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Wednesday, July 1
Churches Are Next - Dominic Lynch, RealClearReligion
Justice Scalia, All Is Lost? - Ed Peters, In the Light of the Law
The Poverty Fighters' Bible - Lesa Engelthaler, Christianity Today
Mark Driscoll Shows Up at Hillsong After All - Kate Aubusson, SMH
OK Court: 10 Commandments Must Come Down - Sean Murphy, AP
From a Mormon Church to the Pride Parade - John Halstead, HuffPost
Orthodox Jews Hire Mexicans to Protest Gays - Alex Griswold, Mediaite
How Westboro Baptist Makes Its Money - Jennings Brown, Vocativ
The Benedict Option for Evangelicals - Phillip Cary, First Things
Why Christian Self-Isolation Won't Work - Kaya Oakes, RDispatches
Religious Freedom Key to Pope's U.S. Trip - Francis Rocca, WSJ
The Next Culture War - David Brooks, New York Times
Tuesday, June 30
What to Do After Gay Marriage - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
Ronald Reagan, Mere Christian - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
Black Churches Are Burning Again - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Mennonites Face Gay Split - Emily Reddy, National Public Radio
David Platt's Plan to Reach the World - Aaron Hanbury, Relevant
Memo to Mormons, Use the New 'Gospel Topics' - Peggy Stack, SLT
What Religious Extremism Looks Like - Judd Birdsall, Washington Post
Justice Roberts: Who Do We Think We Are? - Maurine Proctor, Meridian
Episcopal Bishops Redefine Marriage - Zach Guiliano, Living Church
We Lost the Gay Marriage Fight in 1950 - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
End Tax Exemptions, End Churches - Denny Burk, The Federalist
Why Do People Die for Judaism? - Elisha Greenbaum, Chabad
Monday, June 29
The New Normal - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
King of the Mormons - Matt Canham and Thomas Burr, Politico
Gay Marriage and Judicial Activism - Ryan Anderson, Boston Globe
Episcopalians Elect First Black Presiding Bishop - Brady McCombs, AP
Episcopal Ecumenism in Short Supply - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
Draft Schedule for Pope Francis's U.S. Trip - Michelle Boorstein, WaPo
Reconsidering the Separation of Church & State - Anthony Esolen, PD
Punk Rock Mogul to Unitarian Minister - Joel Heng Hartse, On Faith
The Ghost of Dorothy Day - Antonia Blumberg, Huffington Post
Christians Must Now Learn to Live as Exiles - Rod Dreher, Time
The Decline of Religion in the West - Ed Stourton, BBC News
Jews and Nukes - Shlomo Brody, Tablet Magazine
Saturday, June 27
Find a Spiritual Director. Now. - Russell Shaw, RealClearReligion
Meet the Episcopal Billy Sunday - Jordan Hylden, The Living Church
Faith Groups Seek Exemptions After Gay Ruling - Erik Eckholm, NYT
The Reverend President's Amazing Grace - David Jackson, USA Today
Hunt for Poland's Lost Mezuzas - Laura Hodes, Jewish Daily Forward
John Howard Yoder Allegations Extend to Notre Dame - Salgado, NCR
Freemasonry in the Church of England? - George Conger, Anglican Ink
Some Methodists: Change Gay Teaching - Brian Carlton, NewsVirginian
Other Methodists: There Will Be No Change - Michael Gryboski, CPost
How to Read the Book of Mormon - Jana Riess, Religion News
America Without Churches - Dominic Bouck, First Things
The Next Battle Over Gay Marriage - Dan Burke, CNN
Friday, June 26
The Intrepid Elisabeth Elliot - David Howard, Wall St. Journal
Canterbury vs. Capitalism - Archbishop Justin Welby, Telegraph
Episcopalians to Take Up Gay Marriage - Jessica Shepherd, MLive
Victory of the Charleston Martyrs - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
When Bobby Jindal Was an Exorcist - Amber Phillips, Washington Post
