RealClearReligion Morning Edition

Rise of the New Presbyterians - Jim Miller, Juicy Ecumenism
German Bishops to Back the Pill? - Tom Heneghan, Reuters
Algerian Revolutionaries Changed My Life - Philip Jenkins, RCR
Jew in a Mexican Jerusalem - Rachel Cohen, Jewish Daily Forward
Justin Welby in Canterbury? Absurd! - Ed Thornton, Church Times
Ray Lewis Won't Preach From My Pulpit - Rev. Tim Schenck, Huff Post
In Defense of Church Shoppers - Alan Rudnick, Associated Baptist Press
Here's Why Bishops Cover Up Abuse - Rod Dreher, American Conservative
An Atheist Reads the Bible, Again - Robert Tracinski, Tracinski Letter
Adam & Steve's Mormon Modernity - Doug Gibson, Standard-Exam
Calvinism's Confusing TULIP - Robin Schumacher, Christian Post
Crony Contraception - David Catron, American Spectator

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

Why Rosa Parks Still Matters - Russell Moore, Moore to the Point
I Don't Want Justin Welby to Be a Leader - Justin Lewis-Anthony, Guardian
A Tale of Three Lutheran Churches at the March - Robert Benne, IRD
It's Like Methodism, Only Mormon - Christopher Jones, Patheos
'The Bible' in Your Living Room - Emma Koonse, Christian Post
Cardinal Mahony's Excuses - Jeff Mirus, Catholic Culture
My Non-Jewish Boyfriend - Jennifer Cooper,

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My Mother, Guerilla Catholic - Kristina Johannes
Don't Blame God, San Francisco - Josh Tinley
God's Favoritism - Andree Peterson