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Wednesday, July 27
The D.C. Pastor in Charge of the DNC - Hamil R. Harris, Washington Post
Muslims at the Democratic National Convention - Dalia Hatuqa, Al Jazeera
Two Questions Neither Convention Is Asking - Ken Chitwood, Sojourners
Escaping This Toxic Political Season - A. James Rudin, RNS
Religious Opposition to Genetic Engineering - Ruth Gledhill, CT
The Days of '47 Parade and Today's Generation - Valerie Johnson, Deseret
Oklahoman Could Be First U.S.-Born Priest Beatified - Bobby Ross, GR
A Baptist Scholar Debunks Anti-Catholic History - Ann Corkery, NR
Krakow and the Birth of a New Movement - John L. Allen Jr., Crux
The Murder of a French Priest - Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian
European Islam's Current Problems Reflect an Old Mistake - Economist
The Dawn of a New Age of Unreason - Khaled Abou El Fadl, ABC R&E
Tuesday, July 26
Died: Tim LaHaye, Author of "Left Behind" - Jeremy Weber, CT
Can Hillary Clinton Close the "God Gap?" - David Gibson, Crux
Is Tim Kaine a "Pope Francis" Catholic? - John Gehring, Medium
Speed Dating for the Consecrated Life - Samuel G. Freedman, NYT
Catholics, Orthodox, & White Christian America - Maureen Fiedler, NCR
Pope Francis and Poland Differ on Migrants - Monika Scislowska, FOX
Behind Our Culture's Obsession With Possession - Jesse Carey, Relevant
Social Problems and Religion - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Listen: America and the Word - Mark Noll, Library of Law & Liberty
Who Is Leaving the LDS Church? - Jana Riess, Religion News Service
Analysis: Being Muslim in America - The Week
A Movie God for Sure: An Indian Star's Spiritual Appeal - Jim Davis, GR
Monday, July 25
Five Faith Facts About Tim Kaine - Kimberly Winston, Religion News Service
Evangelical Catholic: Religious or Political Term? - Terry Mattingly, GR
DNC and the Hyde Amendment - Russell Moore & Michael Wear, USA Today
Immigrants and Trump's Sunday School - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Black Church Leaders Address Climate Change - Oliver Milman, Guardian
Boy Scouts After Easing Gay Ban - Brady McCcombs & David Crary, Deseret
Treks Give Mormon Teens a Taste of Pioneer Past - Peggy Stack, SLT
Can Online Church Services Replace In-Person Worship? - PBS R&E
"Odd Rituals," Community, and Signaling - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
The Fragility at the Heart of Humanity - Krista Tippett, On Being
The Four Saints of Krakow's World Youth Day - Dwight Longenecker, Crux
A Long-Banned Buddhist Rite Takes Place in Tibet - Anthony Kuhn, NPR
Saturday, July 23
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 5 - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
Religion and the Republican National Convention - R&E NewsWeekly
Trump's Speech Forgets Prayer and God - Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic
The Term "Evangelical" Has Become Meaningless - Thomas S. Kidd, WP
A Religious Liberty Series That Delivers a Punch - Julia Duin, GetReligion
Lutherans Armor Up to Defend Women - Korey Maas, Wall Street Journal
A Mormon Tycoon Is Building a Mega-Utopia - Caroline Winter, Bloomberg
This Pastor Shut Down Zimbabwe With Facebook - Brian Pellot, Deseret
The New Major Feast of St. Mary Magdalene - Kathryn Jean Lopez, Crux
The Page to Damascus - Edward Simon, Killing the Buddha
Why Frivolous Pop Culture Matters - Luke T. Harrington, CaPC
"Star Trek," Judaism, and No-Win Situations - Moshe Rosenberg, Tablet
Friday, July 22
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 4 - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
Frank Deford and "Sportianity" - Paul Putz, Religion in American History
Women and the Spiritualist Origins of Ghostbusters - Colin Dickey, TNR
The Benedict Option Still Stands - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Why Churches Can't Endorse Candidates - Billy Hallowell, Deseret News
Carson, Clinton, Colbert, and... Lucifer? - Julia Duin, GetReligion
