RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Karl Rove's Evangelical Cat Fight - David Brody, CBN
Never Listen to Andrew Sullivan - Michael Sean Winters, NC Reporter
The Real Story of Francis Schaeffer's Baby Doe - Dan Silliman, Blogspot
Post-Evangelical Blogging for Dummies - Tom Holgrave, Juicy Ecumenism
Lutheran Pastor: Sorry for Praying at Newtown - Whitney Williams, World
Jewish 'Downton' On Its Way - Renee Ghert-Zand, Jewish Daily Forward
Obama Spiritual Advisor Leaves White House - Elizabeth Tenety, WaPo
A New Hope for Westboro Baptist - Mohan Karulkar, Relevant Magazine
Charlotte's Singles-Only Mormon Church - Tim Funk, Charlotte Observer
Catholic Bishops Reject Latest Mandate Update - Dan Merica, CNN Belief
Cardinal Dolan's Slipperiest of Slopes - Grant Gallicho, Commonweal
Facebook's Evilest App Ever - Alex Murashko, Christian Post

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

When the U.S. Went to War With the Mormons - Keith Veronese, io9
Scientology Hides Behind the Mask of Religion - John Sweeney, Guardian
Why We Lutherans Don't Do Interfaith - Mollie Hemingway, Get Religion
How to Win a Tech Contract With the Vatican - Alex Kantrowitz, Forbes
Giving Seculars a Place at the Table - Sally Quinn, Washington Post
Had Richard III Won, No Reformation - Elena Curti, The Tablet
Religion Gone Commercial - Michael Helfand, First Things

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What's in an Old Testament Name? - Mark Coppenger
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