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Saturday, August 30
Our Secular Baptism - Nathan Nielson, RealClearReligion
The Last Church in Churchville Is Dying - Steve Karlin, KCCI
Mormon Superiority Complex - James Ferrell, Meridian Magazine
New German Tax Forces Church Exodus - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
Something That's Like a Holy Well - Christopher Howse, Telegraph
Weeping for Lost Dialogue With Islam? - Phil Lawler, Catholic Culture
Even Atheists Can Believe in Heaven - MacKenzie Neeson, On Faith
What Would Flannery O'Connor Do? - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Cracks in the Stained-Glass Ceiling - Adelle Banks, Religion News
Bumper Sticker Theology - Russ Dean, Associated Baptist Press
Elie Wiesel Mangles Bible - Seth Sanders, Religion Dispatches
When Inerrancy No Longer Works - Carlos Bovell, Patheos
Friday, August 29
Happy Birthday, William Wilberforce - Maxon & Forsythe, RCR
Where Are the Female Christian Rappers? - Jason Bellini, CToday
The Seal Cannot Be Broken - Fr. Richard Umbers, Religion & Ethics
A Theology for 'Other' Baptists - Bob Allen, Associated Baptist Press
Onward Christian Soldiers in Iraq? - Rania Abouzeid, National Geo.
Muslims, We've Got Problems - Glenn Mohammed, Morning Herald
Polygamy Now Effectively Legal in Utah - Nate Carlisle, SL Tribune
Return to Regensburg - Fr. Raymond De Souza, Catholic Register
What to Do With Dying Religious Orders - Randall Smith, CThing
'Worship Wars' Have Died Down - Nicola Menzie, Christian Post
Watch Out for the Pharaoh Effect - Kevin Hasson, Wall St. Jrnl
Taking Church to the Mall? - Jake Meador, Fare Forward
Thursday, August 28
Larry Darrell's Guide to Growing Up - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
Forgiving My Pastor, Mark Driscoll - Celeste Gracey, Her.meneutics
How Mormons Got Politics - Naomi Schaefer Riley, Wall Street Journal
Intermarriage vs. Democracy - Mairav Zonszein, Jewish Daily Forward
The Ice Bucket's Ethical Challenge - Archbishop Aquila, DC Register
Rep. Sensenbrenner Becomes Catholic - Annysa Johnson, J-Sentinel
Kirk Cameron's Christian Nation Doesn't Exist - Laura Turner, RNS
Is Beard Cutting a Hate Crime? - Donald Kraybill, Huffington Post
The Sacred Power of the World - Stephen Blackmer, New Atlantis
Christians on the Wrong Side of History? - Roger Olson, Patheos
Interreligious Theology? - Peter Berger, The American Interest
Why I Love David Platt - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Wednesday, August 27
How They Stopped the Black Mass - Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
Is James Foley a Martyr? - David Gibson, Religion News Service
Who's in Charge of Judging Mark Driscoll? - Terry Mattingly, GR
Repairing a Relationship With Presbyterians - Rabbi Davidson, TJW
When Mormon Apostles Grow Old - Matt Crandall, RealClearReligion
Our Great Big American God - Jennifer Frayer-Griggs, Post-Gazette
When Christian Pop Was So Bad, It's Good - Mark Steele, On Faith
Pentecostals Rise Like Muslims - Philip Jenkins, Christian Century
Why This Bilingual Church Is Growing - Bobby Ross, CChronicle
Mourning Without Myth - Jay Michaelson, Jewish Daily Forward
Marcial Maciel, Just Like Mary Magdalene? - Jason Berry, NCR
The Stationary Bike of the Soul - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Tuesday, August 26
I Love My Invisible Friend - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
Iraq's Chaldeans Still Exist, for Now - John Paul Kuriakuz, WSJ
Can E.T. Phone Heaven? - Nathaniel Torrey, The Federalist
Against Open Orthodoxy - Barry Freundel, Mosaic Magazine
What the Prodigal Son Story Doesn't Mean - Amy-Jill Levine, CC
Scary Times in Mormon Seminary - Robert Kirby, Salt Lake Tribune
What's to Blame for Mark Driscoll Fiasco - Hollis Phelps, RDispatches
The Freudian Became a Catholic - Deb Ostrovsky, Tablet Magazine
Why One D.C. Church Started 'Nats Mass' - Dan Steinberg, WaPo
Evangelical vs. Liturgical? - Tom Schaefer, The Wichita Eagle
Who's Afraid of a Fictional Bible? - Anonymous, On Faith
