RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Growing Up Evangelical at the End of the World - Libby Anne, Patheos
Cardinal George Puts His Salvation on the Line - Manya Brachear, CT
Has the Reformation Passed Its Day? - Brian Stiller, Christian Post
School Board: the Jesus Picture Stays! - Dan Sewell, Associated Press
Mormons Are Romantics at Heart - Kathryn Skaggs, Washington Post
More Than One Wall at the Western Wall - Beit T'shuvah, Jewish Journal
That Beart Cuttin' Clan Ain't Amish - Tim Huber, Mennonite World Review
The Baptist Bus Goes Nowhere Near Rome - Chelsea Kolz, World Magazine
Council of Churches Bid 'God Box' Farewell - Jeff Walton, Juicy Ecumenism
They Call It Methodist Destiny - Heather Hahn, United Methodist News
Ashes-to-Go a Protestant No No? - George Conger, Get Religion
When Jihad was King - Philip Jenkins, RealClearReligion

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

The Left Lobbies for a Liberal Pope - George Neumayr, Crisis Magazine
What's Next for Obama's Pastor-in-Chief - Joshua DuBois, CNN
Can Mormon Apostles Abdicate? - Peggy Fletcher Stack, SL Tribune
Death of a 'Jesus Only' Adventist - Ansel Oliver, Adventist News Network
Rachel Held Evans, Evolved Evangelical - Kristin Rudolph, Juicy Ecum.
Downton Abbey's Anti-Semitic Downplay - David Gibson, RNS
Cupid's Gay Arrow Hits Illinois - Sandy Rios, RealClearReligion

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The Westboro Baptist in All of Us - Marlena Graves
The Tyranny of Sunday - Derik Hamby
Self-Made Spirituality - Joel Miller
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