RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The Worst Pope in 200 Years - Joseph Bottum, Weekly Standard
Dead Sea Scrolls and Sock Puppets - John Leland, New York Times
John Piper Backs Embattled Maryland Preacher - Bob Allen, AB Press
The Mormons Still Like You, Brett Favre - Ryan Carreon, Deseret News
George Washington Wasn't Born Again - Darrin Grinder, Huffington Post
Dr. Carson's Adventist Faith Makes News - Terry Mattingly, Get Religion
7 Things the Next Pope Should Do - Adam DeVille, RealClearReligion
Megachurches Thrive in the Great Recession - Stephanie Jackson, LN
The Beatitudes of Lady Gaga - Xarissa Holdaway, Religion & Politics
Fred Luter: Government, Not Gonna Happen - Diana Chandler, BP
Megachurch CEOs Are Unbiblical - Leonardo Blair, Christian Post
The Godless Delusion - Neilson MacKay, The New Criterion

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Falling in Love With Joseph Smith - Jerry Earl Johnston, Deseret News
We Are Atheists, and So Can You! - Coughlon & Wilson, Harvard Crimson
They Want Us to Take Up Snakes - Barrouquere & Loller, Associated Press
Judge: Wiccan Women Need a Chaplain, Too - Bob Egelko, SF Chronicle
Would You Wear a JewBelt? - Noam Neusner, Jewish Daily Forward
Rise of the Anti-Israel Evangelicals - Jim Fletcher, FrontPageMag
What Young Catholics Want - Annie Selak, Washington Post

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When God Doesn't Answer a Prayer - Dorothy Greco
Scoffers and Their Shortcomings - Janie Cheaney
Let's Talk About Sin - Jessica Kelley