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Saturday, August 27
The Pastor Who Kimye and Bieber Made Famous - Jeff Sharlet, Esquire
The Moral Heart of "Hamilton" - Alexi Sargeant, First Things
New Super-Man Reinvents the Redemption Story - Blaine Grimes, CaPC
Generosity of Blood Donors Creates Miracles - Elisa Cipollone, LifeZette
Re-Enchanting the World Through Protest - Patrick Gilger, America
Statistical Mischief and "The Catholic Vote" - Ashley McGuire, RCReligion
A New Mormon "Never-Trump" Coalition - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SLT
Why Is the Election Missing Culture War Issues? - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Why America's "Nones" Left Religion Behind - Michael Lipka, Pew
Did the Prosperity Gospel Save a Guatemalan Town? - Amy Bracken, PRI
Benedict XVI Gives Rare Interview - Elise Harris, Catholic News Agency
France's High Court Clears Up Burkini's Legality - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Friday, August 26
Where Are Our Faith Leaders? - E.J. Dionne Jr., The Washington Post
Jerry Falwell Jr. Dishonors Christianity - Peter Wehner, National Review
Catholics Discuss the Legacy of Welfare Reform - Matt Hadro, CNA
How the Working Class Shaped Religion in America - Matthew Pehl, RD
Protecting Kids From Faith-Based Bullying - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret News
How God as Trinity Dissolves Racism - Richard Rohr, Sojourners
The Future of the Mormon Church? It's Latino - Raul A. Reyes, NBC News
Does a New Planet Challenge Christianity? - Mark Woods, Christian Today
How Climate Change Strengthened My Faith - Rosina Pohlmann, RNS
Are You a Registered .catholic? - Jim McDermott, America Magazine
US Bishops, Iranian Clergy Seek Abolition of WMDs - Mark Pattison, Crux
Saudis and Extremism: Arsonists and Firefighters - Scott Shane, NYT
Thursday, August 25
"No Man's Sky," C. S. Lewis, and the Spirit of Our Age - C. T. Casberg, CT
Religious Groups Use Food to Talk About Faith - Herb Scribner, Deseret
The Website for Things Mother Teresa Didn't Say - Mary Rezac, CNA
Reinventing Church in Post-Katrina New Orleans - Ellen Blue, RD
Chaplains Treating for "Moral Injury" - Natalie Hauff, The Post and Courier
Religious Traditionalists and LGBT Activists - Jacob Lupfer, RNS
Trump Makes a Place for Faith - Michael O'Loughlin, America Magazine
The Jewish Creators of Curious George - Emily Schneider, Tablet Magazine
Meet the "Muslim Mr. Rogers" of Nashville - Holly Meyer, The Tennessean
An Anglican Alliance and Backdoor Funds - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
Vatican Issues Its Own Sex Ed Guidelines - Ines San Martin, Crux
A Look at Religious Tolerance in Indonesia - Natashya Gutierrez, Rappler
Wednesday, August 24
Why More Americans Aren't Going To Church - Emma Green, The Atlantic
What Do Americans Look for in a Church? - David Masci, Pew Research
We Have Been Warned - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Trump Divided and Conquered the Religious Right - Trevin Wax, SLT
There is More to the Christian Intellectuals Story - Albert Mohler
Joshua Harris Rethinks "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" - Ruth Graham, Slate
Aboard Noah's Ark, in a Kentucky Corn Field - Tim Townsend, R&P
The Case for Religious Studies - William Gruen, Inside Higher Ed
Why Religion Reporting Matters - Barney Zwartz, ABC Religion & Ethics
Finding God on the Small Screen - Margaret Lyons & James Poniewozik, NYT
Islam in Western Cinema, Part 3 - Omer M. Mozaffar,
The U.S. Gets Its First Hindu Stamp - Julie Zauzmer, The Washington Post
Tuesday, August 23
Is Diversity Making America Less Religious? - Daniel Cox, FiveThirtyEight
The Theology of Election Polls - Alan Levinovitz & Michael Schulson, RD
Faith-Based "Charitable Choice" - Carl Esbeck & Stanley Carlson-Thies, RFI
Church-Affiliated Colleges and LGBT Students - Ben Adler, NPR
LDS Website Will Educate on Religious Freedom - Tad Walch, Deseret
Mideast Christians and America's Moral Duties - Mark Tooley, The Stream
Water Fee Taps Detroit Churches - Nicholas G. Hahn III, The Detroit News
Justification: Catholicism and the ELCA - Martin E. Marty, Sightings
Athletes and Spiritual Issues Post-Olympics - Jim Davis, GetReligion
Christian and Jew Trace Anti-Judaism to Its Roots - A. James Rudin, RNS
Fatwa Hotline: "We Have Heard Everything" - Hamida Ghafour, Guardian
