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Saturday, March 28
Imagine a World of George Baileys - Robert Dickie, RealClearReligion
Life After Ultra-Orthodox Judaism - Farah Halime, The Guardian
The Climate Gospel - Matthew Maule, Juicy Ecumenism
Stop Using That Word, Mr. Schaefer - Chad Holtz, UMC Holiness
If You Don't Like Mormonism, Why Not Leave? - Mette Harrison, RNS
Liberation Theology vs. Netanyahu - Mark Tooley, American Spectator
Group Urges IRS to Investigate Ted Cruz at Liberty U - Bob Allen, BNG
Why People Are Afraid of Dante? - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
Chilean Backlash Threatens Pope's Reform Agenda - Jason Berry, HP
Did the AP Change Its God-Style? - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
Scientology's Made-Up Words - Britt Peterson, Boston Globe
I Wanted That Kid Dead - Russell Saltzman, First Things
Friday, March 27
Rick & Kay Warren, Megachurch Megaplanners - Erika Ritchie, OCR
Does Judaism Need Lent? - Rabbi Jason Miller, My Jewish Learning
George Zimmerman's Bad Theology - Antonia Blumberg, Huff Post
What Will Happen to Presbyterians Now? - Richard Ostling, Patheos
After Gay Marriage, More Presbyterians Leave - Michael Gryboski, CP
An Interfaith Alliance to Aid Refugees - Georgette Bennett, Wall St. Jrnl
What the State Doesn't Get to Say - John Owen, Arc of the Universe
Religious Convictions Are Deep - Michael Novak, New York Times
Karen Armstrong's Holy Terror - Philip Jenkins, Christian Century
Stop Expecting Islam to Be Christian - Joe Carter, Acton Institute
Why Joseph Smith's Hat Matters - Daniel Peterson, Deseret News
Dumb Religion Reporters - Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist
Thursday, March 26
The Pope Francis Effect Might Be Real - David Gibson, Religion News
Greek Orthodox Bishop vs. the Nazis - John Couretas, Acton Institute
Indiana to Lose Disciples of Christ Convention? - Sarah Bailey, WaPo
Anglican Church's First Husband-Wife Bishops - Madeleine Davies, CT
Putin's Corrupted Orthodoxy - Philip Jenkins, American Conservative
Don't Bet Against Cardinal Pell - George Weigel, Denver Catholic Reg.
Why I Don't Call Myself a 'Mormon Feminist' - Stacie Duce, Deseret
Millennial Evangelicals in Name Only - Chelsen Vicari, The Stream
Christianity's 7 Revolutions - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
How We Define Religion Matters - Thomas Whitley, Marginalia
Pakistani Christians Fight Back - Ali Sethi, New York Times
What Is Deism? - Thomas Kidd, The Anxious Bench
Wednesday, March 25
Bill O'Reilly's Muslim Jesus - Jonathan Merritt, Religion News Service
America's Most Inspiring Rabbis - Cohen & Efrem, Jewish Forward
Losing Faiths in the Middle East - Mark Movsesian, Law & Liberty
Ted Talks Jesus at Liberty University - Chelsen Vicari, JEcumenism
Archbishop Cupich's Immigration Crusade - Michelle Martin, CNW
Bishop Jefferts Schori vs. Climate Denial - Suzanne Goldenberg, Grdn
Conservative Anabaptists vs. Fundamentalism - Rich Preheim, MWR
Utahn Used Mormon Ties to Rip Off Investors - Tom Harvey, SLT
Why Evangelicals Support Israel - Richard Land, Christian Post
Nigeria's Sectarian Struggles - Tolu Ogunlesi, NY Times
Thieves in the Pulpit - Alix Jules, The Graffiti Wall
Why Hell? - Candida Moss, The Daily Beast
Tuesday, March 24
Rick Warren's Saddleback Church at 35 - Brooke Staggs, OC Register
Ted Cruz at the Evangelical Notre Dame - Betsy Woodruff, Slate
Evangelicals Don't Want Ted Cruz - Elizabeth Bruenig, New Republic
Pope Francis's Holy Year - Christopher Howse, The Telegraph
Do We Keep Scripture a Secret? - Hamblin & Peterson, Deseret News
Lutheran Pastor in High Heels and Lipstick - Anne Ford, Reader
Presbyterians to Ordain First Lesbian Couple - Margie Fishman, N-J
Our Obsession With Heaven & Hell - Alissa Wilkinson, Christianity Today
Why Millennials Are Leaving Churches - Erin Lane, Washington Post
Secret Protestant Churches in Ukraine - Simon Ostrovsky, VICE
The Bible's Scariest Number - Richard Ostling, Religion Q & A
Is Sunday School Doomed? - Melissa Pandika, Ozymandias
Monday, March 23
