Satire - Emily Belz, World Magazine
Are Religious Kids Meaner or Nicer? - Melinda Lundquist Denton, CT
InterVarsity Responds to Authors' Protest - Harry Farley, Christian Today
Donald Trump Reveals Deep Evangelical Rifts - Laurie Goodstein, NYT
What's Behind Evangelical Support for Trump? - Alex Johnson, NBC
Video: Religious Debate and the Campaign - R&E NewsWeekly
Trump Attends Hindu-American Rally - Max Bearak, The Washington Post
Militia Members Arrested in Plot Targeting Muslims - CBS News
The End of Christendom - Eamon Duffy, First Things
Cathedral Comes to Life With Virtual Reality - Antonia Blumberg, HuffPost
Pope Canonizes Argentina's "Gaucho Priest," 6 Others Saints - AP
Dutch Set to Permit Euthanasia for a "Complete Life" - Crux

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