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Wednesday, November 26
How We Got Pope Francis - John Bingham, The Telegraph
A Closer Look at the Bible's Hagar - Deb Blue, Christian Century
What Mormons Should Know About the Bible - Kelsey Berteaux, LDS
Baptists Know a Thing or Two About Racial Healing - David Roach, BP
Marriage and the Black Family - Jacqueline Rivers, Public Discourse
Should Bishops Live in Luxury? - Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, Patheos
Five Myths About Pope Francis - Maryann Love, Washington Post
HBO Prepping Bombshell Scientology Film - Tatiana Siegel, THR
If America Was a Land of 'Protestant People' - Avital Burg, JDF
C.S. Lewis in Space - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Serv.
India's Own David Koresh - Jay Michaelson, Daily Beast
Rend Marriage? Not Yet - Russell Moore, First Things
Tuesday, November 25
Mia Love's Mormon Conversion - Matt Canham, Salt Lake Tribune
When the Reformers Fell in Love - David Roach, Baptist Press
Safe Places in Ferguson - David Montgomery, Washington Post
Look Out for 'The Rob Bell Show' - Nicola Menzie, Christian Post
Rend Civil Divorce From Christian Marriage - Phil Lawler, CCulture
India's Eastern Orthodox Problem - Daniel Silliman, Rel. Dispatches
Church of England: Sunday Morning Inconvenient - John Bingham, T
Where Are Korean Megachurches Going? - Don Kirk, World Tribune
Rick Warren vs. the Sexual Revolution - Kristin Larson, JEcumenism
Punk Meets Piety for Young Muslims - Rebecca Chaouch, Huff Post
Why Not Same-Sex Marriage - Andrew Spencer, Gospel Coalition
The End of Religion as We Know It? - Sidney Callahan, America
Monday, November 24
Our Secular Salvation Myth - Giles Fraser, The Guardian
What Mark Driscoll Made at Mars Hill - Joel Connelly, Seattle P-I
Denominations Aren't Everything - George Bullard, Baptist News
Charlie Curran's Synod - Thomas Fox, National Catholic Reporter
Evangelicals Who Think They Can Raise the Dead - Will Storr, Tele.
Think the Emergent Church Is Dead? - Chelsen Vicari, Christian Post
Mormons Grappling With Their History - Ben Hawkins, Baptist Press
Why the Amish Are Booming - Alissa Scheller, The Huffington Post
What's an Anglican Evangelical? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Take a Step Back, Pope! - Fr. Mark Pilon, The Catholic Thing
No More Kent Brantlys? - Deann Alford, Christianity Today
Yiddish Isn't Enough - Jennifer Miller, New York Times
Saturday, November 22
A Father's Falter at the Wedding Altar - Michael Connell, WSJ
Why Judaism Needs Journalism - David Suissa, Jewish Journal
What It Means to Be Human - Joseph Gorra, Christianity Today
President Obama's Good Book - Michael Gryboski, Christian Post
The Man Who Put Mormons in Space - Jim Bennett, Deseret News
Evangelicals' Standing Ovations at the Vatican - Kathryn Lopez, NRO
God's Role in Climate Change? - Michelle Boorstein, Washington Post
Is Pope Francis Duping Liberals on Marriage? - Paul Kengor, TAS
The Case for Jewish-Christian Collaboration - Mark Tooley, WS
Rich Pastors Are Getting Richer - Dave Albertson, On Faith
My Son Is a God? - Jesse Oxfeld, The Jewish Daily Forward
There's Only One Pope! - Christopher Bellitto, Reuters
Friday, November 21
How to Prevent a Religious War - Jaweed Kaleem, Huffington Post
Episcopalians' Authority Problem - George Clifford, Episcopal Cafe
Disobedient Methodists, 1-Percenters - John Lomperis, JEcumenism
Evangelicals Defend Marriage at the Vatican - Alex Murashko, C Post
Why Has Pentecostalism Grown in Latin America? - David Masci, Pew
Presbyterians Fight for Historic Church - Richard Degener, Atlantic City