Thousands Mourn Pastor Pinckney - Knapp & Roldan, Post and Courier
Wednesday Bible Study, a Southern Tradition - Luciana Lopez, Reuters
Sacred and Profane Meet in Springfield - Daniel Ross Goodman, TWS
Confessions of a Catholic Novelist - William Giraldi, New Republic
Why Gentiles Are Using Jewish Mohels for Circumcision - Atlantic
Korean Evangelicals on Steroids - Rob Moll, Christianity Today
Guns Keep You Safe, Pope Francis - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
Thursday, June 25
The Man Behind Pope Francis's Encyclical - Fr. Robert Barron, RCR
When Muslims Leave Islam - Darren Sherkat, Foreign Affairs
American Jews Reject Israeli Rabbinate - Lisa Goldman, Daily Beast
Where the Welfare State Fails, the Church Steps Up - Acton Institute
Russell Moore vs. the Confederate Flag - Bailey & Tumulty, Wash Post
Dylann Roof's Attack on Christianity - Carlos Wilton, Religion Dispatches
Schools Fear Impact of Gay Marriage Ruling - Goodstein & Liptak, NYT
Bobby Jindal's Rare Conversion - Michael Lipka, Pew Research Center
New Mormon Manual Tackles Sensitive Topics - Stephen Smoot, PA
Why Secularism Has No Meaning - Marilynne Robinson, CCentury
Church by Eventbrite - Cathy Lynn Grossman, Religion News
Shame on You, Joel Osteen - Lynda Cheldelin Fell, Blaze
Wednesday, June 24
Fracking and the Franciscans - David Brooks, New York Times
Iknoor Singh's Case for Religious Liberty - Barton Hinkle, Reason
Can Islam Come Back to Science? - Ross Pomeroy, RealClearScience
Reading Pope Francis With Muslims - Anas Malik, Arc of the Universe
Can Southern Baptists Get Their Groove Back? - Thomas Kidd, Patheos
How Ex-Mormons Changed My Faith - Dan Webster, The Living Church
Green Patriarchy and Radical Ecology - John Couretas, Acton Institute
The Atheist Who Advises Pope Francis - William Briggs, The Stream
Why Some Pastors Bring Guns to the Pulpit - Josh Sanburn, Time
Gospel According to Pixar - Jon Negroni, Relevant Magazine
Faith and the Confederate Flag - Rob Lee, Huffington Post
Rabbis Gone Wild - Rabbi Stewart Weiss, Jerusalem Post
Tuesday, June 23
The Most (and Least) Bible-Minded Cities - Anna Dembowski, RCR
Should We Forgive Dylann Roof? - Elizabeth Bruenig, New Republic
The Benedict Option Meets the Buckley Option - Andrew Walker, PD
Episcopalians After Membership Losses - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
How Faith Influences What We Buy - David Briggs, Ahead of the Trend
Can We Really Know Our Pastors? - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Hollywood Goes to Confession - Fr. C.J. McCloskey, The Catholic Thing
Joel Osteen's Big Church at the Apocalypse - Jeremy Hobson, WBUR
How to Regain Christian Funerals - Ian Meredith, Church Times
What Mormon Problem? - Hunter Schwarz, Washington Post
The Limits of Liberalism - Bruce Clark, The Economist
Mutiny in the Bible - Atar Hadari, Mosaic Magazine
Monday, June 22
The Cross & the Confederate Flag - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Why Pope Francis's Encyclical Matters - Fr. Thomas Reese, NCR
Billy Graham's Grandson Resigns After Admitting an Affair - WaPo
A Hectic Day at Charleston Church, Then a Hellish Visitor - NY Times
Concealed-Carry at Churches? - Valerie Richardson, Washington Times
Christians Allowed Back on Campus - Jeremy Weber, Christianity Today
Washington Tries to Lobby the Pope - Melinda Henneberger, Bloomberg
Mormons Lead Effort for Slave Records - Lee Davidson, Salt Lake Trib
Spain Grants Citizenship to Sephardic Jews - Jim Badcock, Telegraph
Rand Paul's Crazy Charleston Theory - Olivia Nuzzi, Daily Beast
Why the Black Church Matters - Peniel Joseph, The Root
The Pope's Footnotes - John Allen, Crux

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