February 6, 2013

Faith & Family: Alone In Siberia for 40 Years

Terry Matting, Get Religion

Every now and then, someone sends your GetReligionistas the URL for a story that is simply too good, too interesting to post right away. The problem is that it’s hard to know what to write, when dealing with one of those stunning long reads that reads like the summary of a 12-hour documentary series, with all of the imagery playing on a big screen in your head.

That was certainly the case with the recent Smithsonian piece by Mike Dash that ran under the double-decker headline that certainly didn’t...

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October 16, 2013
Render Unto Putin
Anne Jolis, The Wall Street Journal
It's a crisp Sunday morning in the Russian capital. Not too long ago, Rev. Dmitry Sverdlov would have been leading services at the small Orthodox church he helped found in Pavlovskoe, a suburb south of the city. These days,... more ››