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Wednesday, October 7
Pope Francis's War on Caitlyn Jenner - Paul Kengor, Tribune-Review
Why Secular-to-Orthodox Memoirs Matter - Julie Sugar, Jewish Fwd
When Jehovah's Witnesses Don't Want to Serve - Choe Sang-Hun, NYT
Spiritual Revolution Away From the Pews - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News
When I Tangled With Chris Matthews - Bishop Barron, RealClearReligion
Why Mormons Can't Be Pacifists - Duane Boyce, Meridian Magazine
Is Catholicism About to Break? - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, Crux
What Is Fashion Theology? - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
Benedict Option FAQ - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Sympathy of the Puritans - Bria Sandford, Fare Forward
Baptists Talk Trannies - Andrew Smith, Baptist Press
Where Is God? - Diana Butler Bass, Huffington Post
Tuesday, October 6
The Coup at Catholic University - Leslie Tentler, Commonweal Magazine
These Baptists Put Beer in the Bible - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News Global
Are Digital Organs Ready for Mass Use? - Malcolm Gay, Boston Globe
The Case for Not Giving Up on South Sudan - Jeremy Weber, CToday
Anglicans Need Not Worry About Gay Bishops - Andrew Brown, Gdn
Where Did Emanuel AME Donations Go? - Jennifer Berry Hawes, P&C
Mormons Worried About Leader's Health - Ric Wayman, St. George
The Breakdown of the Black Family - Kay Hymowitz, The Atlantic
Why Should We Read Noah? - Philip Jenkins, The Anxious Bench
Billy Graham's Final Book - Adelle Banks, Religion News Service
Why I Love Article VI - Jane Eisner, Jewish Daily Forward
Conservatives Strike First at Synod - John Allen, Crux
Monday, October 5
Why Not Save Christians? - Elliott Abrams, The Weekly Standard
The Puritan Influence on the Press - Marvin Olasky, World Magazine
Calculated Killing of Christians in Roseburg? - Ed Stetzer, USA Today
Pope Francis's Cloudy Just War Theory - Marc Livecche, To the Source
Meet the Three New Mormon Leaders - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
Sikh Thugs Stop Women Who Marry Non-Sikhs - Sunny Hundal, Ind.
Where Are All the Other Kim Davises? - Brett Younger, Baptist News
Religious Freedom Over There - Dan Philpott, Arc of the Universe
Evangelicals Going to the Dogs, and Cats - David Briggs, ARDA
Immune to the Francis Effect - Max Lindenman, Patheos
Why Be Episcopalian? - Lisa Fischbeck, Episcopal Cafe
The Synod Pope Francis Wants - John Allen, Crux
Saturday, October 3
Saving Christians From ISIS - Chloe Valdary, The Wall Street Journal
Pope Francis Met Secretly With Gay Couple - Daniel Burke, CNN
Is It Too Late to Save American Jewry? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Why Donald Trump Loves Televangelists - Harry Bruinius, CS Monitor
Did Joseph Smith Take the Easy Path? - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
How Pope Francis Brought Me Back to the Church - Gillea Allison, Vox
The Battle Bigger Than the Culture War - Trevin Wax, Gospel Coalition
Finding Ourselves in Flannery's Freaks - Fr. Dwight Longenecker, IC
Myth of the Miraculous Turnaround Priest - John Thorpe, Covenant
The Day Christians Were Martyred on U.S. Soil - Todd Starnes, FOX
What Happened to the Book of Noah? - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
No, Ronald Reagan Didn't Worship America - Mark Tooley, JE
Friday, October 2
The Coming Battle at the Synod - Russell Shaw, RealClearReligion
Why Is Kim Davis's Hair So Long? - Emily Miller, Washington Post
What We Don't Know About That Kim Davis Meeting - NC Reporter
4 Things About How Mormons Choose New Leaders - Meridian Mag
Oregon Gunman Singled Out Christians - Chris Perez, New York Post
