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Wednesday, July 29
How Planned Parenthood Killed God - Bishop-elect Robert Barron, RCR
Mark Driscoll Tearfully Explains Why He Quit - Leonardo Blair, CPost
Secret Catholics of Jamestown? - Adrienne LaFrance, The Atlantic
Christian University Group May Split - J.C. Derrick, World Magazine
Jehovah's Witnesses Hid Over 1K Sex Abusers - Rachel Browne, SMH
Mormons Devastated by Boy Scout Gay Vote - Michelle Boorstein, WP
Why Melinda Gates Is Spending $1 Billion on the Pill - Tim Morgan, CT
Most & Least Racially Diverse Religions - Michael Lipka, Pew Research
Protestants Sorry for Destroying Icons - Christa Lippitt, The Tablet
Errors of Liberation Theology - William Doino, First Things
The Coming Orthodox Schism? - Yair Ettinger, Haaretz
The Burden of Atheism - Domyo Burk, Patheos
Tuesday, July 28
When Pastors Go to Washington - Anna Dembowski, RealClearReligion
Gay Rights May Come at a Cost - Emma Green, The Atlantic
We Shouldn't Use Hymnals Anymore - Jonathan Aigner, Patheos
Anglican Theology & the IKEA Effect - Maria Evans, Episcopal Cafe
Should Pulpit Rabbis Preach About Iran? - Sean Savage, Jewish News
Can Hipsters Reverse Christian Decline? - Brett McCracken, WashPost
Millennials Want Membership Defined by Mission - Jeff Brumley, BNG
Welcome to the Pro-Life Moment - John Shimek, Catholic World Report
Drive-in Church Can't 'Honk for Jesus' - Meghan Bunchman, WZZM
Meet the Mormon DJ Taking Over Nightclubs - Marlow Stern, DB
America's Tranny Clergy - Matthew Maule, Juicy Ecumenism
What Is Complicity in Evil? - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
Monday, July 27
Richard Nixon's Culture War - Mark Judge, RealClearReligion
What You Should Know About Adam & Eve - Karl Giberson, On Faith
How Megachurches Are Taking Over the World - Noack & Gamio, WP
Southern Baptists Cozy Up to GOP - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News
Episcopal Bishop Bans Gay Marriage - Adrian Glass-Moore, InForum
When Mormons Were Expelled From Nauvoo - Maurine Proctor, MM
To Save American Judaism, Ban the Red Capes - Liel Leibovitz, Tablet
Turkey's Televangelists Talking About Oral Sex - Pinar Tremblay, Al-M
Pope Francis's Plan to Impoverish New York - Oren Cass, City Journal
Vatican: Politicians Against the Pope Are 'Insane' - Dan Burke, CNN
Cheers for Consecrated Women! - Pat Ashworth, Church Times
Looking Away From Abortion - Ross Douthat, NY Times
Saturday, July 25
Now Isn't the Time for the Benedict Option - David Skeel, WSJ
The Escriva Option - Austin Ruse, Crisis Magazine
Os Guinness's Grand Age of Apologetics - Tim Stafford, CToday
How One Baptist Church Rose From the Dead - Bonnie Pritchett, BP
Methodists Call for Ending Drug War - Mark Creech, Christian Post
What You Should Know About Conservative Jews - Rabbi Nudell, OF
Do Christians Have to Be Countercultural? - Steve Thorngate, CCentury
Ugandans' Version of the Joseph Smith Story - Dallin Turner, Statesman
At Catholic Funerals, Rules Are Rules - David Andreatta, D&Chronicle
The Catholic Behind the Planned Parenthood Videos - NC Register
Church World Service Sides With the Castros - Mark Tooley, JE
In Praise of Small Churches - Kira Schlesinger, Called to Endure
Friday, July 24
Our Rush to Quit the Culture War - Russell Shaw, RealClearReligion
China Cracks Down on Hong Kong Evangelists - Juliana Liu, BBC
Mennonites in Little Black Dresses - David Swartz, Anxious Bench
I'm Never Going Back to the Mormon Church - Rachel Velamur, Vice
A Religion Case Too Far for the Court? - Linda Greenhouse, NY Times
Israel's Relations With Reform Judaism - Amanda Borschel-Dan, Times
The Pope's Great Evangelical Gamble - Luke Coppen, Catholic Herald