A Tale of Two Falwell Brothers - Brandon Ambrosino, Politico Magazine
How Trump Divided and Conquered Evangelicals - Sarah Posner, RS
Episcopal Seminary Funeral March Underway? - Jeffrey Walton, IRD
Mormon Women Fear Eternal Polygamy, Study Shows - Jana Riess, RNS
Masculinity and the Baton Rouge Shooter - Spencer Dew, Sightings
Vatican Defends "The Joy of Love" From Critics - Nicole Winfield, America
Thursday, July 21
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 3 - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
Some Christians Are Talking About Race - Courtland Milloy, WaPo
Church at the Speed of Life - Rebekah Simon-Peter
When a Gold Medal Isn't the Highest Goal - Elisa Cipollone, LifeZette
The Virgin and the Donald - Matthew Milliner, First Things
Are Trump and Pence Anti-Catholic? - Jacob Lupfer, Patheos
Muslims, the Media, and the GOP - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Muslims for Trump Speak Up - Manya Brachear Pashman, Chicago Tribune
Russian Orthodox Church Reacts to Crete Council - Tom Heneghan, RNS
Mormon Missionaries in Russia Now "Volunteers" - Sam Penrod, Deseret
The Cultural War Brewing Inside the IDF - Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor
Evidence of New World Religious Dialogue - Mark Brown, The Guardian
Wednesday, July 20
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 2 - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
Scientists Use Imaging Technology on Saints - Janet Tappin Coelho, RNS
Race and Policing: It Starts With the Stop - Leah Gunning Francis, R&P
Religious Restrictions Report: Three Takeaways - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Lawyer Delivers Sikh Prayer at GOP Convention - Seema Mehta, LAT
The Mormon "Extermination Order" and Trump - Ann Cannon, SLT
Can This Group Get the Amish to Vote for Trump? - Regan Morris, BBC
A Space for Struggle in Youth Group Culture - Alan Noble, ERLC
"Ghostbusters" Speaks to People of Faith - Jim McDermott, America
God and Man in Hollywood - Mark Judge, Library of Law & Liberty
Facing Terror, Only Good Religion Can Defeat Bad - Austen Ivereigh, Crux
The Garden of Eden Is Now a World Heritage Site - J. Phippen, Atlantic
Tuesday, July 19
Trends in Church Architecture, Part 1 - Ed Stetzer, Christianity Today
America's Colorful Christian Entertainment Destinations - WaPo
The End of White Protestantdom in America - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Pastor Launches "Doubters Club" - Billy Hallowell, Deseret News
Do Churches Help Solve Social Problems? - Ryan Hammill, Sojourners
LDS Church Rolls Out "Meet the Mormons" Sequel - Peggy Stack, SLT
Nun Who Defied Billy the Kid Will Get TV Show - Russell Contreras, Crux
Aspiring Nun Crowdfunds Student Loan Debt - James Dennin, Mic
An "Honor Killing" and Blaming "Conservatives" - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Moorish Scientists Struggle With Reputation - Amanda Abrams, RNS
Attack in Nice Turns Spotlight on Religious Divisions - Alissa Rubin, NYT
Islamic Exceptionalism, and Why It Matters - Shadi Hamid, ABC R&E
Monday, July 18
Perry Noble and Pastors Who Struggle With Addiction - Sarah Zylstra, CT
Evangelicals Gather for Prayer Rally in Washington - Adelle Banks, RNS
How Politics and Polls Killed the Term "Evangelical" - Thomas Kidd, TGC
UMC Elects First Openly Gay Bishop - Carey Lodge, Christian Today
Religious Liberty: Is Wedding Photography Art? - Warren Richey, CSM
A Black Family in a White Supremacist Jesus Cult - Snap Judgment
Religious Currents on America's Pacific Shore - The Economist
Watch: Deacons in the Catholic Church - PBS Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly
Framing the Bottom Line on Opposition to the Pope - John Allen, Crux
This Sikh Keeps Getting Blamed for Terrorism - Herb Scribner, Deseret
Watch: Is Religion to Blame for Violence? - Al Jazeera
The Islamic Scholar Turkey Blames for Failed Coup - Valerie Strauss, WP

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