June 21, 2013

Are We in an Age of Doubt?

Rev. Alan Jones, Huffington Post

There's been a lot of talk lately about the growing number of the Nones (those who list their religion as "none"). The great army of the unaffiliated is growing. Even many of those who go to a place of religious worship call themselves "seekers" rather than "believers." It's my hunch that there's something deeply important going on here. It's not just a matter of more and more of us swimming in an ocean of doubt. It's not so much that we doubt as that we have hit our heads against the brick wall of thinking that language has only one meaning. The trouble is that it's difficult to figure out what has happened to us. Colliding with a brick wall befuddles the mind. One clue as to what has happened to us is the squabbling among some believers and the new crop of atheists. ...

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