RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Justin Bieber's Favorite Pastor - Nicola Menzie, Christian Post
Oh, Please! SNL's Jesus Is Funny! - Luke Moon, Juicy Ecumenism
Natural Law Arguments Don't Have a Prayer - Rod Dreher, AmCon
Chinese Media Goes Dark on Pope - Anthony Clark, Catholic World Rpt
Time for Jews to Do Some Proselytizing - Motti Inbari, Jewish Ideas
I Sent My BYU Diploma Back - Joanna Brooks, Ask Mormon Girl
Garry Wills the Heretic - Fr. Matt Malone, America Magazine
Emptying Baptist Church to Be Demolished - Jeff Brumley, ABP
Giving Up Biblical Literalism for Lent - Rev. Susan Russell, HuffPo
Don't Count Mainline Protestants Out Yet - Jim Hinch, OC Register
Dare to Wear the Collar - Shawnthea Monroe, Christian Century
Between a Rock and a Kephas - Bill Uhrich, Reading Eagle

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

An Awkward Moment for Catholic-Bashers - Brendan O'Neill, Telegraph
Southern Baptist's $100 Million 1% Challenge - Melissa Barnhart, CP
Cardinal Mahony Clings to Clericalism - George Neumayr, Crisis Magazine
Sister Got Divorced, Then Went on Mission - Emily Jensen, Deseret News
Christians Aren't Bad Tippers - Peter Smith, Louisville Courier-Journal
Is the Good Book Good Enough? - Mark Tooley, Juicy Ecumenism
Purim Gets Naughty - Dana Kessler, Tablet Magazine

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How to Survive Intense Shelling - Marcus Brotherton
Christians Don't Harlem Shake - Kate Shellnutt
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