April 6, 2013

Roger Ebert's Communion

Brent Plate, Huffington Post

His mother prayed he'd become a priest, but he questioned the catechism of his Catholic school. Years later, encounters with Ingmar Bergman rekindled his childhood theological tussles, and he found a kinship with the great Swedish director's own wrestling with Christianity. Years later still, in and out of hospitals and treatments for thyroid cancer, his beloved wife Chaz held his hand and recited Psalm 23 and the Lord's Prayer to him.

Roger Ebert was explicit about his lack of religious commitment. In his 2011 memoir Life Itself, he comes clean: "No, I am not a Buddhist. I am not a believer, not an atheist, not an agnostic. I am more content with questions than answers." In so doing, he inadvertently expressed just how much of a religious person he was. As the...

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