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Thursday, May 5
Why Are Evangelicals Supporting Trump? - ABC Religion & Ethics
Video: Is America a Christian Nation? - Russell Moore
The Problematic "Religious Freedom" Label - Stephanie Russell-Kraft, RD
What Happens at the Methodist Conference? - Melissa Binder, Oregonian
A Fired Megachurch Preacher's Journey - Jesse Bogan, STL Post-Dispatch
Ewan McGregor Explores the Humanness of Jesus - Emily Miller, RNS
Humanists Push for a National Day of Reason - Kimberly Winston, RNS
Are Jews Who Don't Believe in God Atheists? - Julie Zauzmer, WP
Nevada Worker Fired for not Accepting Scientology - Michelle Rindels, AP
The Inside Story of Garry Shandling's Buddhism - Phap Hai, Lion's Roar
Will France Stop Muslim Athletes From Praying? - Dana Kennedy, DB
A Guide to Veils Around the Muslim World - Russell Goldman, NYT
Wednesday, May 4
Why Does "Jew" Sound Like a Slur? - Susan Sommercamp, Washington Post
Some Non-Jews Think Manischewitz Wine Tastes Good - Serena Ng, WSJ
London Might Elect Its First Muslim Mayor - Adam Taylor, WP
Secret Mosques Opening Doors to Gay Muslims - Antoinette Lattouf, ABC
Christians Countering Anti-Muslim Rhetoric - Kim Lawton, PBS R&E
Beyonce Takes Us to Church - Yolanda Pierce, Religion Dispatches
Should Courts Get to Define Religion? - Michael O'Loughlin, The Atlantic
Bill Would Force Religious Colleges to Reveal LGBT Exemptions - Crux
Why Did Catholic Bishops Oust CNS Editor? - John Gehring, Commonweal
Nation's Oldest School of Theology Relocates - G. Jeffrey MacDonald, RNS
2015 Saw a Decrease in Religious Freedom - Tom Gjelten, NPR
Thai Officials Battle Buddhists Over Tigers' Fate - Richard Paddock, NYT
Tuesday, May 3
How Male Theologians Ruined Parenting - Emma Green, The Atlantic
On Being's Krista Tippett Talks "Becoming Wise" - Michel Martin, NPR
A Pennsylvania Laboratory for Interfaith Studies - Samuel Freedman, NYT
An Ancient Orthodox Easter Rite Engenders Passions - The Economist
A Reminder From Duluth That the Papacy Matters - John Allen, Crux
U2 Guitarist Rocks the Sistine Chapel - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Neon Trees Singer Slams Mormon Church in Video - Brittany Spanos, RS
Native American Inmates Denied SC Appeal - Marina Koren, The Atlantic
15 Methodist Leaders "Came Out" Together - Melissa Binder, Oregonian
Priceless Artifacts Head to Bible Museum - Eric Cortellessa, Times of Israel
Where Is the Jews' Home? - Hillel Halkin, Mosaic Magazine
Religion in Global Affairs - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Monday, May 2
Daniel J. Berrigan, Pacifist Priest, Dies at 94 - Colman McCarthy, WP
Catholic Leaders in Pakistan Condemn Murder of LGBT Activists - Crux
OneWheaton Blasts Silence on Hastert - David Gibson & Emily Miller, RNS
School Separation of Church and State Case Settled - Alan Zagier, AP
Atheists Push to End Largely Forgotten Ban - Laurie Goodstein, NYT
The Oklahoma City Thunder's Halal Guys - Ben Cohen, Wall Street Journal
Muslim Prom Queen Reigns - Jennifer Medina, New York Times
What's the Difference Between Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism? - BBC
Photos: Mummified Monk Is Covered In Gold - Merrit Kennedy, NPR
Nobel Physicist: Why Is the World So Beautiful? - Krista Tippett, On Being
When Denominations Split - Michael McConnell, Research on Religion
Reza Aslan's Definition of Religion - SuperSoul
Saturday, April 30
Bono's Advice to Christian Musicians: Get Real - Julie Zauzmer, WP
Shugs & Fats Finds Humor in Immigrant Experiences - Inkoo Kang, MTV
Singing Success for Missouri Cloistered Nuns - Karen Pulfer Focht, RNS
Easter Miracle for Chicago Orthodox Christians - Manya Brachear, ChiTrib
Should Your Boss Know You Keep the Sabbath? - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
90% of Americans Have Prayed for Healing - Morgan Manella, CNN
Clinton v. Trump Shrinks the God Gap - Mark Silk, Religion News Service
Medical Marijuana: It's Kosher - Michel Martin, NPR
Hilary Putnam's Return to Judaism - Erik Dreff, Sightings
The Problem of Democratic Exclusion - Charles Taylor, ABC R&E
Chinese Church Wins Land Battle - Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Christianity Today
North Korean Media Fabricates Billy Graham Quotes - South China MP
Friday, April 29