The Secret Libraries of History - Fiona Macdonald, BBC Culture
Monday, August 22
Why Values Voters Value Donald Trump - Daniel K. Williams, NYT
What is Jerry Falwell Jr. Doing? - John Fea, The Way of Improvement
Catholic Leaders on the Milwaukee Riots - National Catholic Register
Listen: Irish Nuns and Welfare - Tony Gill, Research on Religion
Pop Musician Creates Mother Teresa Logo - Nirmala Carvalho, Crux
Swahili LDS Branch Offers Wounded Souls New Hope - Peggy Stack, SLT
Obituary Writer Describes Life on the Death Beat - Richard Ostling, GR
Business That Puts Purpose Over Profit - John Larson, R&E NewsWeekly
Does Religion Determine Altruism? - Tania Lombrozo, Cosmos & Culture
"Preacher" Has Violence, but Also Church Meetings - Kathryn Reklis, CC
A Christian's Murder and American Cultural Tensions - Kevin Jones, CNA
The Problems Faced by Christians in the Arab World - The Economist
Saturday, August 20
Faith-Based Relief in Louisiana Flooding - Kim Lawton, R&E NewsWeekly
Ben-Hur: A New Twist on the Tale of the Christ - Alissa Wilkinson, CT
The Secret Jews of The Hobbit - Meir Soloveichik, Commentary Magazine
Church Curmudgeon: The Funniest Guy on Twitter - Mary Rezac, CNA
Olympian Katie Ledecky's Catholic Faith - Chris Kudialis, NC Register
Godparents to Godfriends - Kaya Oakes, America Magazine
Where Did the Footprints Poem Come From? - Justin Taylor, TGC
All Nations Under God: The American Bible Society - D.G. Hart, WSJ
Evangelicals for Trump: In Power or Persecuted? - S.D. Kelly, CaPC
Words Still Matter: The Ethics of Campaign Speech - David Gushee, RNS
A Religion Columnist's Exit Interview - Laura Kwerel, Interfaith Voices
The History Behind France's "Burkini" Bans - Amanda Taub, NYT
Friday, August 19
Runner Who Helped Competitor Is Fueled by Faith - Kevin J. Jones, Crux
"Stranger Things," a Show of Faith - Liel Leibovitz, Tablet Magazine
Botched Jesus Painting Will Get Comedic Opera - Catholic News Agency
Uneasy Partners: Religion in the Workplace - Melody Hahm, Yahoo!
Bible Society Looks Back, Ahead - Celeste Kennel-Shank, Christian Century
Evangelicals and Christian Intellectualism - Jake Meador, Mere Orthodoxy
Tony Perkins Ditches Theodicy After Home Floods - Mark Silk, RNS
Few Pastors Asked to Perform Same-Sex Weddings - Bob Smietana, CT
Retired LDS Lobbyist Joins LGBT Mormon Group - Peggy Stack, SLT
Ideals and Passion: The Spiritual Is Political - Omid Safi, On Being
Preserving Our Freedom: America at War - Peter J. Leithart, First Things
Why Do Black Activists Care About Palestine? - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Thursday, August 18
Does God Exist in the Marvel Universe? - Herb Scribner, Deseret News
The Melodrama of Disaster Leaves Us Vulnerable - Noah Berlatsky, RD
Nike Celebrates the "Iron Nun" in Olympics Ad - David Griner, Adweek
Dallas Bishop to Head New Vatican Dicastery - Elise Harris, NC Register
Do Copyrights Help or Hurt Bible Translation? - Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra, CT
Evangelical Leaders Urge Halting of Execution - Antonia Blumberg, HuffPo
Are Trump and Clinton Equally Flawed? - Jacob Lupfer, Patheos
Futuristic Zion Lacks Support From Mormon Church - Tony Semerad, SLT
Yeshivas Take Lesson in Secular Studies - Leslie Brody, Wall Street Journal
Pilgrims Visit Church Where Mother Teresa Prayed - Valerie Plesch, RNS
Holy Mary in a Bikini? #BurkiniBan - Jennifer S. Bryson, Arc of the Universe
Can Islam and Liberalism Coexist? - Isaac Chotiner, Slate
Wednesday, August 17
LA Flood Victims Become Helpers - Kevin Jones, National Catholic Register
How Pope Francis Chooses New Cardinals - Gerard O'Connell, America
Feast of Assumption's Deep Roots in Baltimore - Mark Zimmermann, Crux
In Defense of the Church Building - Emily C. Heath, The Christian Century
"Celebrate Recovery" Helped Evangelicals Open Up - Kate Shellnutt, CT
Priest-Turned-Pundit John McLaughlin Dead at 89 - FOX News
The Moral Tribalism of Contemporary Politics - Michael Schulson, R&P
The Founding Fathers on Ministers and Public Office - John Fea, RNS
In Appeal to Utah, Trump Leaves out Mormons - Robert Gehrke, SLT
College Students Care About Interfaith Programs - Kelsey Dallas, Deseret
Sunni-Shia Harmony in America - Kim Lawton, R&E NewsWeekly
Swimsuit Secularism in France - Christopher Dickey, The Daily Beast

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