RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The End of a Catholic Moment - Ross Douthat, New York Times
There Never was a Catholic Moment - Rod Dreher, Am. Conservative
Brian McLaren's New Reformation - Peter Laarman, Religion Dispatches
Mississippi Bill Could Lead to Prayer in Schools - Jessica Chasmar, WT
BYU's Mission Field Claims Another - Steves, Parkinson & Hodge, DN
The Mystery of the Missing Encyclical - Francis Rocca, Catholic News
Yahweh Isn't the Only God of the Bible - Bob Seidensticker, Patheos
Just How Orthodox Are They? - Philologos, Jewish Daily Forward
Alain de Botton Is Not a Real Atheist - Kelly Boggs, Baptist Press
Lent Is for Baptists, Too - Alan Rudnick, Associated Baptist Press
Methodists Propping Up the Bar - Anna Drew, Church Times
Lenten Music With a Vengeance - Mike White, Telegraph

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

I Knew the Pope Would Quit - Jon Sweeney, Huffington Post
In the Footsteps of John Wesley - Donald Haynes, UM Reporter
Satire Is Mightier Than the Sword - Anthony Gill, Research on Religion
Purim and the House of Paper Clips - Sara Debbie Gutfreund,
DIY Spirituality Might Drive You Crazy - Joel Miller, Patheos
Athens to Benedict: We Have a Problem - Robert Tracinski
Orrin Hatch Versus the Trinity - Mark Green, Fox 13 Now

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Our Founders Were Not Evangelicals - Rick Marschall
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