Bible and a Brew: Talking Faith Over a Pint - Kathy Flanigan, Milwaukee JS
Spiritual IQ in a Secular Age - Betsy VanDenBerghe, RealClearReligion
Sanctifying the Senses: Thoughts on Beyonce - Alexis Wells, Sacred Matters
"Lucifer In the Flesh" From the Middle Ages to Cruz - Julie Zauzmer, WP
Muslims Searching for Cosby Show Moment - Hannah Allam, McClatchy
Faith Leaders Urge Politicians to Reject Islamophobia - Aysha Khan, RNS
Can Holy Lands Become Holy Democracies? - Patrick Oathout, PS
Obama's Last White House Seder - Nicky Woolf, Guardian
Vatican Saw Surge of Seedy Financial Activity - Philip Pullella, Reuters
The Complexities of Urban Evangelicalism - Omri Elisha, Marginalia
The Southern Baptist Convention Takes on Trump - Ruth Graham, Slate
Religious-Liberty Laws That Have No Meaning - Jonathan Merritt, Atlantic
Thursday, April 28
Rugrats and Jewish Representation on TV - Edward Delman, The Atlantic
Christianity On the Film Festival Trail - Alissa Wilkinson, Christianity Today
Social Issues Return to Focus on GOP Trail - James Pindell, Boston Globe
American Pastors and End Times Theology - Bob Smietana, CT
Memoir Elicits Pressure From Scientology Leader - Libby Hill, LA Times
Terrorism Warps How We Hear Arabic - Caitlin Kindervatter-Clark, WP
An Unparalleled Document of Jewish Mourning - Hillel Halkin, Mosaic
Growing Criticism of Passover Giving - Mordechai Goldman, Al-Monitor
Church of England Issues EU Prayer - Harriet Sherwood, Guardian
German Scholars Grow Islamic Theology Program - Tom Heneghan, RNS
Diplomatic Archbishop of Havana Steps Down - Michael Weissenstein, AP
Brazil's Impeachment and Protestant Evangelicals - ABC Religion & Ethics
Wednesday, April 27
Beyonce's "Lemonade" and Black Womanhood - Courtney Lee, Sojourners
The 2016 Campaign & Religious Voters - Peter Smith, Pitt Post-Gazette
Religious Leaders Object to Objections Law - Nassim Benchaabane, AP
LGBT Athletes & Religious Schools - Erik Brady & Scott Gleeson, USA Today
Do Evangelicals Worship the Same God? - Catherine Woodiwiss, Sojourners
Is "The Good Death" Anti-Catholic? - Marian Ronan, Marginalia
A Hospital Tradition Remembers Youngest Patients - Wendy Cadge, R&P
Police Took $53,000 From Karen Christians - Christopher Ingraham, WP
At Brigham Young, a Cost in Reporting a Rape - Jack Healy, NYT
American Buddhism Evolved Into Something Distinct - Karen Michel, PRI
Turkey's Religious Directorate Takes Off - David Lepeska, Foreign Affairs
5 Ways The Study of Religion is Changing - Gary Laderman, HuffPost
Tuesday, April 26
The Spirituality of Snoopy - Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic
From the Archives: Prince, Music, and Religion - Ann Powers, LA Times
Rumi, Feminism, and Shakespeare in Kabul - Brooke Gladstone, WNYC
Why Non-Jews Like Passover So Much - Julie Zauzmer, Washington Post
Robot Monk Blends Science and Buddhism - Joseph Campbell, Reuters
Drones and Military Virtue - Christian Enemark, ABC Religion & Ethics
Pastoral Medicine Raises Questions In Texas - Lauren Silverman, NPR
Mercy Ministries and Religiously Based Therapy - Jennifer Miller, Slate
Backlash Greets Muslim Cemeteries Across US - Denise Lavoie, AP
#BoycottTarget Campaign Gets 500,000 Signers - Timothy Morgan, RNS
Gay Wedding Defies Methodist Rules - Tim Funk, Charlotte Observer
Video: Can Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights Co-Exist? - The Atlantic
Monday, April 25
Shakespeare 400: The Shylock Problem - Brandon Ambrosino, Smithsonian
Oprah Winfrey's New Mega-Church TV Drama - Jill Serjeant, Reuters
Yuna, Pharrell Protege, Talks Being Muslim - Steven Horowitz, Billboard
The Long History of Flirting With Islam - Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post
What It's Like to Be a Muslim in Idaho - Rachel Martin, NPR
Oregon, Surrogacy, and Gay Israeli Couples - Kristian Foden-Vencil, PRI
Observant Jews and Sabbath Elevators - Ronda Kaysen, NYT
Missouri's Amendment Sets Old Allies at Odds - Frank Morris, NPR
Christian Manhood After "Wild at Heart" - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
Why Are Christians Obsessed With the Rapture? - Laura Turner, PS
Atheist Pastor Sparks Debate - Ashifa Kassam, Guardian
How Will Millennials Choose Their Religion? - Emma Green, The Atlantic

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