Mayor de Blasio and Cardinal Dolan, BFFs? - Matt Flegenheimer, NYT
The Spiritual Tempest of Bill Cosby - Joe Bissonnette, Crisis Magazine
Emergent Church Continues to Grow - Brian McLaren,
Economic Tyranny Trumps Religious Liberty - Michael Novak, WE
The Good Mormon Democrat - Tiffany Gee Lewis, Deseret News
Evangelical Liturgy, High and Low - Jake Meador, First Things
Thursday, November 20
C.S. Lewis's Achy Breaky Soul - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
The End of the Anglican Communion? - Bruce Clark, The Economist
Alarming Trends in Preacher Burnout - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News
Tocqueville and the Culture War - Richard Samuelson, Law & Liberty
No Kool-Aid in Those Black Hats - Joseph Berger, Jewish Daily Forward
How the War on Poverty Has Hurt Marriage - Robert Rector, Daily Signal
The Mainline Goes to Washington - Gene Zubovich, Religion & Politics
Are Mormons Right About Polygamy? - Richard Ostling, Religion Q&A
Why You Can't Read the Bible Alone - Gerald McDermott, CToday
The First Female Bishop Is Scared - Cathy Newman, Telegraph
How to Ship a Church - David Tereshchuk, Religion & Ethics
The Power of the Collar - Samuel Wells, Christian Century
Wednesday, November 19
Time to Rend Marriage - R.R. Reno, First Things
You've Met the 'Nones,' Now Meet the 'Dones' - Jeff Brumley, BNG
Polygamy Is Still Alive in Mormonism - Sarah Posner, RDispatches
Terror in Jerusalem - Christa Case Bryant, Christian Science Monitor
Protestants Should Heed the Pope - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Evangelicals' Double Standard - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service
Rick Warren's Purpose-Driven Marriage - Edward Pentin, NC Register
Christians & Muslims Have Coexisted Before - Fuad Nahdi, Guardian
Will Female Bishops Cause Schism? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Anglicans Should Bury Suicides - Harry de Quetteville, Telegraph
10 Books That Made Me Rethink the Bible - Peter Enns, Patheos
The Greatest Story Ever Mistold - James Carroll, On Faith
Tuesday, November 18
In Defense of Homer - Kate Havard, Washington Free Beacon
Prosperity Gospel, American Folk Magic? - Joel Miller, Two Cities
Mark Driscoll Selling Residence for $650K - Anugrah Kumar, CPost
Why Christians Are Obsessed With the Holy Land - Brian Howell, CT
10 Things to Know About Evangelicals - Warren Cole Smith, On Faith
The War Against the Sabbath - Ben Dueholm, The Christian Century
Archbishop Cupich's Meteoric Rise - Mary Ann Walsh, America Mag
Is Devout Faith a Blessing, or a Curse? - Damon Linker, The Week
Anglicans Approve Women Bishops - Tim Wyatt, Church Times
Is This a Black Mormon Moment? - Hal Boyd, Deseret News
The Death of Christian Idealism - Zach Hoag, Patheos
Abraham on Trial - Vivian Yee, New York Times
Monday, November 17
The Menorah Principle - Eugene Kontorovich, Washington Post
Dear Anglicans, I'm Sorry - Faith McDonnell, Juicy Ecumenism
Study: Millennials Hate Ugly Churches - Stephanie Samuel, CPost
Bible Museum Construction Nears - Diana Chandler, Baptist Press
What America's Ratzinger Wants to Ask the Pope - John Allen, Crux
Gay Methodists File Complaint With Church - Wes Young, W-S Journal
The Reformation According to Google Images - Philip Jenkins, Patheos
When They Killed Father Ellacuria - Michael McCarthy, New York Times
Mormon Temple Celebrates 50 Years - Liz Carlston, Huffington Post
Sacred Simpsons in Springfield - Daniel Goodman, Weekly Standard
Where Fundamentalists Are Right - Brantly Millegan, ChurchPOP
Kenya's War on Fake Pastors - Ruth Moon, Christianity Today

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