Pope Francis in the Death Chamber - Pat Callahan, RealClearReligion
How the Ultimate Scandal Saved One Pastor - John Blake, CNN
CNN's Love Song to Liberal Pentecostalism - Terry Mattingly, GR
Methodist Ordination Vows Don't Really Matter - Ben Boruff, UMR
Why Elevation Church Doesn't Have a Cross - Tim Funk, Observer
The Case for Canonizing G.K. Chesterton - James Parker, Atlantic
Jewish Studies in the Bible Belt - Jarrod Tanny, Jewish Daily Forward
Change Comes, Even to Mormons - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
What Keeps the Church in Bad Hoods - Giles Fraser, The Guardian
Politics Needs Anabaptists - Tim Huber, Mennonite World Review
In Denial About the Sexual Revolution - Pascal Gobry, The Week
Faith Without Work - David Briggs, Ahead of the Trend
Saturday, March 21
The Lost World of Adam and Eve - Kevin Emmert, Christianity Today
Gay Marriage Means Empty Churches - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
What Makes a Catholic Hospital Catholic? - Trancik & Barina, U.S.C
How Ronnie Floyd Came to Lead Baptists - Erin Roach, Baptist Press
Strategy for the Benedict Option - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
How Methodists Kept Homeless Off Church Steps - Linda Kaufman, RNS
Why Did Christianity Grow? - Kevin DeYoung, The Gospel Coalition
How This Mormon Got Over Sex Abuse - John Bottema, JPBottema
Stop Overregulating Bible Colleges! - John Mauck, Wall St. Journal
What's in the Reformation Museum - John Hanc, New York Times
Evangelicals Under Attack in Crimea - Andrew Boyd, Anglican Ink
The Life & Death of Father Baker - Terry Mattingly, On Religion
Friday, March 20
A Very Christian Cinderella - Fr. Robert Barron, RealClearReligion
The New Entrepreneurial Evangelicals - David Swartz, Patheos
Who Is Today's Catholic Voter? - Russell Shaw, Our Sunday Visitor
Supersessionism and All That - Peter Berger, The American Interest
Yoga Stations of the Cross? - Rod Dreher, The American Conservative
Why Francis Favors Reality Over Ideas - Chris Bellitto, Christian Century
Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Convert to Judaism? - Gary Rosenblatt, Jewish Week
What Mormons Should Know About Jesus on TV - Trent Toone, DN
Bill de Blasio, Champion of Religion - Otterman & Grynbaum, NYT
A Very Christian Sound of Music - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
In Defense of Tradition - Peter Wehner, Commentary Magazine
Don't Be Afraid of Nones - Jeff Brumley, Baptist News Global
Thursday, March 19
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Feminist Passover - Michelle Boorstein, WaPo
How Creflo Dollar Got His Millions - Peter Mosley, Barrier Breaker
Why Methodists Struggle With Race - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Democratic Party Faces a Catholic Apocalypse - Patricia Miller, Salon
Cuban Synod Returns to Episcopal Church - Leigh Anne Williams, AJ
10 Things About Unitarian Universalism - Galen Guengerich, OnFaith
Should I Attend a Gay Wedding? - Girgis, Nolland, Tushnet & Ould, CT
Dousing Homeless Gets Archdiocese in Hot Water - Kevin Fagan, SFC
The New Samaritan Woman at the Well? - Oretha Winston, Defender
What Catholic Schools Can Do for Latinos - William McGurn, WSJ
Lapsed Mormons vs. BYU - Annie Knox, The Salt Lake Tribune
Gay and Mennonite - Emma Green, The Atlantic
Wednesday, March 18
Jeb Bush's Catholic Faith - Michael Paulson, New York Times
My Big Fat Irish Bar Mitzvah - Judith Hannan, Jewish Daily Forward
The Cost of Those Episcopalian Lawsuits - Richard Ostling, Get Religion
Presbyterians Approve Gay Marriage - Carol Kuruvilla, Huffington Post
When Orphan Care Goes Bad - Russell Moore, Washington Post
Liberating Cuban Churches - Timothy Morgan, Christianity Today
Has a Christian Holocaust Begun? - Johnnie Moore, FOX News
How to Win Catholic Voters - Ellen Carmichael, OpportunityLives
San Fran Megachurch Changes Policy on Gays - Anugrah Kumar, CP
Why Mormons Are Free to Disagree - Daniel Woodruff, KUTV
Allah in an Anglican Church? - Peter Ould, Anglican Ink
When Buddhism Goes Bad - Laura Miller, Salon

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