Donald Trump's Outreach to Heretics - Leonardo Blair, Christian Post
Christians Need to Stop Boycotting Stuff - Jesse Carey, Relevant Mag
Rise of Catholic Schools in the Land of Baptists - John Sharp,
Public Value of Religious Faith - Mark DeForrest, New Reform Club
Traditional Evangelicalism & the Poor - Fred Robinson, Patheos
Why Jews Don't Have a Pope - David Suissa, Jewish Journal
The Story of London's Revival - Church Times
Thursday, October 1
Pope Francis, Congress, and a Trappist Monk - Bishop Barron, RCR
Kim Davis and the Pope's Grand Strategy - Ross Douthat, NYT
How Joel Osteen & Russell Moore Saved David Gregory - Christian Post
Local Pastors on the Rise - Sam Hodges, United Methodist News Service
Celebrating American Catholics - Catherine Addington, Am. Conservative
She Sang 'Amazing Grace' Until the End - Kim Bellware, Huffington Post
How to Answer Christian Missionaries - Rabbi Bentzion Kravitz, Aish
Martin Sheen's Favorite Priest - Sr. Camille D'Arienzo, NC Reporter
Blasphemy Laws vs. Religious Freedom - Brandon Withrow, RNS
What Millennials Can Learn From Kim Davis - Bryan Ballas, JE
Meet the Green Mormons - Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune
Braveheart Life - Laura Studarus, Relevant Magazine
Wednesday, September 30
The Pope Secretly Met Kim Davis - Robert Moynihan, Inside the Vatican
When Ronald Reagan Forgave John Hinckley - Craig Shirley, RCR
This Hipster Pastor Thinks the Church Is for Losers - DeConto, RNS
How Jews Helped Build San Francisco - Sala Levin, Moment Magazine
My Hopes for Synod 2015 - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Register
How to Stay Christian Amid Secular Pressure - Matt Reynolds, CToday
Anglican Anti-Corruption Movement? - Ephraim Radner, Living Church
Why Mormons Flock to False Prophets of Doom - Maurine Proctor, MM
Michael Douglas's Message for Every Religion - Naomi Riley, NY Post
Donald Trump Prays With Religious Leaders - David Brody, CBN
The High Cost of the Worship Wars - Jonathan Aigner, Patheos
Justin Bieber, Saint & Sinner - Rebecca Cusey, The Federalist
Tuesday, September 29
Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Daily Worship - Paul House, Religion & Ethics
When an Evangelical Worships With the Pope - Nicola Menzie, CPost
Obama: Don't Use Religion to Deny Rights - David Jackson, USA Today
Donald Trump & the Rise of the Moral Minority - Molly Worthen, NYT
Why Many Christian Marriages End Up in Divorce - Eric Metaxas, BP
Methodists Make Homelessness About Religious Freedom - UMR
Mormons Need Post-American Leaders - Matt Crandall, RCR
It's the Economy, Christian - Bob Allen, Baptist News Global
Pope Francis at the Capitol - John Carr, America Magazine
Pope Francis at the UN - Samuel Gregg, Crisis Magazine
Audacity to Forgive - Dawn Turner, Chicago Tribune
Sinners in Our Prisons - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Monday, September 28
Springtime for Liberal Christianity - Ross Douthat, New York Times
Pope Francis's Conciliatory Tone - Francis Rocca, Wall Street Journal
Mormons Surprise Catholics at Meeting of Families - Tad Walch, DN
Pope: Religious Freedom Is Fundamental - Michael O'Loughlin, Crux
The Key to Capturing Evangelicals in 2016 - Ronnie Floyd, FOX News
When the Moral Majority Becomes a Minority - Laura Turner, Atlantic
No Refusals So Far to Anglican Meeting - Madeleine Davies, CTimes
Nadia Bolz-Weber's Accidental Saints - Maria Bowler, Commonweal
Religion & Social Order in Iraq - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Welcome to the Jewish-Persian Excursion - Nathan Guttman, JDF
Evangelicals Embarrassed by the Return? - Roger Olson, Patheos
Francis Effect, to What End? - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

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