RealClearReligion Morning Edition

The Plan to Save Catholic Schools - Cardinal Dolan, Wall St. Journal
Thinking of Mary on Groundhog Day - Philip Jenkins, RealClearReligion
Mennonite Extinction Prophecy Looms - Kelli Yoder, Mennonite WR
Latest From the 'Pius Wars' Front - Michael Coren, Catholic World Report
The Man Who Hears Putin's Confessions - Charles Clover, Financial Times
Throwing a Book at Scientology - Daniel Burke, Religion News Service
Mexico's Mormon Missionary Surge - Joseph Walker, Deseret News
We Don't Have a Free Press - Mollie Hemingway, Get Religion
Are Books All Jews Have Left? - Adam Kirsch, Tablet Magazine
My Day With Joel Osteen - Arlene Sanchez-Walsh, Patheos
'There Is Too Much Equality' - Diana Bridgett, Christian Post
Proud to Be a Dipper - Bill Leonard, Baptist Press

RealClearReligion Afternoon Edition

The Politics of Revelation - Jonathan Sacks, Algemeiner
Picking Sides On the Field of God This Sunday - David Gibson, RNS
Why Are Mormon Women Depressed? - Ben Lockhart, Deseret News
Church Brings New Meaning to Love Thy Neighbor - Zoe Mintz, HuffPo
Worcester Catholics Reject Mohammad-Denier - Lisa Wangsness, BG
'Forgive Your Family's Killers' Says Priest - Eyder Peralta, NPR
What the Cardinal in LA Knew - Ben Brumfield, CNN

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How Many Have You Brought to Christ? - John Nash
Our Spiritual Temper Tantrums - Amanda Walker
The Quiet Pastor - Billy Doidge Kilgore
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