RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The Kennedys vs. the Church - George Marlin, Catholic Thing
God Dethroned and in the Bleachers - Rabbi David Wolpe, Sh'ma
Virginity Isn't Our Holy Grail - Jen Pollock Michel, Christianity Today
The Most Offensive Word in America - Curt Devine, Relevant Magazine
Christopher Hitchens: Who Is This Ratzinger? - Andrew Sullivan, Dish
Vladimir Putin Cedes Control to the Church - Thomas Grove, Reuters
How a Megachurch Joined the Anabaptists - Kelli Yoder, MW Review
Those Spectacularly Wrong Adventists - Elizabeth Lechleitner, ANN
Knives for Cakes but Not for Sikhs - Eric Rassbach, The Becket Fund
Mormons Know Your Family Tree - James Petty, Meridian Mag
Antichrist Superstar! - Daniel Burke, Religion News Service
When the Good Book Is Bad - Eric Seibert, Patheos

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Evangelical Catholics on Offense - George Weigel, Washington Post
PTSD and Psalm 23: Walking the Valley - Marshele Waddell, HuffPo
BSA Gay Okay? Mormons Delay - Joanna Brooks, Religion Dispatches
Church Signs Are a Tweet for Everybody - Jeff Brumley, Assoc. Baptist Pr.
Scientology's Super Bowl Crowd - Vega & Cieply, New York Times
Can We Stop Idolizing Spiritual Leaders? - Rabbi Josh Yuter, JP
Those Cold Hearted Atheists - Tomas Rees, Epiphenom

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Tips for a Holier Communion - William Willimon
When I Had No Church - Stephen Sanders
Methodists in Full Swing - Sam Hodges