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Saturday, September 24
Is Secularism, Not Religion, Set to Decline? - Billy Hallowell, Deseret News
Many "Nones" Won't Show Up on Election Day - Lauren Markoe, RNS
The Democrats' Methodist Moment - Kenneth L. Woodward, WSJ
Pastors Begged Me to Reconsider NeverTrump - Erick Erickson, WaPo
Nativism and the New Know-Nothings - The Editors, America Magazine
Pope Francis' Prophetic Address to Congress - John Gehring, RNS
Pope: Fear-Mongering Journalism Is "Terrorism" - Philip Pullella, Reuters
Video: Religion and Black History - Kim Lawton, R&E NewsWeekly
The High Holidays, Rabbis, and Therapists - Simon Feuerman, Tablet
When Christians Watch an All-Muslim Movie - Jeffrey Overstreet, CT
Coverage of the Georgia State Hijab Controversy - Jim Davis, GetReligion
The Shrine Where Indians Pray for U.S. Visas - Michael Schulson, AO
Friday, September 23
Trump's Heavyweight Catholic Advisers - Thomas Fitzgerald, Phi. Inq.
Where Have All the Catholic Intellectuals Gone? - James Keane, America
Christian Leaders React to This Week's Police Shootings - Relevant
Can U.S. Civil Religion Tolerate Dissent? - John Stackhouse, Sightings
Religion and Resistance at a New National Museum - Anita Little, RD
Experiencing the Life of Jeses in Virtual Reality - Hannah Brockhaus, Crux
On the Theology of Sleep - Karl Gustel Warnberg, First Things
Mormon Love, Sex, and Marriage - Peggy Fletcher Stack, Salt Lake Tribune
One Teen's Quest to Create a Hijab Emoji - Billy Hallowell, Deseret News
How Gefilte Fish Got Its Groove Back - Adam Chandler, The Atlantic
Why Do Most People Leave Religion? - Kimberly Winston, RNS
My Life as a "None" - Susanna Schrobsdorff, Time
Thursday, September 22
Christian Radio Is Booming - Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, Christianity Today
"The Babylon Bee" and Religious Satire - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
The Church Can Rescue Us From Our Smartphones - Russell Moore, WP
Growing Up Evangelical and Covering Trump - Adam Ragusea, Current
Religious Voters Feel Conflicted - Marisa Penaloza & Tom Gjelten, NPR
Pope Francis' U.S. Trip, One Year Later - Donald Wuerl, RealClearReligion
Cafeteria Catholics and American Politics - Emma Green, The Atlantic
How BYU Can Get Into the Big 12 - Gordon Monson, Salt Lake Tribune
Chabad and College Religious Identity - Menachem Wecker, RNS
A Response to Calvin in the Secular Classroom - Constance Furey, SSRC
Technology Unlocks the Secrets of a Biblical Scroll - Nicholas Wade, NYT
Better Know a Religion Blog: Sightings - Adam Miller, Religion Bulletin
Wednesday, September 21
Uncensored Storytelling as Church Outreach - Jennifer Haglund, CT
Finding Religion Through Science - Emily McFarlan Miller, RNS
Video: The Wisdom of Religious Leaders - CBS News
Muslim. Black. Women. - Engy Abdelkader, The Huffington Post
"The New Jim Crow" Author Moves to Seminary - Faithfully Magazine
Court OKs Christian Prayers at County Board Meetings - Yahoo! News
Trump's Israel Ground Game - Katie Glueck, Politico
Why Donald Trump Is Losing Catholic Voters - Jacob Lupfer, R&P
Give Detroit a Cardinal, Pope Francis - Nicholas G. Hahn III, Detroit News
Pope Francis Slams "Paganism of Indifference" - Hannah Brockhaus, CNA
Missionaries Struggle Under Russia's New Law - Michael Chandler, WaPo
Japan's Newest Technology: Priest Delivery - Jonathan Soble, NYT
Tuesday, September 20
When Hollywood Puts God on Screen - Mark Kellner, Deseret News
Getting Religion: Faith, Culture, and Politics - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Prayer and Politics in Congress - Francine Kiefer, Christian Science Monitor
Pope U.S. Trip Anniversary: Two Important Moments - John Allen, Crux
White Christian America and Trump, Part 2 - Jennifer Rubin, WaPo
James Dobson and Christian Pessimism - Mark Tooley, IRD
LDS Scholar, Ex-Mormon Team Up to Debate - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
A Portrait of America's First Atheists - Timothy Larsen, Christianity Today
Lund and the Quest for Christian Unity - Timothy George, First Things
Divine Inspiration for the Fashion World - John Bingham, The Telegraph
A Start-Up Wants to Grow Kosher Meat in a Lab - Sarah Zhang, Atlantic
"Kung Fu" Nuns Bike to Oppose Human Trafficking - Nita Bhalla, Reuters
Monday, September 19
I Used to Be a Human Being - Andrew Sullivan, New York Magazine