Episcopalians Fight Alcohol Addiction - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
The Evangelical Attraction to Donald Trump - David Brody, CBN
Are We Past Peak Francis? - Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast
Why Race Matters in the Church - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
Lives for Lamborghinis? - Chuck Bentley, Christian Post
Thursday, July 23
Is This the End of Christianity? - Eliza Griswold, New York Times
What Being an Evangelical Means - Brandan Robertson, Patheos
How the Scopes Trial Created the 'Bible Belt' - Tobin Grant, RNS
The Problem With the Boycott Movement - David Heim, CCentury
FBI Tries to Revoke Citizenship of Imam - Bryan Denson, Oregonian
Where Did All the Fundamentalists Come From? - David Briggs, ARDA
What Mormons Forget About Marriage - Linda & Richard Eyre, DNews
How Nones Can Find a Sense of Community - Antonia Blumberg, HP
Why This Megachurch Needs Armed Guards - Nicola Menzie, CPost
Collapse of the Middle-Class Clergy - David Wheeler, The Atlantic
Walking Out on Catholic Bishop? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Pope Francis's Favorable Rating Drops - Art Swift, Gallup
Wednesday, July 22
Donald Trump's Toy Sacraments - Joel Miller, Ancient Faith
Planned Parenthood's Lamborghini Babies - Sean Davis, Federalist
John Kasich's Christianity Could Raise Hell - Elizabeth Bruenig, TNR
When Congress and Religion Mix - Noah Feldman, Bloomberg View
Nikki Haley Changed by Church Massacre - Jennifer Berry Hawes, P&C
Lutherans Oust Outspoken Pastor - Lilly Fowler, St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Stamp of History for Flannery O'Connor - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
What's in a Name, Episcopal Church? - John Bauerschmidt, Covenant
How Arrested Helped Me Read the Bible - Roberto De La Noval, FT
German Catholic Church in Freefall - Thomas Williams, Breitbart
Hillary Clinton's Favorite Dostoevsky Line - Matt Becklo, Aleteia
Is Polygamy Next? - William Baude, New York Times
Tuesday, July 21
The Return of Benedict XVI - Damian Thompson, The Spectator
Will Churches Be Denied Insurance? - Daniel Devine, World Magazine
How Pixar Can Teach Evangelicals to Be Sad - Ethan McCarthy, CToday
Churches Go Forth and Multiply - Kristin Holmes, Philadelphia Inquirer
Mormons' Chance to Diversify Top Leadership - Peggy Stack, SLTrib
Did Jesus Really Support Redistribution? - Lawrence Reed, YAF
Anglicans Vote to Protect the Planet - Drake, Davies & Wyatt, CT
The Clerk Who Won't Issue Gay Marriage Licenses - Adam Beam, AP
Why Is Pope Francis Obsessed With the Devil? - Fr. Tom Rosica, CNN
Who Gets Married in a Church Anymore? - Victoria Ward, Telegraph
Franklin Graham's Intolerance - Jonathan Merritt, The Atlantic
Orthodoxy Changes! - Avi Shafran, Jewish Daily Forward
Monday, July 20
The Most Beautiful Churches in the World - Anna Dembowski, RCR
Getting Married in the Graveyard - Tom Murphy, Associated Press
The Dilemma Facing American Jews - Rabbi Hyim Shafner, JJournal
Donald Trump: I Don't Need God's Forgiveness - Eugene Scott, CNN
The Exhausting Papacy of Francis - Carl Olson, Catholic World Report
When It's OK to Leave the Mormon Church - Kate Kelly, Salt Lake Trib
The Episcopal Way to Be Christian - Katherine Karr-Cornejo, ECafe
Surprising Faith of 'Alice in Wonderland' Author - Karen Prior, WP
Luis Palau to Pastors: Stay Out of Politics! - Nicola Menzie, CPost
These Religious Wars - David Pence, Minneapolis Star Tribune
Planned Parenthood and the Jesuits - Matt Hennessey, Crisis
We Need the Marines - Mac Stewart, The Living Church

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