Forgot About Mary - Philip Jenkins, Anxious Bench
Monday, August 25
Mark Driscoll Steps Down, for Now - Joel Connelly, Seattle P-I
Don't Celebrate Mark Driscoll's Demise - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
Baptists Pour Cold Water on ALS Challenge - Bob Allen, AB Press
Lord Carey: Multiculturalism to Blame - Matt Holehouse, Telegraph
Seoul's Pope Francis Syndrome - Johannes Klausa, RealClearReligion
When Mormons Rebuilt Our Synagogue - Naomi Zeveloff, Jewish Fwd
New Conservative Presbyterians Report Growth - Mike Gryboski, CP
The Hellish Sermons of Jonathan Edwards - Matthew Turner, DB
What Was the Oracle of Delphi? - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism - Ed Husain, NY Times
Reinhard Bonnke Opens U.S. Crusade - Matt Sedensky, AP
God Is Screaming in Ferguson - Fred Robinson, CNN
Saturday, August 23
The Pope's War With the Vatican - Damian Thompson, The Spectator
Charges Filed Against Mark Driscoll - Kara Kostanich, KOMO News
HHS Mandate Tweaked, Again - Jason Millman, Washington Post
What Is Christianity For? - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Why Liberals Tolerate Atheists - Chris Stedman, CNN Belief
National Cathedral, for Rent - George Conger, Anglican Ink
It Is About Religion, Obama - Eliyahu Federman, New York Post
Mainline Neo-Monasticism? - Carl McColman, Contemplative Faith
Why the Pope Wants to Bomb ISIS - Fr. Thomas Reese, NC Reporter
The Young, the Restless & the Mormons - Bennett & Fu, Atlantic
Culture Creep Christians? - Andrew Branch, World Magazine
Busting the Shtetl Myth - Andrew Koss, Mosaic Magazine
Friday, August 22
James Foley, Not a Martyr - Alana Massey, Religion Dispatches
Meet ISIS's Favorite American Imam - Niraj Warikoo, Free Press
Archdiocese Freezes Ice Bucket Charity - Carrie Smith, Enquirer
What Happened to Mars Hill's Jesus Festival? - Joel Connelly, P-I
Mormons, Beware of the Internet - Peggy Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
How to Shrink Your Church in 1 Easy Step - Alex Griswold, Federalist
Calvin & the Puritans Would've Listened to NPR - Paul Seaton, L&L
Archbishop Drops Suit Against Black Mass - Jacob Gershman, WSJ
We Need More Than Liturgy - Kirsten Guidero, Christianity Today
Goodbye Evangelicalism? - Thabiti Anyabwile, Gospel Coalition
The Anti-Semites We Deserve - Cristina Odone, Telegraph
The End of Secrets - Fr. James Schall, Catholic Pulse
Thursday, August 21
Why We Stare at Brides - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
Mark Driscoll's True God - David Murrow, Church for Men
Books Make Faith, Faith Makes Books - Philip Jenkins, Aleteia
Our Vicky Beeching Problem - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
Archbishop Sues Black Mass Organizers - Brian Fraga, NC Register
Righteous Religious Leaders in Ferguson - Paul Raushenbush, HuffPo
How Uchtdorf Upended My Apple Cart - Jerry Johnston, Deseret News
Methodists Forgive, Reconcile & Move On - Mere Naleba, Fiji Times
This Isn't Another Holocaust, But... - Deborah Lipstadt, NYTimes
6 Things to Know About Jewish Sperm - Hody Nemes, JDF
Pope vs. Pacifists - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Flight From Mosul - Benjamin Hall, FOX News
Wednesday, August 20
Why I Left Evangelicalism - Finis Leavell Beauchamp,
From Christian Radio to a Church Near You - Warren Smith, World
Who Will Stand Up for Christians? - Ronald Lauder, New York Times
Pope Francis and the Last Crusade - Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast
Episcopalians Sell Church to Baptists - Mike Gryboski, Christian Post
Mormons Begin Social Media Mission - Sarah Weaver, Deseret News
91-Year-Old Longs for Next Mission - Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
Evangelicals, Get Over Amnesty - Mark Tooley, Religion & Politics
From Christian Rock to the Latin Mass - Jim Graves, CW Report
When the Price Is Right, Churches Sell - Jeff Brumley, AB Press
Pope Francis Hints at Retirement - Josephine McKenna, RNS
Loving Jesus at the Border - Samuel Rodriguez, On Faith

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