What Leads to Pastor Burnout? - Holly Meyer, The Tennessean
Donald Trump and a Nation "Under One God" - Sarah McCammon, NPR
White Christian America and Trump, Part 1 - Jennifer Rubin, WaPo
Segregation Is Alive at These Christian Schools - Jonathan Merritt, TDB
Attitudes Towards Religious Free Exercise - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
The American Suspicion of Nonbelievers - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Religion and Public Trust in News Media - Terry Mattingly, GetReligion
Both U.S. and LDS History at Temple Dedication - Sarah Weaver, Deseret
The Spiritual Battle Over the Dakota Access Pipeline - Emily Miller, RNS
Emma Donoghue on Fasting and Faith - Alexandra Schwartz, New Yorker
Hillsong: A Secular Lens on an Evangelical Band - Joe Coscarelli, NYT
Saturday, September 17
Video: Chaplains and Spiritual Healthcare - David Tereshchuk, PBS R&E
"The Vessel" Film Explores Suffering and Belief - Christopher White, Crux
When Does Praying Make Others Uneasy? - Leah Libresco, FiveThirtyEight
The Weird Story Behind Grape Juice Communion - Luke Harrington, CT
More People Ask Loved Ones to Officiate - Laura Geggel, Live Science
Gender Politics in the New ESV - Carolyn Custis James, Missio Alliance
Three Truths About Christianity and LGBT Issues - Jonathan Merritt, RNS
A Troubling Report Targeting Religious Freedom - Charles Haynes, WaPo
A New Path for Christian Political Engagement - Ezekiel Kweku, MTV
Philly to Mormons: Come, Come, Ye Saints - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
A Mosque Arsonist and Jews for Jesus - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Facing Islam's Inconsistent Embrace of Women - Diaa Hadid, NYT
Friday, September 16
Coffee: The Beverage That Fuels the Church - Martyn Wendell Jones, CT
Bidding Farewell to Garrison Keillor's Church - Ethan McCarthy, CaPC
Are Candidates Even Allowed to Speak at Churches? - Tobin Grant, RNS
Donald Trump Splits the Catholic-Evangelical Bloc - Neil J. Young, RD
God Loves Donald Trump. Right? - Thomas B. Edsall, The New York Times
One Man's Modern Mormon Utopia - Jaimie Seaton, Atlas Obscura
In the Safe Spaces on Campus, No Jews Allowed - Anthony Berteaux, WaPo
Muslims Surpass Atheists as Most Unpopular - Kimberly Winston, SLT
Typecast as a Terrorist in Acting and Airports - Riz Ahmed, The Guardian
France's Crisis of Faith in Laicite - Madeleine Elfenbein, Sightings
Mapping an Eastern Orthodox Future - Peter Bouteneff, Christian Century
Pope's Inter-Faith Summit Belongs to a Revolution - John Allen Jr., Crux
Thursday, September 15
Video: The $1.2 Trillion Economic Impact of U.S. Religion - Faith Counts
The Conflict Between Secular Ideals and Faith - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Archbishop: Religious Freedom Is Not Code for Discrimination - Crux
Are American Christians Persecuted? - Ed Cyzewski, Christian Today
Meet the Pastor Who Prays With Donald Trump - Elizabeth Dias, Time
Fewer U.S. Mormons Say They're Republicans - Thomas Burr, SL Tribune
Black Judaica and the New Smithsonian - Sam Kestenbaum, Forward
Halal Food Is a Hit in America - Craig Giammona & Jeff Green, Bloomberg
Being Both Religious and Scientifically Literate - Sarah Vickery,
Pope Softens Stance on Divorce - Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian
Russia Combines Firepower With Faith - Andrew Higgins, New York Times
Christians Push for Middle Eastern Homeland - Perry Chiaramonte, FOX
Wednesday, September 14
"The Loves of the Popes" and the New Normal - David Gibson, SLT
Pope Calls Slain French Priest a "Martyr" - Ines San Martin, Crux
Thomas Merton and Liturgical Reform - Gregory K. Hillis, ABC R&E
Catholics Have Much to Learn About Islam - Michael O'Loughlin, America
AP Style Question: Are Lutherans Also Christians? - Terry Mattingly, GR
Spirituality Sustains Oil Protest - G. Jeffrey MacDonald, The Living Church
The Stories of Scripture and America - Andrew Whitworth, CaPC
Teaching Calvin in the Secular Classroom - Jonathan Sheehan, NYT
Mormon Heavenly Mother Featured in Bestseller - Jana Riess, RNS
Group Seeks a New Christian Approach to Politics - Kirkland An, Deseret
The Problem of Pronouns and Pluralism - Jake Meador, Mere Orthodoxy
Three Views: Clinton, Trump, or Neither? - Christianity Today

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